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Aero Digest
86D 3v PA AeDig March 53
86F 3v PA AeDig March 53

hist PA ANP 2/1

Commonwealth blt n Australia CP Aeph 11/4 #4
USN drone CP Aeph 11/4 #4
civ N86Z CP Aeph 11.4 #4

Aeroplane Monthly
rest CP AeMo Apr 75
hist 4v CPA AeMo 5/9 Sep 77 if
86D/K PA AeMo Nov 77
riv rest CPA AeMo 7/8 Aug 79
civ Canadair Sabre VI of Haydon-Baille P AeMo Jan 80

Affordable Warbirds
civs as warbirds today evaluation PA pirep AffWb 1992 if

Air Classics
CPA AC 8/3 Jan 72 if
TF P AC 9/4 Apr 73 if
86D PA AC 9/4 Apr 73
86 N8686D of Penhall CPA AC Sep 74 if
Canadair Mk.6 CP AC 10/10 Oct 74
Golden Arrows P AC 13/2 Dec 77
86F w Norway AF P AC March 79 if
Canadair 5 w Golden Hawks P AC March 79 if
N70826 w Flight Systems CP AC Nov 79 if
Canadair 6 N1039C at Mojave CP+ AC June 80 if
drones for US Army CP AC Feb 81 if
Psurv CPA AC 7/8 Aug 81 if
surv CPA AC Apr 82
86F N86F of Holm CPA AC May 82 if
86F civ rest CP AC 18/9 Sep 82
86H w NYANG P AC Oct 82 if
86D on pedestal n Phoenix, AZ CP AC Nov 82 if
Colorado ANG P AC 18/12 Dec 82 if
exJASDF now USN drone CP AC 19/2 Feb 83 uf
ex Blue Impulse to b USN drone CP AC March 84 if
ex-Korea AF 86F to OR ANG mus PA AC Sep 84 if
86H w 104th FG ANG P AC Nov 84 if
86H disp at McCook, Neb P+ AC May 86 if
exCanadair US Army drone 23315 CP AC clip if
86D w Colo ANG P AC clip if
Canadair hybrid rest repair at Chino CP+ AC clip if

Air Classics Quarterly Review
n Canada AF CP ACQR Spr 76
86A civ of Hall hist CPDA ACQR Fal 76 if
Canadair 5 civ N8686F of Boeing CPDA

Air Combat

n foreign mkgs PA AComb May 76
86H w Maryland ANG CP AComb May 76
hist CPA AComb July 76 if
TF-86F hist PA AComb Nov 81 if

Aircraft Model Special
Canadairs ops w So Africa AF PA pros AcModSpec June 74 if

Air Enthusiast
Canadair foreign users PDA ca Cpros AE Apr 72 if
86F Hasegawa Minicraft advert AE June 73 if
86D cpit PD AE Oct 73 if

Air Extra
Canadair CP AirX #11

Air Force
humor il AF Apr 83 if
intercept humor il AF May 83 if
n Korean War CP surv clip AF Oct 93 if

Air Pictoral
Canadair 86E w Turkey aerobat team P+ APict clip if
w Skyblazers 2v APict clip if


civ PA A 4/1 Jan 74
86E w China AF CP A 10/2 March 80 if

Air Progress
86F ca AP 54/55 if
86E 5v xs AP 54/55
86A pro ca AP 56/57
86D pro AP 57/58
86H pro AP 57/58
86A pro AP Fal 58
86FR (rocket booster equipped) PA AP Fal 60
86D/K 5v xs AP FebMar 63
cockpit PD AP AprMay 63
Canadair retirement < RCAF P+ AP June 69 if
civ rest CPA pirep AP 35/3 Sep 74
civ N86F CPA AP 18/5 May 82

Air Progress Aviation Review
Blue Impulse 86s phaseout CPA APAvRev clip if

Air Progress Pilot Reports
D hist pirep CPA APPirep 79 if

Air & Space Smithsonian
ops n Korean War CPA AnS OctNov 91 if

Air Trails
86A n erly mkgs P) AT Apr 49
86D S A AT Dec 51
S A AT Annual 51

Air Trails Pictoral
S ATP Jan 49
speed record PA ATP Jan 49

Anerican Modeler
86D/K 4v xs AM June 62 if

Avuation & Marine
86 ops n Korea PA pros Av&Mar JulAug 77 if

Aviation News
Canadair Sabre F.1, F.4 n RAF &other users PA pros AvN 23 July – 5 Aug 76 if
Canadair-blt hist ops PA AvN 12/13 Nov 18-Dec 1 83
TF-86F PA AvN 12/21 March 9-22 84

Aviation Week/ Aviation Week Space Technology
XF-86 PA AW 14 June 48
86E P AW 13 Aug 51
converting to QF-E PDA AWST 15 Dec 75 if
gunnery target ops w F-15s P+ AWST 21 March 83 if
component survivability testing CP+ AWST 20 Jan 86 if

Best of Crazed Plastic
QF-86E of US Army 3v pros A BoCraPla clip if

Dirty Plastic
86D SEA camou 4v DP clip if

Fine Scale Modeler
convert 1/48 Monogram F to H CPDA Dil FSM Feb 91 if
convert Monogram F-86F to E 1/48 CPDA FSM Dec 91 if

Flight International
Canadair 6 w US 86F wings civ rest P+ Fling 8 Mar 86 if

status hist PA F Nov 48 if

Flying Models
S A FM Aug 48

cannon armed 86F ops testing Korean War Cil CPA FP Sep 07

Flying Review/Flying Review International
86F 4v ca PA FR 10/10 July 55
hist CPA FR Apr 57
86H 3v A FR 12/9 May 57 if
Mitsubishi RF-86F 3v PA FR 17/9 June 62
86K 3v CPA FRI 18/10 July 63
2v Cpro A FRI 20/1 Oct 64
CA-27 blt n Australia PA FR clip if
Canadair ac status CPA FR XIV 7 if
w China AF on Formosa buzzed a Comet IV CPA FR XIV/8 if
86K status w NATO C3v PA FR XVIII No. 10 if

North American Rockwell advert Forbes15 Nov 69 if

The Glue
86F conv >A/E PA The Glue 37 July 74

Il Notizario
86E w Italy AF P pros Il Not 294-5 88 if

IPMS Germany
Canadair Sabre 5 3v IPMSG AugSep 74

IPMS Netherlands
86K Norway AF pros 2v PA IPMS Neth Jan 83 if

IPMS Quarterly

Sky Blazers 3v IPMSQ 1/4
RCAF camouf 4v IPMSQ V#6
86E "Kathy" Pcov IPMSQ 8/2 Sum 73 if
86F w Norways AF 3v A IPMSQ 10/1 Fal 74 if
86F w Pakistan AF 2v IPMSQ 10/4 Sum 75 if
86D PA pros IPMSQ 13/3
Canadair-blt w Canada & China pros A IPMSQ Win 78
86L w Hawaii ANG P IPMSQ Fal 80
86Ds USAF surv 2v Dil IPMS 6/3 if

IPMS Update
n Greek AF pro A IPMSU 13/5
86D Korea AF pro A IPMSU 14/4
86F n Calif ANG P IPMSU 15/6 if

IPMS United Kingdom
Canadair hist PA pros Dil IPMSUK Jan 66 if
86K Italy AF pro IPMSUK Apr 69
86F 2v IPMSUK Dec 69
86F "Betty Boots" 2v IPMSUK Jan 70 if

86D internal Dil NEWS 5/3 March 77

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
86E ANG PA JAS #3 JulySep 56
86F civ PA JAS 3/3 JulySep 58
86F n Korea AF P JAS Sum 60
86L static displ hist PA JAS Fal 65
86H n USN PA JAS Spr 69
n Korea A JAS 14/3 Fal 69
GF-E P JAS Sum 74
86L P JAS Fal 74
nose art PA JAS Win 75
TF PA JAS Win 79
SoAfri AF ops n Korean War PA JAS Spr 80
n USN PA corr JAS Spr 80
QF-E w US Army PA JAS Sum 81
XP-86 Mach 1 controversy PA JAS Spr 06 if

86F w Argentina AF CP JP4 March 84

Koku Fan
86F JASDF @ Hamamatsu AB PA KF March 70 if86D w JASDF CP KF Apr 72 if
86F w JASDF P KF Oct 72
86F n Taiwan stat disp CP KF Oct 72 if
86D Korea AF CP KF Aug 73 if
86H camouf @ China Lake P KF Dec 73 if
RF-F JASDF CP KF May 75 if
86F w JASDF CP KF June 75
Canadair-blt n Germ AF CP KF June 75 if
86F JASDF CP KF Aug 75
w Blue Impulse P KF Nov 75 if
86H at USN Weap Cent China Lake CPcov KF Jan 77 if
w Blue Impulse CP KF Jan 77 if
86E & H gate guards CP KF March 77 if
Australia-blt n Malaysia AF CP KF July 77 if
86F w USAF CP KF Nov 76on stat displ surv CP KF May 80
86H USN Weapon Center China Lake CP KF Oct 80 if
86F w Blue Impulse aerobat team CPDA il 4v ca pros KF May 81
86D 1/50 5v xs KF clip if
86F JASDF CP KF clip if
86F at JASDF gunnery meet CP Dil KF clip if

Model Airplane News
XP-86 3v xs MAN Feb 50
86H 5v xs MAN May 56 if

CAC Avon Sabres conv PA pro MW NovDec 86 if

Model Aircraft Quarterly
n aerobat teams Cpro 2v MaQ Spec Ed 84

Military Model Preview
86D 1/72 Hasegawa PDA MMP 3.11 PDA
F-86F-40 w JASDF MMP volume 3.12 PA if

Model Airplane News
XP-86 3v MAN Feb 50 if

National Geographic
86D proto at Edwards CP NatGeo Dec 53 CP

Nifty Fifties USAF
hist CPA ca NFUSAF clip if

Plastic Aircraft Modeler
entire series 1/72 kit surv CPDA PAM #34 Nov 79

Popular Mechanics
XP status P+ PopMech Jan 48 if

Popular Science

86D proto P+ PS Aug 50 if
86 n Ames wind tunnel P+ PS July 51 if

Random Thoughts
Canadair blt n USAF pro RT 4/11 Nov 71
Canadair Mk.5&6 2v pros RT July 74
Canadair Mk.6 SoAfri AF 2v pros RT clip if

Replica in Scale
hist PDA 3v pros Dil RIS SprSum 74 if

Scale Aircraft Modeler
86F w Saudi AF 1/72 Hasegawa CPA Sc Ac Mod clip if
86D 1/72 RAREjets CPA ScAcMod clip if

Scale Aircraft Modelling
w SoAfriAF & USAF 1/32 Hasegawa CPA ca ScAcModg Fal 73

Scale Modeler
86F 1/72 Hasegawa CPA SM Apr 74
86F 1/32 Hasegawa CPA ca Best of SM Win 75
86D 1/72 US Airfix CPA ca SM June 76 if
86F n Korean War 1/48 Monogram CPA SM Nov 76 if
Canadair 1/48 Monogram CPA SM Sep 79 if
86F of McConnell 1/48 Monogram CPA SM Sep 84
n Korea War 1/72 Heller CPA SM 19/12 Dec 84
86F 1/32 Hasegawa CPD 86, 86F, 86H 4v xs A SM clip if

Best of Scale Modeler
86F 1/32 Hasegawa users surv CPA Best of SM Win 75 if

Scale Modeler Kitbashing Special
1/48 conv to F-86A 1950 PA SCKS Fal 96 if

Scale Models
86D 1/72 Airfix ScMods Feb 76 if
86D 1/32 conv PDA ScMods Sep 81
1/32 86F Hasegawa CPA ScMods July 73
F-86H 1/72 Rareplanes vform PA ScMods 15/174 Apr 74
86D 1/32 conv < Hasegawa F PDA ScMods clip if

op n England P+ Sky Dec 51 if

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
w China AF pros A SAFO Jan 80 if

Sport Aviation
civ of Robinson CP SptAv June 89 if
Canadair Sabre 5 to EAA Mus CP SptAv clip if

n Korea War 1/32 Hasegawa Cpros PA Squad 3/2 Spr 73 if

vs MiG-15 Cpro PA storia Modellismo clip if

Warbirds International
86H rest of Delaware ANG CPA WBIng Win 86 if
86H lawn guard @ Rockford, IL PA WBInt Win 87 if
drones n USN CPA WBInt MayJune 89 if
gate guards surv PA WbInt JulyAug 89 if
86F dis w MiG-15 @ Champlin Ftr Mus WBInt JulyAug 90 if
86F dis @ Osan AB, Korea PA WbInt JulAug 91 if
86A w IL ANG gate guard CPA WBInt JulyAug 94 if

hist CPDA W 5/5 Oct 75

Wings & Wheels
Australia AF ac n Vietnam War 1962 pro A W&W clip if

86A remove < pedestal Rantoul, IL CPA News Gazette clip if

86D/K SEA camouf 3v clip if
86f of Spain aerobat team P clip if
Cpros ARCO Pub insert if
early Blue Impulse colors 2v clip if
CAC Avon Sabre (Australia-blt) PA 3v clip if
Utah ANG 86F gate guard P clip if
QF-E at Inter-Am AF Acad P+ clip if
"CF-86" joy riding mem PA clip ApMaJu 90 if
86F civ N4104A P+ clip if

86A AMT 1/72 #7108 box top, instructions
86 Cavacraft J-1 solid wood kit instructions
86D Airmodel TSK 1/72 conversion instructions
86D Aurora 1/48 1956 #66 instructions
86D Fuji 1/50 No.002 instructions
86D UPC 1/50 #5051 instructions, box art (shows F-86F)
86D Marusan 1/50 #425 instructions
86F AMT Hasegawa 1/72 instructions
86 Hasegawa Egg Plane instructions
86F Hasegawa 1/72 "Blue Impulse" instructions
86F Hasegawa Minicraft 1/72 JS-015 box, instructions
86F Hasegawa Minicraft 1/32 JS-084 instructions
86F Heller 1/72 #277 kit instructions
86F Monogram 1/48 No. 5427 factory news release, picture
86F Monogram 1/48 No 5402 instructions
86F UPC H-O Pocket Series No.7030 instructions
86F Strombeck for Bersteds solid wood # G44 kit instructions
86F & MiG-15 Tamiya 1/100 #PA1022 instructions

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