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   A-24B P    Aeph 2/1

Air Classics
   CPDA ca   AC 5/6 Aug 69
   CP    AC 9/1 Jan 73
   rest of CAF PA    AC 12/3 March 76
   PA    AC 16/1 Jan 80
   n W2 CPA ca    AC 16/2 Feb 80
   mil & civ CPA 2v pro   AC 16/3 March 80
   Atlantic colors    AC 16/2 Feb 80
Air International
   Cpros    AI Dec 78

   CPA Cca Dil   A 3/1 Jan 73
   cockpit P    A 7/4 Sep 77

Air Trails
   CP    AT Nov 43

Aviation News
   6v PA pros   AvN 13/25 3-16 May 85

   PA ca    F May 44
   final ass’y line CP   F Aug 44
   PA   F 36/1 Jan 45

   wreckovery < Lake Michigan CPA   FP 32 March 84

Flying Review International
   2v ca    FRI 22/5 Jan 67

IPMS Quarterly
   2v IPMS Q

IPMS Update
   pros Dil A IPMSU 15/4

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   n French service PA pro JAS Spr 67
   over Midway PA JAS 21/3 Fal 67
   n New Zealand AF PA JAS Spr 72

Koku Fan
   P   KF March 72

Model Airplane News
   solid model plan MAN Oct 41

Pri FLy
   -2 of HOH winner Fleming 2vA PriFly #38

Scale Modeler
   1/48 ac car t/o dio CPA SM 19/7 July 84
   1/48 Monogram CPA SM 23/8 Aug 88
   -4 w Planes of Fame Mus CPDA ca SM 24/1 Jan 89

Scaale Models
   1/48 Nichimo 5vCPA ScMods 2/5 May 71

Sport Aviation
   rest PA SptAv 26/12 Dec 77


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