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Republic misc.
hist PA AcIl 8/3 March 75
NASA hypersonic test ac propo AEQ #7
advert Av Feb 40
kit surv PA PAM 5/1 MaMaJu 77

Republic 2PA
landing gear Dil Av Feb 40

Republic EPI-106 (export P-35)
PA W 4/4 Aug 74

Republic (-manufactured) Alouette II (turbine powered French heli)
PA AP Fal 58

Republic Jet RiserAP-100B (1s 6jet delta all-weather VTOL/STOL propo)
3v il A ca AP Spr 61

Republic RC-12 Seabee (1e push tadr amphib)
4v Cadvert Air News Sep 45
advert AirNews 15 March 46
CPpirep AP May 72
"Thunderbolt Amphibian" 3v PA AT Jan 45
"B"powered freeflight flymod plans AT ClasFlyMod 1/1 Sum 77
advert F July 47
Ppirep F 75/2 Aug 64
United Twin Bee conv PC pirep F 78/2 Feb 66
P Flying Age Apr 46
PDpirep P&P 4/11 Nov 68
Ppirep P&P 9/10 Oct 73
PDpirep PriPi Aug 69
Super Bee mod PA PriPi Aug 69
Twin Bee conv CPpirep PriPi Apr 82
4-page Cadvert Sky Sep 45
CPDA SptFly 6/6 Dec 72

Republic AT-12
n USAF Muse CP cov AcIl Dec 80

Republic XF-12 Rainbow (4e midw trilg)
SEE XR-12 Rainbow

Republic XF-84H (tprop swept wing)
CPA AeMo 5/8 Aug 77
PA AM Nov 62
3v NEWS Feb 77
PA W 6/3 June= 76

Republic XF-91 Thuderceptor
PA & w Vtail P AEQ #7
3v PDA A 16/5 Sep 86
V-tail P AT Feb 53
solid model plan A ATAnnual
P AW 17 Aug 53
3v PA FR 11/9 June 56

Republic YF-96 (1st designation of F-84F
conv from F-84F 2v CPA SM 20/4 May 85

Republic XF-103
3v PDA ca AEQ #7
PDA AC 9/7 July 73
wind tunnel model PA AP Fal 58
3v A FR 15/2 Nov 59

Republic F-105 Thunderchief -- SEE SEPARATE FILE

Republic XP-41
SEE ALSO Seversky XP-41
PA AeMo July 79

Republic XP-43
PA AeMo July 79
last survivor PA indiv hist AADig 2 Q 78
pro ca AP 56/57
solid model plan AT Jan 42
last one PDA JAS 23/2 Sum 78
3v xs A MAN March 71
3v pro xs A MAN May 71
2v ca Dil A MAN Oct 72
1/72 Rareplanes CPA SM 8/7 July 73
PA W 4/2 Apr 74
P W 4/4 Aug 74

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt -- SEE SEPARATE FILE

Republic XP-69

PA AeMo 8/3 March 80
5vA Ap5vAl #1 Jan 74
PA FR 15/7 Apr 60 

Republic XP-72 (1e 1s)
w contra prop PA AeMo 8/3 Marcy 80
PA AP 57/58
PA W 4/4 Aug 74 

Republic XR-12 Rainbow (4e midw trilg)
PA AC 5/6 Aug 69
PA AC 11/11 Nov 75
3v P in Pan Am colors A Air News Jan 46
advert showing ac n Pan Am al colors il A Amer Av 15/ Nov 46
PDA IPMSQ 14/1 Fal 78
3v PA JAS 21/4 Win 76

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