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AEREI (Italian pub)
    EC and RC CPA ca Aerei JulyAug 88 if

Air Britain Digest
    KC- hist PDA ABD 31/2 MarApr 79

Air & Space Smithsonian
    "Vomit Comet" ops CPA A&S AprMay 90

Air Combat
    EC- w 4950th Air Base Wing CPA AComb Jan 73
    KC-135 missionw 306th SW CPA AComb May 79
    w CFM-56 engines PDA AComb Jan 81
    to be refitted w CFM-56 PA AComb clip if

Air Force
    NKC- laser lab PA AF 64/6 June 81

Aircraft Illustrated
    EC & NC- PA AcIl 2/6 June69
    KC- w 306th STrat Wing CPDA AcIl Jan 79
    NC P+ clip if

Air Force
    NKC-135 ALL PA AF June 81 if
    KC-135R test ac CP+ AF May 83 if
    1st op’l KC-135R P+ AF Oct 84 if
    EC-136 upgrade CP+ AF Apr 85 if (maybe 95)
    "There I Was" humor il AF Oct 88 if
    Tribute to the Tankers il Valor AF Jan 96 if

Air International
    KC- hist 3v PA ca pros Dil AI 19/5 Nov 80 if
    C-135C 61-2668 conv < WC PA AI March 81 if
    corr PA AI 21/5 Nov 71

    KC- ops w 190th Refuelling Grp, KS ANG CPA A 17/1 Jan 87

American Aviation
    KC rollout P+ Amer Av 30 July 56 if

Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men
    "BT-707" Cil cov

    CFM-56 refit plans PDA Av Feb 80 if
    status w CFM-56 A Av May 80 if

Aviation News
    markings hist AvN 23 Aug – 5 Sep 86

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    C-135 rollout P AWST 5 June 61 if
    KC sprays water in icing tests P+ AWST 25 Sep 61 IF
    JKC-135 tested P+ AWST 23 March 64 if
    KC-135B ca Dil AWST 3 Aug 64
    KC "Speckled Trout" advanced instrument tests JPDA AWST 26 74
    NKC-135 laser test P+ AWST 2 Sep 74 if
    KC-135 winglet test P+ AWST 6 Aug 79 if
    KC-135 winglets buckling A AWST 30 Aug 79 if
    EC-135 Look8ing Glass improvements PDA AWST 16 June 80
    KC re-engining status PA AWST 23 June 80 if
    KC upgraded capabilities CPA il AWST 11 Aug 80 if
    EC crashes near Frederick, MD A AWST 11 May 81 if
    NKC-136 ops PA AWST 25 May 81 if
    EC-135N crash resport A AWST 3 Aug 81 if
    KC-135R rollout PA AWST 28 June 82 if
    KC-135R CPcov AWST 5 July 82 if
    KC-135R engine tests in flight PA AWST 20 Sep 82 if
    KC-135R improvements desc A AWST 21 Feb 83 if
    KC-135R water ingestion tests P+ AWST 7 March 83 if
    KC-135R testing CPDA AWST 2 May 83 if
    C-135FR deliv > France AF P+ AWST 9 Sep 85 if
    C-135E satellite com mod planned P+ AWST 27 Oct 86 if
    RC-135 op n Green Flag P+ AWST 4 May 87 if
    NC-135 Argus SDI sensor ops CPA AWST 3 Oct 88 if
    NC-135 "Big Crow" planned CPA AWST 22 Oct 90 IF
    French KCs get drogue refuel system CP+ AWST 1 Nov 93
    EC-135 enters flt test A AWST 16 May 94 if
    NKC-135 icing test retention urged CPA AWST 15 May 95
    KC-135E Argust ops CPDA AWST 6 May 96 if
    RC-135S Cobra Ball revamped for battlefield missions CPDA AWST 4 Aug 97 if
    RC-135V/W Rivet Joint CP+ AWST 6 July 98 if
    US reviews KC life expectancy CPA AWSST 16 Oct 00 if
    RC Rivet Joint ops at Offutt CPA AWST 14 May 02 if
    RC-135 Rivet Joint tactics CPA AWST 4 Nov 02 if
    RC-135 Cobra Ball problems CPA AWST 9 Dec 02 if
    RC_135 Rivet Joint ops CPA AWST 25 Nov 02 if
    RC-135S Cobra Ball ops CPA AWST 10 March 2003 if

Flying Review International
    KC- 3v PA xs ca FR 17/7 Apr 62

Combat Crew
    RC-135C retirement PA if

Flight International
    plans to replace KC-135 PA il Flint 3 Dec 77 if
    KC explosion n Canada A Flint 14 Oct 89 if

    KC used to haul Coors Larson col A F Apr 75 if

Flying Review
    KC-135 introduction CPA ca 4v xs FR xvii/3 if

In Flight USA
    "Vomit Comet" ride PA IFUSA Oct 99 if

    KC P+ IPMSUK clip if

IPMS Update
    EC-N il A IPMS U 13/2

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    KC- hist 3v PA JAS 32/3 Fal 87

    KC boom flex Dil JP4 7-8 86 if

Koku Fan
    RC-135A, RC-135C, RC-135D Psurv KF March 70 if
    KC 80028 P KF Feb 72 if
    EC-135N 53127 CP KF Oct 72 if
    RC-135 kf Oct 73 clip if
    KC-135As at Giant Voice 1974 PA KF Apr 75 if
    WC- P KF June 76
    NKC- CP KF Nov 76 if
    C-L P KC Dec 76
    PAM News
    KC - Aurora kr PAM #32 Sep 79
    NC-135N 10329 CP KF clip if
    EC-135L P KF clip if

Popular Science
    War Room In the Sky ops at Offutt AFB PDA PSci Nov 60 if

Scale Modeler
    1/72 Nova vform CPA SM Nov 77 if
    conv< Revell 707 CPA SM Sep 82

misc clips
KC-135A AMT 1/72 kit instructions if
KC-135R records set PA Air Pulse 23 Dec 88 if
EC-135P 580011 Blue Eagle status PA if
old variants still flying 4 May 76 list if
707 engines to poer KC-135E PA A L P Sep 84 if
KC appreciation A Combat Crew Oct 73 if
KC inflight fire PDA Combat Crew May 74 if
KC crash w cow herd PA Combat Crew Feb 78 if
C 00378 early colors clip P if
C kc specs 3v CPA pro clip IA
EC-135N 10327 CP clip if
SAC EC-135 fact sheet A if
SAC KC fact sheet A if
SAC KC fact sheet 1 Apr 79 if
USAF KC ops from Mildenhall, UK fact sheet il A if
EC specs CPA3v Cpro clip if
CFM-56 upgrade forecast Boeing flyer if
KC-135E & R specs 3v PA pro clip if
KC-135E deploy to Alaska PA Alaska Flying clip if
RC specs CPA 3v Cpro clip if
NASA Apollo com KC Droop Snoots PDA clip if

newspaper clips
RC-135 downed by Libya A SJ-R 6 Oct 80 if
EC-135 in flight explosion PA SJ-R 7 May 81 if
KC IL ANG crash n IL A SJ-R 20 March 82 if
KC IL ANG crash n IL bodies recovered PA SJ=R 21 Mar 82
KC-135 crash n Calif A SJ-R 28 Aug 85 if
KC-135 00317 crash n Mich A SJ-R 12 Oct 88 if
KC-135 00317 crash n Mich P+ SJ-R 13 Oct 88 if
KC-135 crash at Dyess AFB PA SJ-R 1 Feb 89 if
KC explosion on ground at Milwaukee CPA SJ-R Dec 93 if

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