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Aero Album
   PA AeAlbum Spr 72

Aero Digest
   3vPA AeDig March 53

Air Classics Quarterly Review
    CP ACQR 3/2 Sum 76

Aircraft Illustrated
    target drone CP AcIl 5/12 Dec 72

Airfix Magazine
   3v PA xs Airfix Sep 79

Air International
   PA ca pirep 3v pros AI 23/1 July 82

Air Progress
   poto dumping fuel P AP 53/54
   -6 5v xs AP 54/55
   -8 4v xs AP 565/57
   -8T w BluAng pro AP Fal 58

IPMS Quarterly
   w USS Shangri-La 1956 pro IPMSQ Win 78
   -8P 2v IPMSQ 14/2 Win 78

Koku Fan
   4v PA KF Apr 76

PAM News
   -8 4v PAM 6.1 MarApr 78

Plane & Pilot
   TF-9J w BluAng PA P&P Feb 67

Replica In Scale
   PA 3v pros Dil RnS 1976

Scale Aircraft Modelling
   -9P, -8T w VCP-63 PA pro ScAcMdg 1/10 July 79

Scale Modeler
   1;72 Hasegawa CPA SM 14/3 March 79

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
   Argentina 3v PA SAFO Jan 80
   TF-9J Argentina navy 3vA SAFO 9/2 Jan 85

    Cougar/Panther CPDA Cil W June 78


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