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Air Classics
   PA tail mkgs pros AC 8/2 Dec 71

supercrit wing P AC 9/4 Apr 73
   CPA AC 13/1 Nov 77
   CPA AC 13/12 Dec 77
   PA 5v xs AC Jan 78

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   CP ACQR 2/2 Sum 75
   CP ACQR 2/3 Fal 75
   RF-8C CP ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
   CP ACQR 4/2 Sum 77

Aircraft Illustrated
   RF-8E refuels < KA-3A CP AcIl Oct 81
   -8H Phillipine AF CP AcIl Aug 79

Air Combat
   to w wings folded PA AComb 6/4 July 78
   TF-8A P AComb 8/6 Nov 80
   CP Psurv A AComb 10/2 March 82
   USN & MC tails PA AComb 12/4 July 84

Air International
   Phillipine AF CP AI 17/1 July 79

   civ PA A 4/1 Jan 74
   Crusader III CPA ca Dil A 7/4 July 77
    carrier crash PA A 9/4 July 79

American Modeler
   U-1 CP cov AM Feb 57
   -2, -2P Revell conv PA il AM Aug 68

Air Progress
   -1 4v xs A AP 57/58
   PA AP AP Spr 58
   -1P pro AP Fal 58
   -3 PA AP Fal 58
   bad landing loss off carrier P AP Sum 62
   CPA AP 24/4 Apr 69
   w supercrit wing 3v A AP 24/5 May 69

Aviation Quarterly
   CP AvQ 4/3 78

Flight International
   slew wing test propo for NASA il A Flint 15 Dec 84

   RF-8 phaseout CPA FP 72 July 87

IPMS Quarterly
   supercrit wing of NASA PA 2v pro A IPMSQ 10/3 Spr 75
   RF-8 w CAW-4 PA pros IPMSQ Spr 80
   TF-8A 3v pros A IPMSQ 18/2 Win 82
   TF-8A CP corr IPMSQ 18/4 Sum 83

IPMS United Kingdom
   pro xs tails conv Dil IPMS UK Nov 71

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   PA tail mkgs JAS Sum 62
   PA tail mkgs JAS Sum 64

Koku Fan
   RF-8G P KF Sep 71
   NASA supercrit wing test CP KF July 72
   CP KF Aug 72
   Phillipines AF CP KF May 81

Model Airplane News
   -1 4v xs MAN Aug 57

Replica Wrap Up
   PDA RW Aug 78

Scale Aircraft Modeling
    8P w CVP-63 PA pro ScAcMdg 1/10 July 79

Scale Modeler
   1/65 Revell superdet CPDA SM 6/3 March 71
   2v Dil SM 7/4 Apr 72
   1/72 Heller CPA SM 13/11 Nov 78
   1/72 CPA tail pros SM 14/9 Sep 79
   1/48 ESCI CPA SM 19/4 Apr 84

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