Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star -- ADI References on Hand

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Aeronews Photo
    Alaska ANG P ANP 1/3
    -80C w AF proving Center P ANP July 84

Aeroplane Monthly
    5vPA AeMo Jan 76

Air Classics
    CPDA 3v ca AC 5/6 Feb 69
    w Minute Men P AC 18/12 Dec 82

Air Classics Quarterly Review
    P ACQR 4/1 Spr 77

Aircraft Illustrated
    CP AcIl 4/1 Sep 71
    at war A AcIl 6/10 Oct 73

Air Enthusiast
    CPA 3v Cpros ca AE Eleven

    j hist PDA pros Airfix 25/5 Jan 84

Air Force
    transAtlantic deply PA AF Oct 80

Air International
    C2vA AI Aug 82
    3v PA AI 28/1 Jan 85

Air News
    PA Air News Oct 45

Air Progress
    pro ca AP 56/57
    -80C pro AP Fal 58
    P-80R P AP Fal 62
    P-80R cockpit P AP AprMay 63

Air Trails
    PD AT Oct 45
    CP cov solid model plan A AT Dec 45
    rigid tow test PA AT Jan 48

Air Trails Pictoral
    speed record flt PA ATP Nov 47

    PA Av Sep 45

Aviation Week
    w flus air intake P AW 9 Aug 48

Fine Scale Modeler
    YP-80A 1/48 conv Monogram CPDA FSM 7/1 Jan 89

    FP-80A PDA F May 47

IPMS Update
    used for carrier qual trials pro A IPMS U 16/3

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    EF-80B w NACA P JAS Sum 66
    w up-firing guns PA JAS 21/3 Fal 67
    at Nat Air Races 1948 P JAS Fal 68
    w skis P JAS Sum 72
    -80A-1 P JAS Win 72
    nose art P JAS Win 73
    at Loring AFB pro A JAS Sum 74
    first flight in mem PA JASS 23/2 Sum 78

Koku Fan
    n Korea War CP KF Aug 80

    hb repli P Replicair 2/3 1979

Scale Modeler
    n Korea 1/72 Airfix CPA SM 19/12 Dec 84

    trans-Atlantic flt PA W 3/1 Feb 73
    Acrojets CPcov W Dec 77
    w NACA intakes PA W 11/2 Apr 81

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