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Aero Album
    Viet War ops PA AeAl Sum 69

    63440 hist CPA Aeph (APH) 10/4 Spr 83

Aeroplane Monthly
    civ CPA AeMo June 80
    hit PA 4v AeMo June 80

Air Classics
    CPDA 4v AC 8/11 Sep 72
    hist CPA AC 11/7 July 75
    -100C 3v PA AC 11/8 Aug 75
    -100D 3v CPA AC 11/8 Aug 74
    TF-100D 3vPA AC 11/8 Aug 75
    CPA AC 11/9 Sep 75
    zero=length RATO takeoff CP AC May 81

Air Combat
    w 103d TFG CT ANG CPA AComb Nov 79
    Psurv CPDA AComb July 82
    QF drones PA AComb 11/3 May 83
    retired < Denmark AF PA AComb July 83
    QF-100 CPA AComb 15/2 March 87

Aircraft Illustrated
    civ Flight Test Inc CP AcIl 3/12 Dec 70
    CP AcIl 4/5 May 71
    Bicent markings PA AComb Nov 76
    "Triple Zilch" gate guard CP ACIl Oct 77
    w CT ANG Psurv AcIl 12/7 July 79
    w Denmark AF @ RAF Coltishall PA AcIl Aug 79
    -100D of Loughborough Mus CP AcIl July 80

Air Force
    QF-100 PA AF 64/6 June 81

Air International
    C2v AI 13/4 Oct 77

    civ PA A 4/1 Jan 74
    CPDA ca A 9/5 Sep 79
    CP A 10/1 Jan 80

Air Progress
    4v xs AP 55/56
    Thunderbirds pro AP 57/58
    PDA AP Spr 58
    -100C pro AP Fal 58
    NF-100F low speed flight control PDA AP Fal 60
    VietWar ops PDA AP Feb 68

Air Trails
    PA AT Feb 54

Fine Scale Modeler
    -100D 1/48 Monogram CPDA il FSM 6/5 Oct 89

Flying Review
    4v PA ca FR 11/3 Dec 55

IPMS United Kingdom
    SEA camouf 3v IPMS UK Sep 67
    SEA camoufl 3v IPMS UK June 69
    interior detail Dil IPMS UK Aug 71

IPMS Update
    "Susan Constant" pro A IPMS U 13/6

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    "Triple Zilch" hist 3v PA JAS Fal 61
    "Spirit of St. Louis" indiv ac hist PA JAS Win 70
    w NASA PA JAS Win 73

Koku Fan
    n Denmark AF CP KF March 72

    w Skyblazers Cpro 2v MaQ Special Ed 1984

Model Airplane News
    YF-100 3v xs MAN July 54

    1/72 Hasegawa CDA il NEWS 4/9 Sep 76

PAM News
    n Turkey AF 3v A PAM #10
    w ANG n England PA PAM 4/3 OcNoDe 76

Popular Aviation
    Thunderbirds CPA PopAv MayJune 67

Scale Aircraft Modeler
    conv 5v Dil A PA ScAcMod Nov 78

Scale Modeler
    -100D 1/48 ESCI CPA 4v ca SM 14/5 May 79
    1/48 Monogram CPA SM Aug 80
    1/72 Hasegawa Thunderbirds CPA sm 20/5 May 85

Scale Models
    CP ScMods Dec 79

    1/72 Hasegawa FAC ac Squad 4/3 Sum 74

    n France AF CPA W 5/6 Dec 75
    combat ops CPDA ca W 9/5 Oct 79

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