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Air Classics
    PA Cpro AC 3/6 July 67
    Cpro AC 8/6 Apr 72

Air Enthusiast Quarterly
    PA Cpro ca AEQ #1

    CPA Cpro Apr 2/2 March 72
    Belgium AF CP Apr 9/2 March 79
    B-239 5v xs AP Nov 66

Flight Plan
    5v pros Dil FltPln March 72
    US Army & Dutch FltPln 2/5

    advert F 30/3 March 42

Flying Review
    3v CPA FR 15/8 May 60

Flying Review International
    2v Cpro A FRI 20/7 Apr 65

IPMS Quarterly
    Finland AF 3v A IPMSQ 7/4
    B-239 Finland AFf pros IPMSQ 10/1 Fall 74
    B-239 Neth East Ind AF IPMSQ 10/4 Sum 75

IPMS Update
    France AF pro A IPMSU 15/1
    differences il A IPMSU 18/3 Nov-Dec 82

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    PDA JAS 14/3 Fal 69

Journal New Zealand Aviation Historical Society
    PA JNZ 16/3 5 Mar 73

Model Airplane News
    XF2A 3vPA xs MAN 19/4 Oct 38
    XF2A r-powered flymod plans MAN 19/4 Oct 38
    3v PA MAN May 41

    5v PDA Modelworld Oct 73
    PA 2vs pros Modelworld Dec 73

PAM News
    3v PAM #8
    1/72 kr PDA PAM 32 Sep 79

Scale Aircraft Modeler
    1 / 2 scale sb model PA ScAcMod Jan 79

Scake Aurcraft Modelling
    1/32 Combat Models PA 3v xs Dil ScAcMdg 5/12 Sep 83

Scale Modeler
    1/72 Airfix CP Cil SM 8/8 Aug 73
    1/48 Tamiya 3vCPA SM 13/4 Apr 78

Scale Models

modeling PDA ScMods Feb 73

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