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Consolidated PBY Catalina -- AeroKnow References on Hand
This page was most recently updated Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Aero Digest

   PBY-2  3v P  Ae Dig  March 38
   -5A  details   PA Dil  Ae Dig  Sep 1  44  if

Aeropolane Monthly

    RAF sub hunting in North Sea  mem  PA ca   AeMo  Sep 74   if
    civ n RAAF colors CP  AeMo     Jan 82
    n Brazil AF  CP  AeMo   10/7  July 82

Air Classics

    -5 PA  AC   5/1  Oct 68
    in USAAC  PA  AC   8/1  Nov 71  OF
    Black Cat ops PA  AC   10/7  July 74
    -5 rest of Confed AF  PD A  AC   11/8  Aug 75
    preserved PBY-6A  L866 n Denmark AF  CPA  AC   12/11  Nov 76  if
    ex-Canada civ  CF-GMS   P  AC    Feb 79  if
    civ PA   AC   16/4  Apr 80
    N4760C  crash land after engine quit  AC   July 83
    oldest surviving, serial 117  PA  AC   19/11  Nov 83

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   -6 civs  P   ACQR    Sp 80  if

Air Combat
    48314 - flying w USCG mem  PA  AComb   6/6  Nov 78  if

Aircraft Illustrated Extra
    in Denmark Navy  CP  Ac Il X  #3
    w Coastal Command  PA Ac Il X  #14

Air Force
    Avalon fbbr conv  PA   AF   Oct 82   if

Air International
   w MAD gear around ac  PA AI   18/3  March 80

Alaska Flying
    wreckovery in AK for museum CPD A  Alaska Flying  clip  if

AOPA Pilot
    Costeau PBY ops on Nile River  CPDA   AOPA   Feb 79  if

    hist PDA Apr   5/2  May 75

Air Progress
    ca   AP   2/1  Jan 43

Air Tech
    details  P Dil Air Tech  Oct 44  if

Air Trails
    solid model plan  AT   Sep 42

American Modeler
    PBY-2 1/72 conv  AM   March 70

Aviation News
    civ Psurv AvN   June 13-26  75   if
    Netherlands East Indies ops by Dutch PDA  AvN     June 13-26  75  if
    fbbrs n Canada PA  AvN May 3-6  85
    fbbrs n Canada  PA  AvN   July 13-25  85

MAD Cat USN ops at Gibraltar PA                           F   Jan 47   if
civ ops n South Seas   PA                                      F     June 51   if
w droppable lifeboat under wing  P                         F     May 57
    -5 exec mod  PA   F   89/2  Aug 71  if

Flight International
    cib w Geoterrex Surveys  P  Flight Int    17 Sep 77  if

    PBY-5 civ TF-ISP "Saefaxi"  pro PA  FLUGsagan    clip  if
    Norwegian civ PBYs surv  PA  FUGsagan clip  if

    UK/Canada civs CPsurv  FP         May 85  UF
    wreckovery n AK for Ak Av Heritage Mus  PA     FP  #79   Feb 88

Ghostly Warriors
     wreckovery in Alaska for AK museum CPA  Ghostly Warriors    clip   if

IPMS Canada
     w 162 Sqdn Canada AF  PD  IPMS Canada  10/12

IPMS Quarterly
    pro   IPMSQ   2/5
    w Netherlands East Indies AF  pro   IPMSQ   10/4 Sum 75
    PBY-1 2v pros PA  IPMSQ   11/2  W 75
    MAD CAT colors 2v pro Dil   IPMS     Feb  67 if

IPMS United Kingdom
    3v PA pro Dil   IPMSUK    Feb 72

Journal American Aviaton Historical Society
    P   JAS   Fal 61
    w Qantas Al  PA  JAS   Spr  62
    fbbr  P   JAS   Fal 64
    model 28 American Export Al  pro    JAS   Spr 66
    hist PA pros  JAS   Spr 71  if
    PA   JAS   Sum 71  if

    hist  PDA   JAS   Fal 71  if
    hist PA   JAS   Fal 72
    civ "Guba I" PA    JAS   Fal 78
    -5 n Mexico Navy   PA  JAS    25/3   Fall 80

Koku Fan
    civ fbbr  CP    KF    July 72
    n Denmark  CP KF   Spr 76
    in SWPA  CP   KF    Aug 78
    fbbr  CP   KF   May 81

Mechanix Illustrated
    civ conv  PD A   MechIl  June 52   IF

National Geographic
    assembly line  P  Nat Geog     if

Naval Aviation News
    flying in W2  mem  NAN   Sep 82   if

PAM News
    Cousteau PBY  Revell 1/72 kr PA  PAM News   5/3  OND  77
    -6A  fbbg civs   pros PAM News   clip  if

Popular Mechanics
    ops w USN  PDA  Pop Mech  Feb 43  if
    side gun position w armor plate  P  Pop Mech  Apr 43  if

    hist  PDA mem   Proceed   Apr 78   if

Professional Pilot
   retracing NC-4 t-Atlant flt n PBY  CPA   Professional Pilot   July 86  of

    n Argentine Navy   PA   Prop   #7  July-Sep 80
    Chile charter flight  PA   Prop    #14   Apr-June 82

Random Thoughts
    162 Sqdn RCAF  PDA   RT   10/12   Dec 77

Replica Wrap-UP
    -5 conv to -1  1/72  PDA Dil   RepliWUp  7/2   Apr 79  if

Scale Modeler
    unusual camouf on early ac  Revell 1/72  CPA C2v Cpros   SM   July 69    if

Scale Models
    civ @ Duxford, Eng  CPD A  ScMods   19/220   Feb 88

     n RAF service  PA  Sky   Sep 43
    ditching  PA  Sky    June 44

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
    w Ecuador AF  pro A SAFO 10/4  Oct 86

Warbirds Int
    wreckovery in Alaska for AK av mus  CPA  Warbirds Int    Wint 86
    RCAF Canso wreck in Canada  CPA  Warbirds Int  Win  87

    RCAF Canso wreck update  PA   Warbirds Int  Mar-Apr 88
    Bird Corp 4e civ conv   CPD A prep   Warbirds Int   Jan-Feb 92  if
    civs Psurv  Warbirds Int  July-Aug 94  IF

Water Flying
fbbr ops w Georgian Bay Airways  PD A                     Water Flying Ann  82  if

    hist  PA provis 3v Cca  W   5/2  Apr 73
    fuse made into cabin boat  Pcorr  W    June 76
    PBY-1 tunnel gun  P  W    Aug 80

Wings of Gold
    submerged at  Keneohe Bay, HI  ill A  Wings of Gold  Win 85

A-10A (USAF, formerly OA-10A) made by Vickers Canada  USAF spec folder  6 June 1949  IF
ferry 4 ex-Brazil > USA  CPDA  AC clip if
ca   The Aeroplane  clip  if
n Canada AF  PA pros 3v   IPMS Canada clip  if
early versions   PDA  2v pros   IPMS clip   if
post-War 2 n England civ  P   IPMS clip if

modeling variants 1/72 Revell  PA ca Dil  Scale Ac Mod    if
Naval Organized Reserve civ pilot retraining to fly PBY  PA   clip    1946 
XPBY-5A proto  P  clip    if
PBY finds a crashed A6M2 in 1942  Cill PA   clip   if
ops with New Zealand AF n W2  PA  clip   if
Model 28 "Guba"  P  clip    if
side blister gun position close  P clip     if
with inverted star-in-circle insig on fwd fuse  P  clip    if
250 lb bomb mtd on wing close P  clip    if
fire fighting display plans at NAS Alameda  PA   newspaper clip 28 Oct 60   if
Confed AF crash   A    np clip  Oct 14  84    if
antennas and inside details Dil PD clip    if
flight engineer's panel  P  clip   if

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