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Aeroplane Monthly
   3v CPA AeMo Feb 74

Air Classics
   3vPDA AC 3/6 July 67
   of Jimmy Mattern C3v AC 3/6 July 67a
   CPDA AC 4/4 Apr 68
   w Standard Oil of New Jersey P AC 11/9 Sep 75
   Psurv A AC July 78

Air Progress
   last flyable rest PDA AP Nov 68

Air Trails Repro
   rest as "Winnie Mae" CPDA ATRep Fal 77

American Modeler
   3v PA AM 71/2 Aug 80

Antique Airplane Association Digest
   metal fuse rest CPDA AADig 4Q 76
   star n TV movie "Amelia" PA AADig 4Q 76
   metal fuse of AAA sold CPA AAADig 4Q 83

Antique Airplane Association News
   rest as "Winnie Mae" CPA AAAN Nov dec 69
   "The Winnie Mae" a poem A il AAN 3 Q 75

   w Continental Oil A 6/2 March 76
   w Shell Oil P A 6/2 March 76

Air Progress
   of Jimmy Mattern 4v xs A AP FebMar 63

   Rest CPDA pirep F 77/3 Sep 65

Gate 66
   w Braniff P G66 March 78
   w floats pros G66 #44

IPMS Quarterly
   pros IPMSQ 13/2 77
   Dil A IPMSQ 15/11 Fal 79
   Earhart’s trans-Pac 4v Dil PA IPMSQ Win 79

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   #1 Golden Eagle PA JAS 2 AprJune 56
   PA JAS 2 AprJune 56
   hist PA JAS 2/1 JanMar 57
   n Antarctica A AJAS 2/2 AprJune 57
   of Jimmy Mattern A JAS 3/3 JulySep 58
   Braniff crash report A JAS OctDec 58
   NR-496M A JAS OctDec 58
   of Ruth Nichols PA JAS Spr 66
   w Stanavo PA JAS 14/3 Fal 69
   2nd "Winnie Mae" PDA JAS Spr 70
   PA JAS Win 70
   w Nevada Al P JAS Fal 75
   rest CP JAS Sum 77
   n SE Alaska PA cil JAS 25/1 Spr 80

Model Airplane News
   3v Dil xs MAN 53/5 Nov 55
   2v xs Dil floats Dil MAN Feb 56

Private Pilot
   rest as "Winnie Mae" PDA PriPi 5/5 Jan 70

   Earhart Pacific flyer 2v A Replicair 2/2 79
   Earhart Pacific flyer Dil Replicair 2/4 1979

Scale Modeler
   1/48 AMT floatplane CPA SM 13/10 Oct 78

Sport Aviation
   rest as "Winnie Mae" CPcov SptAv Oct 69

Sport Flying
   rest CPDA SptFly 4/1 Jan 70

   Doolittle’s PA W 2/6 Dec 72


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