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    RCAF "Hawk One" CP Aeph #4

Air Classics
    CF-101B w eagle motif CPA AC May 79

Air Combat
    w 107th FIS CPDA AComb Jan 81

Aircraft Illustrated
    F-101B @ WmTell 1978 AcIl Jan 79
    CF-101B @ WmTell CP AcIl March 81

Air International
    CF-B w mottled green camouf @ Green Flag CPA AI Aug 81
    Cpros AI 28/1 Jan 85
    hist CPA pros 3v AI 29/2 Aug 85
    101C ca PA AI 29/2 Aug 85
    101A 3vPA AI 30/2 Feb 86
    101B 3vPA AI 30/2 Feb 86

    hist CPA A 10/3 May 80

American Modeler
    RF-101C 1/72 Hasegawa PA AM Dec 70

Air Progress
    4v xs AP 56/57
    PDA AP Spr 58
    RF-101C pro AP Fal 58
    JF-101A test bed for GE J-79 pro AP Fal 58

    CF-101B last flt PA FP #71 July 87

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    101A P JAS Fal 68
    101B P JAS 14/1 Spr 69
    early hist PA JAS 23/1 Spr 78

Koku Fan
    RF-101G CP KF Apr 69
    serials A KF Aug 71
    F-101B @ Colorado State Univ CP KF Nov 76
    F-101B w Texas ANG CP KF Feb 81

Random Thoughts
    CF-101B pros insig Dil RT May 72
    CF-101B 4v RT Feb 77

Scale Modeler
    1/48 101B CPA SM 20/9 Sep 85
    CF-101B 1/48 CPA SM 22/8 Aug 87

Scale Models
    PA pro ScMods July 77
    101A conv < 1/72 Hasegawa CPA SM 13/9 Sep 78

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