Curtiss P-40 ADIF references in AeroKnow
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Aero Album

   Kittyhawks n RAAF PA AeAl Feb 68

   TP-40N P Aeph 2/1

Aeroplane Monthly
ops n North Africa CPA AeMo June 75
40N rest CP AeMo Dec 78

Aerospace Historian
   flying mem PA AH 26/4 Win 79

Air Britain Digest
   civ w 4 blad prop n 1957 P ABD May-Jun 81

Air Classics
40C CPA ca AC 4/2 Nov 67
PA AC 7/2 Dec 70
40C n AVG PDA ca AC 8/4 Feb 72

40B CP AC Nov 72
ghost P-40 of Mindinao A AC Nov 72
non-flying trainer PA AC 12/16 June 76
Canada AF AC March 78
ex Canada AF civ PA AC July 78

ex Canada AF civ PA AC 14/8 Aug 78
how Japs forced US pilots to ferry PA AC Oct 82
RNZAF ops PA AC Spr 81

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   CPA ACQR 1/3 Win 74

Aircraft Age

   hist PA AcAge June 44

Aircraft & Jets
   hist PA Ac& Jets 1.1 June 46

Aircraft Illustrated
   Kittyhawk RAAF SoPac ops PA AcIl July73

Aircraft Illustrated Extra

   rest CP AcIlX 7

Air Enthusiast Quarterly

   RNZAF Cpro PA AEQ 3
   40B AEQ 4
   ops w RAF 112 Sqdn West Desert PDA Cpros AEQ 6

Air Force
   ftrbbr ops n CBI PA AF Oct 45

American Modeler
      40B 1/48 Monogram PA AM May 67

Air Progress

    40B ca AP July 42
    Kittyhawk III P AP 22/1 Jan 68
    of Dillon PA AP Oct 68
    of Dillon PDA AP Nov 68
    40N N1226N rest PA pirep AP Dec 68
    40N N1226N rest PA AP Jan 69

Air & Space
    purchase for China Cil A A&S 3/1 Apr-May 88

Airpower Historian

   rest N40FT PA Aph 11/4 Nol. 4

Air International

   n RAF C2v PA ca AI 7/2 Aug 74
   40C, F, Q 3v PA AI Oct 76
   40C & early hist Cpros ca CPA AI 12/1 Jan 77
   40E PA ca AI 12/2 Feb 77
   40Q 3v PA AI 12/2 Feb 77
   40E – N PA AI 12/3 March 77

   hist CPA Apr 12/2 March 83

Air Trails
   40E solid model plans PA il AT March 42
   40E solid model pland PA il AT May 42
   solid model plans PA il AT Nov 42

   40A, B u/c flymod plans PA il AT March 43
   racing mod PA AT Aug 53

Fine Scale Modeler
   of Robert Scott 1/48 Otaki CPA 4s xs FSM 5/6 Dec 87


   Kittyhawk sharkmouth designs CP F Sep 42
   40E w cowling removed CP cov F Apr 44

Flying Review
   3v CPA FR 15/2 Nov 59
   4v ca PA FR 11/10 July 62
   2v CAP FRI 19/6 March 64
   2v ca FRI 21/4 Dec 65
   40C 2v CPA FRI 21/2 Feb 68

IPMS Quarterly
   40N nat metal colors pro A IPMSQ 6/3
    of Griffin IPMSQ Fal 80
   of Lopez pro IPMSQ Fal 80
   40N of Parham pro IPMSQ Fal 80
   of E. Richardson pro IPMSQ Fal 80
   of Holloway pro IPMSQ Fal 80
   40M 4v IPMSQ 3/6
   N conv < E plastic model PA IPMSQ 6/3
   40M 2v PA IPMSQ 2/ 7 & 8

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   XP-40 PA JAS Fal 59
   tail art on RAF desert ac PA JAS Spr 63
   9th AF PA pros Jas Win 64
   325th FG PA JAS Fal 65
   French AF ops PA pros JAS Win 66
   TP-40N P JAS Sum 67
   early hist PA JAS Win 67
   n WW2 PA pros JAS Sum 69
   2e mockup PA JAS Sum 75

   captured by Japan PA JAS Fal 75
   ferry to China PA JAS 23/1 Spr 78
   model 81 PA JAS Spr 80

Koku Fan
   40E at NASM CPD KF Oct 76

Model Airplane News

   XP-40 rubber pwr flymod plans PA il MAN 20/6 June 39
   40N 3v xs MAN March 55
   40B of AVG PA May 62

IPMS West Michigan News

   1/48 Monogram superdet PA Dil News 4/9 Sep 76

PAM News

   40N 1/72 Matchbox kr PAM 5/1 Apr-Jun 77
   XP-40 conv plasmod PA PAM 6/1 Mar-Apr 78
   2s civ rest PDA pirep PriPi 8/3 March 73

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
   w RAAF pros SAFO 26 Jan 75
   40M of Urbancowics pro A SAFO 47 July 88

Scale Aircraft Modeler
   40E desert dio 1/32 Revell CPA ScAcMod Fal 73

Scale Modeler

   kit survj CPA SM 5/6 June 70
   40E RNZAF CPA SM 7/10 Oct 72
   40N 1/72 crash dio CPA SM Sep 82
   Aleiutian Tiger 1/48 Otaki CPA SM March 83

   CP Skyways Jan 44
   ops n SoPAc Skyways March 44

   Tomahawk ops n desert pro A Squad 1/3 Apr 71
   Kittyhawk ops n desert pro A Squad 1/3 Apr 71
   40B w Soviet AF Cpro Squad 4/2 Sep 74

Sport Aviation

   1958 civ rest P SptAv Dec 75

   CPA ca W 3/1 Feb 73
   XP-40 PDA 4v W 4/6 Dec 74
   desert ops C2v pro PA W 5/6 Dec 75
   rest CPDA W 6/5 Oct 76
   n RAF mkgs CP W Aug 79
   40B, C CPA W Aug 79
   40 and RAF Hawk early ops CPDA W Apr 83

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