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This is a partial listing. Clippings in the files will be added when support permits.

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Globe BTC-1 (2s tadr)
3v PA AeDig March 41

Globe Swift (2s sbs ret tadr ltpln)
il AeDig March 41
GC-1 PA AeDig May 42
advert AirNews Nov 44
advert AirNews Dec 44
advert AirNews Oct 45
3v ca xs Dil AP OctNov 63
PDA pirep AP 25/2 Aug 69
hi speed mod CPA AP 30/6 June 72
Temco N3307K CPDA pirep AP Sep 79
of Cuck Lischer CPA APAvRev Oct 80
CP cover AT March 45
Rpwr flymod plans AT Dec 46
Temco PA pirep AT March 50
C advert F Jan 45
C advert F May 45
C advert F Sep 45
C advert F Nov 45
Temco 125 advert F May 48
Temco Cadvert bk cov F June 48
Temco advert F July 48
Temco advert F Sep 48
Swift 125 PA pirep F 78/1 Jan 61
PA F 85/5 Nov 69
of Eckert rest CPDA pirep P&P 23/8 Aug 87
PDA pirep P&P 3/10 Oct 67
PDA pirep P&P June 69
PDA pirep P&P June 71
fastest PDA PriPi 1/3 FebMar 66
hi speed mod PA PriPi 2/2 Nov 66
PDA pirep PriPi 3/1 Oct 67
CPA pirep PriPi 5/8 Sep 70
CPA pirep PriPi 14/6 June 79
rest CPA PriPi 187/5 May 83
N2451B CPDA pirep PriPi 21/5 May 86
of Nagel CPDA SptAv 33/11 Nov 84
N332HM CPA SptAv 34/2 Feb 85
CPA SptAv 24/11 Nov 75
Globe Swift Assn CPA SptAv 24.11 Nov 75
owner’s club CPA SptFly 5/4 Aug 71
rest PA SptFly 7/3 June 73
Temco rest PA Vat Nov 77
Temco N2334B rest PA Vat Nov 77


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