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Aero Digest
    XC-130 3v PA AeDig March 53

Aero News Photo
    n Alaska ANG PA ANP 1/3

Aerospace Historian
    PDA AH 26/4 Win/Dec 79

Air Classics
    CPA 3v AC June 74
     ops n Arctic CPA AC 11/1 Jan 75

    HC-130N w 67th AR&R Sqdn CP AC Dec 77

Air Classics Quarterly Review
    for fir bbr ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
    USCG P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
    USCG CP ACQR 4/1 Spr 77

Air Combat
    foreign operators CPA AComb 9/6 Sep 78
    AC-130 PDA AComb 8/3 May 80
    KC-130s USMC ops PA AComb 10/2 March 82
    54-1638 indiv hist j PA AComb May 84
    lands on ac carr PA AComb 14/4 July 86

Aircraft Illustrated
    n Canada AF CP AcIl 4/3 March 71
    n RAF CP AcIl 6/6 June 73
    n civil service PA AcIl 8/5 May 75
    n RAF CPA AcIl 9/7 July 76
    Twin Hercules 3vA AcIl 10/4 Apr 77
    Meteorological Research Flt RAF CPDA AcIl May 77
    CPA AcIl June 77   
    Arctic CP AcIl Oct 78
    CPA AcIl 12/9 Sep 79

Airfix Magazine
    -13E conv > C.Mk.1 & C.Mk.1(K) PDA Airfix 25/4 Dec 83

Air Force
    EC-130 ARE propo il A AF 64/8 Aug 81
    -130H emerg hospi mod PA AF 65/8 Aug 82
    EC-130 PA AF 66/8 Aug 83
    ops < Greenland CPA AF Aug 83
    AEW propo Cil A AF 68/10 Oct 85
    HHTB mod PA AF 69/4 Apr 86

Air International
    Cpros AI Oct 76
    L-400 Twin Hercules 3v A AI Apr 77
    w Kuwait AF CP AI 13/1 July 77
    L-100-50 3vA AI 13/4 Oct 77
    -130 3v A AI 13/4 Oct 77
    n Phillipine AF CP AI 17/1 July 79
    RAF CP AI 17/5 Nov 79
    EC-130 AI Apr 80
    MC-130 CPA AI Apr 80
    Spanish AF CPA AI June 80
    w 109th Tac Al Grp NY ANG ops n Arctic CPA AI Dec 81
    w RAF n Falklands & other ops CPA 3v ca pros AI feb 83
    Japan AF CPA AI 26/1 Jan 84
    AEW mod propo il A AI 29/2 Aug 84

Airline Quarterly
    civ PA ALQ Sum 77

Air Progress
    commercial version 3vPA ca AP Apr 65
    HC-130H Skyhook rescue PDA ca AP Feb 68
    ops today CPA AP Sep 69

Air Progress Military Aviation
    130H records set PA APMilA 6/2 AprMay 88

Air Trails
    provis 3v PA AT Sep 53

Australian Plastic Modelers Ass’n
    MC-130 conv 1/72 4v Dil pros PA APMA #3 83

Aviation Heritage
    -130H of RAAF 4v PA AvHer 13/1

Aviation News
    P surv AvN 2-15 Jan 81

Aviation Week
    YC-130 P AW 6 Sep 54
    C-130B offered to civ oprtrs PA AW 2 Sep 57

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    stretched AMST version urged pro ca A 9 Feb 76
    Saudi ac forced down n Israel PA AWST 19 Apr 76
    ventral fins test PA AWST 31 March 80
    Tacamo propo A AWST 14/Apr 80

Fine Scale Modeler
    AC-130A 1/72 Testors superdet CPDA FSM 6/4 Aug 88

Flight Internatioinal
    Antarctic ops w USN & NZAF CPA Flint 12 Jan 85
    STOL mod research flts CPA Flint 1 Aug 87
    AEW mod PA Flint 15/June 85
    AC-130E CPDA Flint 10 Sep 88

Flying Review
    4v ca PA FR 12/9 May 57

IPMS Hawaii
    Singapore AF 4v IPMS HI 16

IPMS Quarterly
    AC-130 1/72 conv PA il IPMSQ 15/1 Fal 79
    Iran AF pros 3v IPMSQ 18/1 Fal 82
    US mkgs pros IPMSQ 18/2 Win 82

IPMS Update
    Israel AF 3v IPMS U 15/1

IPMS United Kingdom
    Viet War camouf 3v IPMSUK Sep 67
    Viet camouf 3v IPMSUK June 69
    2v PA IPMSUK Dec 69

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    KC-130F P JAS Win 70
    in Arctic CP JAS Sum 77
    NASA earth survey P JAS Win 80

Koku Fan
    HC-130P tanker w Sik HH-3 P KF Apr 69
    RAF CP KF March 72
    Firebee drone carrier CP KF July 72
    NC-130B Boundary Layer Control test P KF July 72
    civ Southern Air Transport P KF Oct 72
    Blue Angels pro KF June 74
    CP KF Aug 75
    w 345th TAS PD KF Dec 75
    Blue Angel CP KF Apr 76
    EC-130Q tanker P KF June 76
    Zaire AF CP KF Aug 77
    AC-130H CPDA KF May 80
    C-130E w apparently Ferris colors CP KF May 80
    foreign colors 3v CP pros KF May 80
    5v pros Dil ca KF May 80
    camouf schemes 3v KF Oct 81

Military Journal
    n Pakistan AFf 2v A MJ 2/3 Win 78-79

PAM News
    HC-139H w USCG CP PAM 33 Oct 79

Pri Fly
    stretch fuse mod 1/72 Airfix PA il PriFly 38

Random Thoughts
    of RCAF used n Biafra 2v Dil RT 7/7 July 74

Scale Aircraft Modeling
    civ PA pros ScAcMdg 1/10 July 79

Scale Modeler
    1/72 Airfix conv > early -130A CPA pros ca 3v SM June 79
    w Thunderbirds CPA MPC 1/72 SM 20/7 July 85
    EC-130Q n US Navy 1/72 Airfix CPDA SM 28/12 Dec 88

Scale Models
    1/72 Airfix PA ScMods 1/5 Feb 70
    AC-130 camouf 3v ScMods 14/164 June 83
    DC-130 1/72 Italeri CPA ScMods 18/210 Apr 87

Small Air Forces Clearinghous
    Gabon AF pro SAFO 5/1 Oct 80
    Jordan AF pro SAFO 5/1 Oct 80
   Norway/U.N. PA SAFO 5/1 Oct 80
   w Gabon insig il A SAFO Apr 81
   Algeria AF 2v A SAFO 8/4 July 84
   serials and dispos A SAFO 9/1 Oct 84
   -130H Israel AF pros SAFO 9/3 Apr 85

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