Bell P-63 Kingcobra -- ADI References on Hand

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Aeroplane Monthly
   hist CP AeMo July 75
   rest CP AeMo 4/9 Sep 76
   civ NL62822 r of Smith CP AeMo Jan 78

Air Classics
   ferry to Alaska for Russia CPA AC 10/11 Nov 74
   w ski lg P AC 11/3 March 75
   civ "Tipsy Miss" CP AC 11/10 Oct 75
   civ at Cleveland Air Races P AC Aug 80
   civ N9009 P AC Aug 80
   PA AC 19/11 Nov 83
   hist CPDA AC 19/12 Dec 83
   flying targets CP AC 19/12 Dec 83
   lawn guard n Honduras PA AC 20/2 Feb 84
   ops n Alaska CPA AC 20/2 Feb 84

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   CPA ACQR 1/3 Win 74
   on skis P ACQR 4/1 Spr 77

Aircraft & Jets
   V-tail mod P Ac&Jets 1 / 2 Dec 46
   hist PA Ac&Jets 1 / 2 Dec 46
   L-39 w swept wings Ac&Jets 1 / 2 Dec 46

Air Trails
   CP AT Nov 44

Aviation News
   6v xs PA pros AvN 26 Aug – 8 Sep 83

Air Progress
   cockpit PD AP Apr-May 63
   r surv PA Apr 3/5 Sep 73
   PDA Cil Apr 3/5 Sep 73
   2s mod P AP Fal 62
   r of Havens PA AP 29/6 Dec 71

Aor Force
   Russia AF 3v Flak Sheet 11/3 March 75
   C3v PA FR 16/12 Sep 61

IPMS Quarterly
   pin ball ac 2v pros A IPMSQ 19/2 Win 83

Journal American Aviation historical Society
   civ P JAS Spr 73

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