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Culver misc.
advert Air News Oct 45
advert Air News Jan 46
adveert F Nov 45

Culber Model C.A.P. (modi Culber V lw tadr)
advert PA F Apr 42

Culver Cadet (2s sbs lw tadr ltpln)
"C" poerd uc flymod plan PA il AT July 45
PD pirep Airways 2/7 July 68
PDA AAAN NovDec 66
PDA The Antiquer Nov 65
advert PDA Av July 40
solid model plans A FA Jan 43
PDpirep P&P 8/10 Oct 72
blt n 1944 Ppirep P&P 12/2 Feb 76
rest CPA SptAv 25/3 March 76
PA Vat Sep 74

Culver Dart L (ltpln)
PA Av Feb 40

Culver LCA (1e 2s ltpln)
3v PA AeDig March 41
PDA Air News Oct 45

Culver Model V (2s sbs 1e trilg ltpln)
advert Air News Jan 46
CP AT Feb 47
PA ArmchAv MarApr 73
PDpirep F Sep 46
rest CP SptAv 30/3 March 81

Culber PQ series (1e 1s trilg pilotable drones)
1948 mods to lightplanes PDpirep P&P March 68
-8 P Ac&Jets Dec 46
-14 air coupling w C-47 PDA Aeph 2/4
-14 P AC 9/5 May 73
-14 3v PA APM 3 Q 72
-14 A APM 4 Q 72
-14 CPcov AT Nov 44
-14 P F May 49

Culver TD2C
PA FRI 21/4 Dec 65

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