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An "if" at the end of a reference line indicates material in files; not in an intact magazine.

Aeroplane Monthly
   rest CPA AeMo 8/7 July 80


   N3378G rest CP   Aeph 11/4 No.4

Antique Airman

   hist PA     AA Spr 68 if

Air Classics
   hist PA pros     AC Apr 68 if
   PA    AC 8’5 March 72
   PA    AC 10/4 Apr 74
   on 4 July 38 P     AC clip if

Air Enthusiast International
   3v PA     AEI Mar 74 if

Air Enthusiast Quarterly
   CPA Cpros ca C2v     AEQ #14

Air International
   Cpros     AI 18/6 June 80

Air Progress
   4v xs ca     AP 55/56 if
   pro ca    AP 56/57
   w Guatemala     AF pro AP Fal 59
   PA    AP Spr 60
   3v ca Dil     AP July 65 if
   rest of The Air Mus CP     AP clip if

Air Trails
   4v xs AT March 54

American Modeler
   C4v xs AM June 68

American Aircraft Modeler
   C4v xs     AmAc Mod June 68 if

Antique Airplane Association News
   rest PA    AAAN Sep 62
   bailing out of one A     AAAN 1 Q 74

Australian Plastic Modelers Association
   Model 281 n China AF 3v A     APMA #3 1983 if

Aviation Illustrated
   colors C3v Cpros     Av Il clip if

Aviation News
   5v xs pros     AvN 27 Jan – 9 Feb 84 if
   6v xs pros Dil A     AvN 27 Jan – 3 Feb 84

Flying Models
   u/c model .23 eng plans PA     FM Oct 48

Flying Review
hist C3v PA     FR XIV/8 if

Flying Review International

   hist PA pros    FRI 20/8 May 65 if
Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   lineup PA    JAS Spr 71
   cockpit P JAS Win 61
   rest CPDA 3v     JAS Spr 72
   w 17th Attack Grp pros PDA     JAS Fal 77 if
   w 18th Pursuit Grp pros A     JAS Win 80

Koku Fan
   CPA Cpros     KF Sep 71 if

Model Airplane News
   3v Dil xs A     MAN Sep 52 if
   4v xs     MAN Nov 60 if
   4v xs      MAN Ann 61

National Air & Space Museum publication
   hist PA NASM     clip if

New Air Trails
   Cil     NewAT Sp 77 if

Random Thoughts
   at March Field 1942 2v     RT Apr 75 if

Scale Aircraft Modeler
   1/32 Hasegawa CPA 3v xs      Sc Ac Mod Spr 79 if

Scale Modeler
   1/72 Revell CPA     SM 19/6 June 83
   1/32 Hasegawa 3v PA pros     SM Nov 74

Scale Models
   1/32 Hasegawa CPDA xs Dil     ScMods Nov 74 if

Scale R/C Modeler
   R/C model CPA C3v xs 3v xs     Sc Rc Mod Oct 78
   P-26A C3v      ScRcMod Dec 78 if
   rest CODA    ScRcNid 5/1 Feb 79

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
   in Spain Civil War pro A     SAFO 6/3 Apr 82
   w China AF pro A     SAFO 8;4 July 84

   PDA W Aug 79

  flying over Wall Street P     clip Aug-Sep 67 if
   1/48 Aurora kit instructions if
   1/32 Hasegawa kit instructions if
   n Guatemala AF pro clip if
   hist by Baugher clip if
   3v xs Dil clip if

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