Grumman F8F Bearcat -- ADI References on Hand

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Aeronews Photo
   hist & civs @ Reno 83 CPA Aeronews Photo 4/1 Win 83
   n service Psurv Aero N Photo July 84
   civs CPA Aero N Photo July 84

   hist CPA APh 10/4 Spr 83

Air Classics
   Gulfhawk III PA AC 6/5 Jan 66
   rest surv CPA ca AC 10/7 July 74
   rest CPA AC 11/8 Aug 75
   civ "Conquest I" CP AC Oct 75
   at Mojave races CP AC Nov 76
   civ CPA AC Dec 78

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   CPA ACQR 1/3 Win 74

Air International
   PA ca 3v AI 18/5 May 80

Air Progress
   of Bill Fornoff PA AP Dec 68
   Greenamayer breaks German record CPA AP Jan 69
   rest CPDA pirep AP 44/2 Feb 82
   rest CPDA pirep AP March 72

Air Trails
   S model plans AT Feb 46
   uc carrier flymod plans AT Nov 52

American Modeler
   1/48 Hawk kr AM Nov 67

   civ PA prep F 74/2 Feb 64
   civ of Hanson N5555H CP F 78/3 March 66

Flying Review International
   3v CPA FRI 21/5 Jan 66

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   1946 mkgs P JAS Sum 68
   civ P JAS Sum 71

Koku Fan
   rest CP KF Apr 69
   1/32 3v xs Cpros KF May 76
   CPA KF Dec 76

Military Journal
   n Vietnam AF A il MJ 2/1

Model Airplane News
   3v Dil MAN Oct 60
   3v ca Dil MAN Nov 60

PAM News
   ca a PAM JanMar 76

Scale Modeler
   1/48 Hawk/Testors CPA SM Nov 81

   CPA W 6/1 Feb 76

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