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 Aeroplane Monthly
    FM-2 rest CPA AeMo Nov 75

Air Classics
   FM-2 rest CPA AC 4/5 June 68
   FM-2 rest of Confed AF CPA AC 13/5 May 77
   over Wake Island PA AC 13/9 Sep 77
   hist CPA 6v pros xs AC 14/8 Aug 78
   hist PA AC 14/9 Sep 78
   of Planes of Fame Mus CP AC Nov 82

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   CP ACQR Fal 74
   CPA ACQR 1/3 Win 74

Aircraft Illustrated
   Martlet PA AcIl 8/8 Aug 75
   FM-2 rest of Confed AF CP AcIl 9/4 Apr 76

Air Enthusiast Quarterly
   F4F-1 3v A AEQ #3
   -2 C2v PA ca 3v AEQ #3

Air International
   3vPA AI 21/4 Apr 81

   ac carrier crash PA A 9/4 July 79

Air Progress
   FM-2 pro ca AP 56/57

Air Trails
   solid model plans PA AT Aug 42
   solid model plans AT Nov 42
   R pwr flymod plans PA AT Nov 42
   Rpwr flymod plans PA AT Ann 1943
   uc flymod .19 powr plans PA AT sep 53

American Modeler
   of O’Hare 1/32 Revell 3v PA AM Feb 67

Aviation News
   JV482 wreckovery PA AvN 5-19 Oct 74

   CPcov F 30/3 March 42

   pro IPMSQ 2 7/8
    -3 Dil pros A IPMSQ 10/1 Fal 74
   1/32 Revell upgrade Dil pros A IPMSQ 18/1 Fal 82

IPMS United Kingdom
   Fleet Air Arm PA IPMSUK Aug 67

IPMS Update
   Martlet n No Afri pro A IPMSU 15/3

Journal Anerucan Aviation Historical Society
   FM-2 civ cropduster PA JAS 3/1 JanMarch 58
   XF4F-1 3v A JAS Win 61
   F4F hist PDA 3v pros JAS Win 61
   hist PA JAS Spr 62
   civ PA JAS Fal 62
   of Joseph De Blanc 3v JAS Fal 74

Koku Fan
   Cpro CP KF March 72

Model Airplane News
   3v Dil A MAN July 60
   3v  ca Dil A MAN Aug 60

Pri Fly
   -3 of MOH winner Henry Elrod pro A Pri #48

Private Pilot
   FM-2 rest CPDA pirep PriPi 6/4 Apr 71

Scale Modeler
   1/32 Revell CPA SM 6/1 Jan 71
   of H’Hare 1/48 Monogram Cpros CPA SM June 83
   1/32 Revell CPA SM 21/10 Oct 86

Sport Aviation
   FM-2 rest PDA SptAv 24/6 June 75
   FM-2 rest of Paris CPDA SptAv 24/2 Dec 75
   FM-2 rest CPDA SptAv 28/12 Dec 79

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