Douglas DC-10 --  ADI References on Hand

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Aeroplane Monthly
    w Laker Al CP AeMo 1/1 May 73

Air International
    -61 il A AI Jan 80
    -62 il A AI Jan 80
    -63 3v A AI Jan 80
    3v PA AI 27/3 Sep 84

Aircraft Illustrated
    3v PA Ac Il 4/6 June 71
    Iberia Al CP Ac Il July 73
    Western Al CP Ac Il 7/2 Feb 74
    CPA pros Ac Il 7/6 June 74
    Aero Mexico CP Ac Il 7/10 Oct 74
    Thai Aw Intl CP Ac Il 8/10 Oct 75
    British Caledonian CPA Ac Il 10;/5 May 77
    British Caledonian Aw PA Ac Il Feb 80
    Brit Cal flt < Houston > London PA Ac Il 13/4 Apr 80
    World Aw CP Ac Il 12/1 Jan 79

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    Chicago crash analysis A il AWST 4 June 79

Air International
    -40 w Northwest Orient 3v ca Al Int Win 74

Airline Quarterly
    w Laker Al CPA ALQ Fal 79

Flying Review International
    3v A FRI 22/8 Aug 68
    -30 3v A FRI 25.7 Nov 69

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