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Hiller misc
company status CPA API Sep 82
new corp helis PA PriPi 1/9 Sep 76
twin-jet heli PA F May 47

Hiller cold air-jet ducted prop VTOL (2e trans proj)
3vA AP 57/58

Hiller flying crane propo (jets on rotor tips heavy lift propo)
il A AP Fal 60

Hiller man-carrying rocket propo
PA AT Sep 49

Hiller tilt-wing ducted prop trans propo
il A AP Fal 58

Hiller 360 (2s 1e heli)
il AP 54/55
P AT May 48
PA pirep AT May 49
PDA F May 49

Hiller E-4 (4s heli)
PDA pirep F 67/5 Nov 60

Hiller J-5 (tail jet heli)
P F May 41

Hiller L-4 (4s heli)
PDA pirep F 72/4 Apr 63

Hiller RH-1100M Hornet
PA AF 69/4 Apr 86
PA AI 29/2 Aug 85

Hiller Commuter (2s heli)
P AT Sep 47
P Air World Sep 47

Hiller Flying Platform (1-man heli flown standing up)
PA AM May 57

Hiller Hornet (ramjet pwr 2s heli)
ill AP 54/55
PA AT June 52
PA AW 4 Oct 54

Hiller STORC (Self-ferrying Trans Ocean Rotary wing Crane project)
il A AP Win 61-62

Hiller Ten 99 (1 turbine 6s exec heli)
PA AP Spr 62
PA F 70/1 Jan 62

Hiller H-23 (2s 1recip e heli)
3v PA AeDig March 53
HT-2 (British designation) CP AcIl 5/5 May 72
-23B 3v PA WestAv Apr 54

Hiller YH-32
PA AeDig Mar 53

Hiller HJ-1 H-32, HOE (2s ramjet heli)
SEE ALSO Hiller YH-32
PA AP 54/55
PA WestAv Apr 54

Hiller XOH-5 (lt obs heli proto)
PA F 72/4 Apr 63

Hiller XROE Rotorcycle (1s heli)
PDA AM May 57
hist PA AvN 13/26 Jan 84

Hiller UH-12
UH-12 J-3 Mt. McKinley rescue PA AOPA Jan 77
use n Egypt PA API 4/12 Dec 82
Soloy turbine conv first flight AWST 3 Sep 73

Hiller X-18 (2 tprop tilt-wing VTOL trans)
3v PA Aeph MarApr 77
PA AP Fal 60
1/72 Aurora CPDA SM Oct 83

Hiller Aviation misc
hist PA API Dec 80

Hiller Av 12E (1e 2s heli)
SEE ALSO Hiller H-23
CPA API March 81
CPcov PA hist API 4/7 Sep 81
transition from fixed wing PA AgPi Dec 80
ca A AP Spr 60

Hiller Av FH-1100
SEE ALSO Hiller FH-1100
SEE ALSO Fairchild Hiller FH-1100
CPA AgPi June 80
on floats P AgPi 3/10 Dec 80
mockup PA AP Fal 61
PA API 5/5 June 82
PA ca F 77/4 Nov 65

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