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 Douglas DC-6

Aero Digest
    DC-6A 3v PA     Aero Digest March 53
    DC-6B 3v PA     Aero Digest March 53

Aeroplane Monthly
    w BALAIR CPA     AeMo 9/12 Dec 81

Aircraft Illustrated
    Conair, Canada fbbr CP     AcIl 8/11 Nov 75
    Kar-Air swing-tail mod ops PDA     AcIl Oct 79

Air News
   "Independence" flying White House PDA     Air News Sep 45

Airline Quarterly
    DC-6A w Aviateca CP     ALQ 4/1 Spr 80
    w Trans Continental CP     ALQ 4/1 Spr 80
    w Kar-Air CPDA ca     ALQ Sum 80

Air Pictoral
    DC-6A P     APict Dec 51

Air Progress
    DC-6B ca A     AP 52/53

Air Trails
    solid model plan P     AT Sep 50

Aviation News
    mosquito spray ops PA     AvN Jun 1-14 84
    advert     F Nov 45
    return to service PA     F June 48

IPMS Quarterly
    fbbr pro     IPMSQ 13/1

Koku Fan
    forest firebbr CP     KF May 81

Popular Aviation
    early 2e propo 3v A     PopAv/F May 41

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    w US Weather Bureau P     JAS Spr 71
    6B w Portugese AF P     JAS Win 73

    Kar-Air swing-tail ops PA     Prop 6 Apr-Jun 82
    opw w Olympic Aw PA     Prop 8 Oct-Dec 80
    w DHL Cargo PA     Prop 14 Apr-Jun 82

Douglas DC-7

Aero Digest
    3v PA     AeDig March 53

Aircraft Illustrated
    w Atlanta Skylarks CP     AcIl 4/1 Jan 71

    American Al advert     F Dec 54

Gate 66
    Revell kr A il     G66 #35
    Revell as Eastern Al il A     G66 Feb 77
    1/72 J&L vform kr     G66 39 Feb 78
    7B w Continental Al P     G66 33
    7C conv Revell     G66 45

IPMS Quarterly
    fbbr PA pro     IPMSQ 13/1 77

Journal American Aviation Historical Society

    fbbr P     JAS Fal 64

Journal Hew Zealand Aviation Historical Society
    7C w Ports of Call al (US) P     JNZ 16/3 5 Mar 73

Koku Fan
    7C Pan Am  P     KF  Aug 77
    fbbr CP     KF May 81

    surviving indiv ac hist PA     Prop Apr-Jun 81
    w BOAC PA indiv hist     Prop 5 Jan-Mar 80
    w Air Freighter (US) PA     Prop 7 July-Sep 80
    last flt of N4SW PA     Prop 8 Oct-Dec 80
    7C return < Zimbabwe PDA     Prop 16 Win 82
    7C w LaMancha Air PA     Prop 16 Win 82
    7B derelict n Minneapolis PDA     Prop 16 Win 82
    7C rest PA     Prop 17 Spr 83

Scale Modeler
    1/72 J&L DC-7C vform kr     SM Dec 78

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