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Douglas DC-4E (3 tail) ADIF
PA     AC Al Spec Fal 75
3v PA     AEQ #15
PDA     ALQ Spr 79
PA     Air News 7/5 Nov 44
il A 3v ca xs     AT Oct 37
3v PA pro Dil     ArmchAv Nov 72
pros A     G66 Oct 76
model conv < Revell DC-p7 pros     G66 March 77
3v xs A     PopAv Dec 37

Douglas DC-4 (single tail)
detail A     ABD Julj-Aug 78
3v ca PA     AEQ 15
PA    Air News  7/5  Nov 44
hist & ops PDA     AvN Jan2—15 81
ops n Canada PA     AvN Aug 10-23 84
w Santa Fe Skyway 2v PA     JAS 21/4 Win 86
pros A      G66  Oct 76
conv < Revell DC_7 pros    G66  March 77
w Pacific Air Express PA     Prop 17 Spr 83

Aviation Traders Carvair mod (car transport mod)
Carvair PA      AcIl 4/7 July 71
Carvair PA     AI 18/1 Jan 80
Carvairs of Falcon Aw CPA     ALQ spr 80
Carvair ops w Aviation Traders & Falcon PDA     AWST 9 July 79
Carvair n Brit al serv  PA    Prop 3   July-Sep 79
Carvair indiv hist & ops PA     Prop 15 Aug 82
Carvair conv w Pacific Airlift CP     Prop 21 1984/1
w Conifair pA     Prop 21 1984/1

DC-4M (Griffon-engine mod blt by Canadair)
DC-4M CPA     AC 10/5 May 74
DC-4M (Merlin) PA     ALQ Spr 79
Canadair C-4 w Merlins PA     ArmchAv Feb 73
Canadair North Star (DC-4M) attem to Columbia n /62 PA     Prop 14 Apr-Jun 82
Canadair North Star (DC-4M) opw w Air Caicos PA     Prop 14 Apr-June 82

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