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Boeing Survey -- ADI References on Hand

This page was most recently updated Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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An "if" at the end of a reference line indicates material in files (for faster retrieval here).

 Boeing adif misc
ALCM (air launched cruise missile) ops CPA     AF 62/6 June 79
CX propo il A     AI 21/3 Sep 81
co hist PA     AP Sum 61
co hist PA   AP Fal 61
supersonic bbr propo PA     AP June 67
single stage to orbit space shuttle propo il     AP Sep 75 if
jet trans design studies il A     AT July 50
tprop agri ac project 2v il A     AT Jan 51
2e bus trans 2v il A     AT Jan 51
space bomber concept A     AW 10 Apr 61 if
Large Launcher project il A     AWST 12 Aug 68
air launch ICBM propos il A AWST 11 Feb 74 if
laminar flow control air transport propo il A AWST 10 Nov 75 if
microfighter for 747 launch 4v ca A      AWST 19 Jan 76 if
Boeing considers private space shuttle A     AWST 2 Oct 78
ground-launched space shuttle propo il A     AWST 31 March 80 if
canard 2 propfan advanced tech 150 seat trans concept il A     AWST 18 Feb 85 if
Boeing acquires DeHavilland Canada     AWST 9 Dec 85 if
Advanced Theater Transport concept (4 tprop tailless) Cil A     AWST Aug 9 99 if
C-17 like jumbo il A     AWST 6 Sep 99 if
replacement for Lockheed P-3 (2jet 737-700 mod) Cil A     AWST 16 Sep 02 if
Advanced Technology Transport Configuration Development 3v A     Flint 7 Sep 72 if
replacement for P-3 (4jet based on 737) il A     Flint 21 Feb 74
180 seat 2jet T-tail proj al 3v A     Flint 4 Feb 78 if
prop-fan proposal     Flint 22 Sep 84
future interceptor il A     Flint 2 Feb 86 if
commercial ac design philosoph CPA     Flint 9 March 85 if
airline kit & desk model surv A      G66 #86
ac production history il JAS #3 Jul-Sep 56
family tree il     News 3/12 Dec 75
Single Stage to Orbit space shuttle propo Cil A     PopMech July 91 if
advanced bbr propo (tailless w laser defense) CIl     clip if

SST     (supersonic transport studies)
SST developments CPA     AC Al Spec Fal 75
convventional convif mockup PA     AP 27/3 Sep 70
3v CPA     FRI 22/7 Mar 67
variable geom wing mockup PA     AP Jan 67
variable geom to lead to advanced bomber? Cil A     AP June 67
variable g wing concepts PA     AWST 16 March 64 if
variable geom wing study P AWST 4 May 64 if
design changes A      AWST 15 July 68
fixed wing propo il A     AP 24/2 Feb 69
SST studies P il     A F clip if

AMST proposal     (2 tfan hw advanced transport)
il A    Flint 8 Feb 73

ATF concept
Cil A     AP July 85 if
il A    AWST 14 Oct 85 if

Bird of Prey     (1s tailless stealth testbed)
CPA     AWST 21 Oct 02 if
CPA    AWST 28 Oct 02 if

CX      proposal (3jet hw trans)
model P     AWST 6 July 81 if

EX     (2 tfan car-based AEW concept)
Cil    Sea Power Apr 93 if

HSCT     (high speed civil transport propo)
Cil A     AWST 4 Dec 89 if
Cil A AWST 10 Dec 90
wind tunnel model test CPA     AWST 28 Nov 94

MD-17     (proposed civil version of C-17 4jet trans)
weapons status removal sought for com mktg CPA     AWST 14 Aug 00 if

NLA     (propo 600 seat 2deck al)
3v Cil A  AWST 21 Nov 94 if
status Cil A      Flint 4-10 Jan 95 if

QSRA     (mod DHC Buffalo 4jet STOL trans proto)
3v CPA    AI 15/2 Aug 78 if
status 3v PA Dil AlQ Fal 78 if
P   APAvRev Spr 79 if
2e mod testing PA     AvN 9-22 June if
flight testing PA    AWST 17 July 78 if
delivered to NASA      AWST 14 Aug 78 if
PA    AWST 8 Sep 80 if
lands on ac car PA F     clip if
CP    KF Aug 78

Resource Air Carrier     (12jet oil tanker proj)
il A    AWST clip if

Skyfox     (2 jet trnr proto based on T-33 convs) - see Skyfox Skyfox

Sonic Cruiser     (canard high transonic trans propo)
announcement Cil A     AWST 2 Apr 01 if
status Cil A     AWST 11 June 01 if
status Cil A AWST 6 Aug 01
Japan technology used Cil CP A      AWST 4 Feb 02 if
design freeze in 04 Cil A     AWST 11 Feb 02 if
plans secure A     AWST 15 Apr 02 if
status Cil A AWST 15 Apr 02 if
status A     AWST 5 Aug 02 if
cancelled A newspaper     clip Dec 22 02 if
cancellation effects on Boeing A     AWST 6 Jan 03 if

TAV     (air/space transatmospheric vehicle proj)
il A AWST 8 Apr 85 if

A75L5      (190 hp flat Lycoming PT-13)
PA F May 47

Model B-1     (1e push bip flybt6 1919)
3v PA AP Fal 61

Model BB-1     (1e push opcock 3s flybt 1919)
PA AP Fal 61

Model BB-L6     (1e 3s spt)
PA    AP Fal 61

Model B&W     (1e 2s twin flt bip 1916)
hist PA     AF Nov 92 if
3v PA   AP Sum 61
repli PA     AP Jan 67
repli PA     AAAN Mar-Apr 67
3v PA    JAS Spr 66
repli PDA    Pri Pi 2/2 Nov 66 if
repli PA     Vat Feb 77

Model C1-F     (1e 2s fltpln trnr 1918)
PA     AP Sum 61

Model C-11     (2s 1e central float trnr 1917)
PA AP Sum 61

Model C-700     (1e 2s twin float bip 1918)
3v PA AP Sum 61 if

Model C-L4-S     (2s fltpln bip)
3v xs Dil     clip if

Model EA     (1e 2s sbsd trnr 1917)
PA AP Fal 61
P APict clip if

VNB     (1e 2s bip trnr 1923)
PA    AP Fal 61

Wasp     (air-launched anti-tank mini missle)
tested PA AWST clip if

Model X-90     (primary trnr proto lw encl cock 1941)
PA    AP Sum 61

Model X-91     (primary trnr proto 1e 2s lw)
See Boeing XBT-17

Model 1     (1e 1s bip floatplane)
repli PA     AeMo Jun 75

Model 3     (1e 2s bip trnr fltpln 1917)
PA     AP Fal 61

Model 15
3v ca xs    MAN Feb 66
2v xs Dil ca MAN May 66

Model 40
w Boeing System P   AC May 78 if
40C w Boeing System P    AC Sep 78 if
w Standard Oil of Calif PA    AC 11/8 Aug 75
PA   AP Fal 61
3v PA     Armch Av Mar-Apr 73
1/32 sb CPDA     FSM 4/5 Oct 86
hist 3v xs PA     FSM 4/5 Oct 86
w Boeing System P     Flint 11 June 77 if
40A PA    JAS Sum 61
cockpit P    JAS Fal 61
40A PA   JAS Fal 75
3v Dil ca A    MAN June 56 if
Dil ca xs A MAN July 1956 if
w Standard Oil of Calif P     New AT Spr 78 if
40A rest for NASM PDA     Vat 6/1 Nov 76
40-B-4 w     Western Al P clip if

Model 64     (1e 2s bip trnr 1929)
PA   AP Fal 61

Model 69B     (US-built version Bristol F2B)
PA ACQR Fal 74

Model 80     (3e bip trans 1928)
advert PDA 3v     AA Spr 61
w Standard Oil of Calif PA     AC 11/9 Sep 75
Marathon Oil trans PA     AC Aug 77 if
80A P     AC May 78 if
80A w Standard Oil Co of Calif hist PDA    AC Sep 78 if
hist PDA     AOPA Jan 76 if
PD     AlQ Spr 78 if
3v PA AP Fal 61
rest at Mus of Flt PA     Air Trans Wld 6/86 if
P Gate 66 #35
80-A cockpit P     JAS Win 61
P     JAS Spr 77
P (bcov)     NAAHS 4 Q 83

Model 81     (1e 2s bip trnr)
81A PA     AP Fal 61
81A 3v   KF Aug 78

Model 91     (1e 2s lw fixed lg basic trnr proto)
PA  AC May 78

Model 95     (1e 1s airmail/cargo bip 1929)
w Western Air Express P     AlQ Sum 77 if
PA    AP Fal 61
w Western Air Express P     JAS Win 68
w Western Air Express PA    JAS Sum 70
3v     KF Aug 78

Model 100
CPA     Apr 5/2 May 75
of Howard Hughes P     AA Aug 61
rest CPA     AeMo Jan 75
CP    AeMo 6/11 Nov 78
"P-12/F4B" w Planes of Fam Mus CP     AeMo Jan 83
PA    AC Dec 78
PA     AC 13/9 Sep 77
rest CPA    AC 16/1 Jan 80
CP     ACQR Fal 74
rest CPDA    AE #9
PA    AP Sum 61
"P-12" PA pirep F 75’2 Aug 64
"P-12" P     JAS 3/3 Jul-Sep 58
of Paul Mantz PA     JAS Win 65
of Howard Hughes 2s mod P     JAS 27/4 Win 82
"F4B" rest CP cov    SptAv 21/6 June 73
of Howard Hughes PA     W 7/3 June 77
rest CPDA     W 9/6 Dec 79

Model 200 Monomail     (1e ret tadr lw)
3v PA     AP Fal 61
PA New     AT 2/1 Spr 77
PA     W 2/2 Apr 72

Model 202     (1e 1s para ftr based on P-12)
3v     MAN July 55 if

Model 203     (1e 2s bip trnr)
203A PA   AP Fal 61

Model 204     (1e 6s push cabin bip flybt 1929)
w Western Air Express P AlQ Sum 77 if
PA AP Fal 61

Model 218
PA     JAS Spr 70

Model 221     (1e 6pass lw fixed lg tadr)
221, 221A PA     AP Fal 61
PA      W 2/2 Apr 72

Model 222     (tipt prop trans propo)
3v A     Aeph 2/2

Model 226
w Stanavo P     JAS 14/1 Spr 69

Model 242     (4e trans propo)
il     MAN 18/4 Apr 38

Model 247     (2e lw ret tadr trans)
w Chevrron retired PA     AAAN Jan-Feb 67
CPA pros     AC 4/6 Aug 68
CPDA pros     AC 10/1 Jan 74
w Marsh Aw P     AC 16/10 Oct 80
PA     AcIl 3/5 Apr 70
hist CPDA ca pros      AE #9
3v xs     AP Fal 59
PDA 3v     AP Sum 61
A pros     IPMSQ 14/1 Fal 78
cockpit P      JAS Win 61
hist PA pros ca Dil    JAS Win 64
P     JAS Sum 71
w United Al PA     JAS Win 74
rest CPDA      JAS 23/1 Spr 78
w Pennsylvania Al     JAS 23/2 Sum 78
PA      KF Dec 76
4v PA xs      L&K 11/83
247D PA pirep    P&P 12/8 Aug 76
247D flying the last one PA pirep      PriPi 8/4 Apr 73
1/72 Williams Bros CPA pros    ScAcMod Fal 73

Model 307 Stratoliner     (4e trans)
PA     Apr 2/3 May 72
3v PA      AeDig Mar 38f
PA     AeMo 5/8 Aug 77
hist PDA     AC 3/3 Nov 66
CPDA     AC 9/5 May 73
CPA 3v     AC 12/5 May 76
w Vacation Aw P     AC Oct 80
3v CPA ca pros      AEQ #10
w French n Vietnam CPA corr     AEQ #12
3v PDA     ALQ Win 78
3v xs    AT 9/1 Oct 37
3v xs     AT 12/2 May 39
landing gear Dil     Av July 40
3v PA     JAS Spr 63
PA    PopAv March 39
PA pros     Sprue #4 1976

Model 314    (4e flybt)
3v PA     AeDig Mar 38
layover n Azores w PanAm mem PA     A&S 1/5 Dec 80 Jan 87
PDA     AC 5/5 June 69
3v CPDA     Apr 7/6 Nov 77
CPDA     Apr 17/1 Jan 87
w 1 tail ca     AT 9/1 Oct 37
testing PA     Av Dec 38
cockpit & flight deck P     JAS Win 61
PDA      JAS Sum 68
t-Atlantic service hist PDA     JAS 32/2 Sum 87
C3v PA xs ca     NatAero Jan-Mar 74
PDA     PopAv March 39
w BOAC PA     Prop Jul-Sep 81
PDA     W Dec 77

Model 316
3v A FM Jan 48
3v A W 3/5 Oct 73

Model 322
3v A     FM Jan 48
3v A     W 3/5 Oct 73

Model 333
333, A, B     FM Jan 48
333 & 333A 3v     A W 3/5 Oct 73

Model 334
334, 334A 3v A FM Jan 48
334, 334A 3v A W 3/5 Cct 73

Model 341
3v A    FM Jan 48
3v A     W 3/5 Oct 73

Model 345
3vA     FM Jan 48

Model 347     ( CH-47 Chinook with wings heli)
PA     AP May 72

Model 360      (heli proto)
CPDA pirep AWST 5 Nov 90
4v CPA ca     Flint 18 Apr 87
     SEE ALSO Boeing Vertol 360

Model 377 Stratocruiser     (4e trans)
3v PA     AeDig March 53
w PanAm CPD A     AcIl 5/11 Nov 72
w PanAm CP     AcIl 5/12 Dec 72
PDA     Airline Quarterly Fal 79
PA     AW 12 Apr 54
al flt descf Cil A     F Feb 74
w Transocean PA     JAS Sum 61
w American Overseas Al pro     JAS Spr 66
PA 3v ca indiv ac hist     JAS 14/4 Win 69
PA      JAS Spr 70
w American Overseas Aw CP cov     JAS 32/2 Sum 87
1/144 Griffin     Gate 66 Jan 78
PA     Prop 21 1984/
1/144 Griffin kr CP     SM July 78
               SEE ALSO Conroy Guppy and Super Guppy

Model 399     (1s pancake wing tailless tadr ftr proj)
3v A     clip if

Model 417     (2e hw trans propo)
il     ATP Aug 46 if
il     AT Sep 46
2v PA     Skyways Dec 46 if

Model 431     (hw 2e trans propo)
il AeDig 1 Dec 45 if

Boeing 707 – see separate list

Boeing 727 – see separate list

Model 717     (2 tail mtd jet trans)
production plans CPA     AWST 19 Jan 98 if
717-200 ff CPA     AWST 7 Sep 98 if
flt testing A   AWST 5 Oct 98 if
status CPA    AWST 12 Oct 98 if
flight testing CPA   AWST 23 Nov 98 if

Model 733     (SST design)
3v A     FRI 19.8 May 64
3v      clip if

Model 735     (all cargo design based on 707)
mockup P+   PSci Jan 60 if

Model 737 – see separate list

Model 747 – see separate list

Model 751     (4jet hw al propo)
il     AE July 71 if

Model 753-197
3vA     FRI 19/12 Sep 64

Model 757     (2jet 1 aisle al)
CPDA     AcIl 14/7 July 81
w British Aw CP     AcIl Mar 83
3v A il AI 15/5 Nov 78
nose change plan A     AWST 21 May 79
business trans version considered A il     AWST 1 Nov 82 if
t-Atlantic ops CPA    Flint 8 Aug 86
ASW propo il A     Flint 27 Feb 88
3v A il    Gate 66 #45
body stations pro & servicing il     Gate 66 #85
crash into mountain n Columbia A      newspaper clip Dec 29 95 if

Model 767     (2jet 2aisle al)
rollout 3v CPA     AcIl Nov 81
3v il A     AI 15/4 Oct 78
devel 3vs PA ca     AI 18/2 Feb 80
CPA    AI Jan 82
CPDA  AI 23/4 Oct 82
3v PA   AI 27;3 Sep 84
early concept il A Airline Pilot Sep 71 if
model PA     AlQ Win 78
model PA     AWST 27 Nov 78
TWA chooses over A310 A     AWST Dec 10 79
Western Al buys A    AWST 14 Apr 80
large wing mod for Airborne Optical Adjunct program il A     AWST 2 July 84 if
pressure bulkhead tests before safety changes A     AWST 16 Dec 85
CP Air to purchase il A Canadian Av Dec 79 if
flt deck commonality w 757     news release A if
early concept 3v il A    Flint 13 May 78 if
star wars test mod PA     Flint 7 Nov 87
upgrades CPA pirep     Flint 4 June 88
flight with United Al CPDA pirep     F 110/6 June 83
early concept may have Italian partner PA     Forbes 7 Aug 78 if
il A    Gate 66 #44

Model 777     (2jet twin-aisle al)
UAL launches 777 il     Air Transport World 11/90
orders come from United & ANA Cil 3v PA     Air Transport World 3/91 if
status il A     AvIntNews 1 March 91 if
design frozen il A     AWST 18 Dec 89
descr 3v Cil A    AWST 22 Oct 90
cabin, flight deck mockups CPA     AWST 11 Feb 91 if
status CPDA Dil     AWST 3 June 91 if
early concept 3v il A      Flint 13 May 78 if
United Al launches 777 PA     newspaper clip Oct 16 90 if

Model 7-7     (150 seat trans propo)
3v A AI 27/5 Nov 84 if

Model 7E7 Dreamliner     (2jet trans)
status CPA newspeper     clip 17 Dec 03 if
production decision near A     newspaper clip Dec 15 03 if
50 ordered by All Nippon A     newspaper clip Apr 27 04 if
    SEE ALSO  787 Dreamliner

Model 7J7     (2ed propfan unducted fan propo)
Cil 3vA     Flint 26 Oct 83 if
cabin configurations considered PA     AWST 27 Jan 86 if
status Cil A AWST 6 Oct 86 if
unducted fan alternatives considered il A     AWST 26 Jan 87
powerplant options considered 3v A     AWST 2 Feb 87 if
status Cil PA 3v CPA Flint 26 Oct 85 if
Super Fan engine considered DIl A     Flint 31 Jan 87 if

Model 7N7     (jet trans propo)
3v il A     AI Nov 76
3v il A AI Aug 77 if
Model 760-120 3v A     AI Nov 76
il A    Airline Pi Dec 76 if

Model 7X7     (trans propo)
3v A     AI Aug 75 if
3jet w T-ta 3v il A     AI Aug 77 if
conventional hori stab concept il      AP Jan 76 if
development status PA     AWST 10 Nov 75 if
considerations A     AWST 16 Feb 76 if
design study models PA     AWST 27 Sep 76 if
devel status A     AWST 10 Jan 77 if
early T-tail il     AWST 6 Jun 77 if
150 seat propo model PA   AWST 15 June 81 if
2 and 3 e studies PA     AWST 27 Sep 76 if
il A    Flint 12 July 73 if
7X7-962 3v A     Flint 19 June 76
devel plans announced A     Forbes 15 Aug 73 if
il     clip if

Model 2707     (SST propo)
2707-200 3v     clip if
2707-300 3v CPA    FRI 22/7 March 67
2708-300 3v PA    FRI 24/7 March 69

Model 818     (response to TFX req for propos)
3v     AW 9/3 June 79

AGM-86B     (air launched cruise missile)
PDA     AWST 31 March 80
deliveries ahead of sched PA     AWST 17 Jan 83 if

AH-64     (2s attack heli)
ff of first UK WAH-64 CPA     AWST 31 July 2000 if
advert AWST 4 Dec 2000 if
                   see also Hughes AH-64

YAL-1A     (airborne laser weapon carrier based on 747)
status CPA AWST 21 July 03 if
status Cca A AWST 13 Aug 01 if
arrives Edwards for laser install CPA    AWST 6 Jan 03 if
CPA Cca    AWST 1 Sep 03 if
advert AWST clip if

AT-3     (modified PW-9 used as trainer)
PA AP Sum 61

XAT-15     (2e tadr shwing W2)
PA    ArmchAv Jan 73
3v xs MAN Oct 48

Y1B-9     (2e shwing mono bbr)
PA Cpro Dil  A Nov 71
PA    AP Sum 61

XB-15     (4e midwing 1937)
3v PA     AeDig March 53
CPDA    Aor 4/1 Jan 74
3v PA AP Sum 61
PA    ArmchAv Feb 73
hist PA AvN 17’1 27 May – 9 June 88
PA    MAN 9/1 July 38
PDA  W 9/3 June 79
noes & waist gun PDA     W Aug 80

XB-38     (liquid-cooled engine B-17proto)
PDA AeAl Spr 69 if
PA   Airline Pilot PA if
PA ` A 10/5 Sep 80
PA Flying Flops V1 1990

XB-39     (liquid-cooled engine B-29 proto)
PA   AP Sum 61

XB-40     (escort extra guns B-17)
hist PA Airpower Historian July 65 if
hist PA ca     Flying Flops V1 90 if
     see also Boeing B-17

Boeing XB-44     (B-29 w P&W 4360s)
PA AP Sum 61
engine cowl close P+     PopSci June 46 if

B-47 (6jet shwing bbr) --- see separate list

B-50     (4e prop)
B-50D 3v PA     AeDig March 53
test ac PDA     AeMo 11/7 July 83
refuels from KC-97 P cov     AH 16/4 Win 69
hist PDA 4v xs     AC 4/6 Aug 68
RB-50F P+     AC Oct 80 if
rest flt <DM>Castle AFB mus PA     AC June 81 if
B-50AB-50B, EB-50B, B-50D P+    AC Sep 81 if
rest at Castle AFB Mus PA     AC June 81
rest arrives Castle Mus     AF May 81 if
"Lucky Lady II" hist PA     AF March 99 if
ca Dil A    AP 52-53
3v PA   AP Sum 61 if
B-50A PA AP Sum 61 if
B-50B PA AP Sum 61 if
TB-50H PA AP Sum 61 if
WB-50D PA     AP Sum 61 if
KB-50J PA     AP Fal 61
last opl n USAF     AP Oct 67
ca    AT May 51
P&W J-48 air test mod P+     AT Aug 51 if
B-50D solid model plans PA    AT Dec 51
w tank tread lg P     ATP Apr 50 if
ca     ATWGac Sum 71 if
"Lucky Lady" trans world flt PA     AvQ 6/2 2Q80
model conv < Airfix 1/72 CPA Dil     FSM Sum 83 if
w tractor tread lg P     F Sep 49
8096 P F     clip if
refuels from KC-97A CP     F clip
B-50A "Lucky Lady II" pro     IPMS clip if
B-50D "City of San Fernando"     IPMS clip if
Cil cov     MAN Oct 51 if
reflues from KB-29 P     Nat Geog clip if
WB-50 op PA     ChiTrib np clip if
"Lucky Lady" t-world flt P+map     np clip if
"Lucky Lady" completes t-world flt     np clip March 3 49 if
w tractor tread lg PA PopMech Oct 49 if
new external wing tanks added     P+ PopMech Feb 50 if
P&W jet in-flight test mod     P+ PopSci Aug 51 if
ca      ScAcMdr Fal 79 if
KB-50J P     clip if
proto P    clip if
hist PDA     clip if
mem of Harold Johnson A     clip if
KB-50s pros     clip if

XB-55     (4tprop shwing)
5v A     Ap5vAl v2 Apr 74 if
model PA     W 11/4 Aug 81

XBFB-1 (1s bip ftr 30s)
3v xs     clip if

XBT-17 (all metal 2s 1e trnr proto)
PA     Ac & Jets Dec 46
PA    AP 53/54
X-91 PA     AP Sum 61
P     clip if

YC-14     (2jet STOL)
3v ca     AI Nov 76
nears completion PA     AWST 5 Apr 76
readied for flt test A    AWST 21 June 76
PA    AWST 11 Oct 76
at Paris as CPA AWST 20 June 77
PA ca     KF May 76

C-17     (4jet hw trans)
advert    clip if
advert     clip IA
           see also McDonnell-Douglas C-17

EC-18 Aria     (upgraded C-135)
rollout PA     Flint 2 Beb 86

C-22     (military Boeing 727)
CPA     AI 33/6 Dec 87

XC-108 (mod B-17)
PA     AP 55-56

C-135 and variants     (4jet trans)
w CFM-56 engines PDA     AComb Jan 81
corr PA     AI 21.5 Nov 81
C-135L P     KF Dec 76
w 4950th Base Wing CPA     AComb 11.1 Jan 83
EC-135N il     IPMSU 13/2
EC & NC PA     AcIL 2/6 June 69
NKC-135 laser lab PA     AF 64/6 June 81
RC-135 downing by Libya     newspaper clip 6 Oct 80 A
WC-135 P     KF June 76

CH-46 – see Boeing Vertol CH-46

CH-47 – see Boeing Vertol CH-47

XCO-7     (obs bip proto 1924)
PA    AP Sum 61

XCO-78     (obs bip proto) -- <probably XCO-7 typo
PA A 9/5 Sep 79

E-3     (4jet)
E-3A CPD AcIl Dec 78
CPDA ca     AComb 5/5 Sep 77
PDA ca     AComb 10/5 Sep 82
ops CPA     AF 62/6 June 79
3v CPA     AF Apr 81
ops CPA     AF 68/2 Feb 85
ops & status CPA     AF June 84
n Nato mkgs CP     AI 25/3 Sep 83
ops PA     AP AvRev 4/1 Spr 80
radome detail CP     AWST 21 Jan 74
Tacamo propo il A     AWST Apr 14 80
n propo NATO mkgs il A     AWST Aug 25 80
production offsets in Eng PA     Flint 22 Nov 86
sold to RAF PA     Flint 27 Dec 86
proto P     KF June 75
PD    KF Aug 76
1/100 Nitto kr CPA ca     SM 16/8 Aug 81

E-4     (mil Boeing 747)
E-4B PA ca     AComb 14.4 July 86
E-4B CPA     AF Feb 84

E-6 Tacano     (4jet)
CPA ca     AF June 84
rollout PA     Flint 17 Jan 87
ops CPA    Flint 29 Oct 88

FB     (1e 1s bip ftr)
series hist PDA     A 7/5 Sep 77
FB-3 PA      ACQR Fal 74
FB-5 PA     ACQR Fal 74
FB-1,3 P    AI clip if
FB-3 3v PA     AP Fal 61
FB-5 P     JAS 3/3 July-Sep 58
FB-5 given to schools PA     JAS Win 68
FB-5 3v     MAN May 52
FB-1,2,3 2v,2v,3v A      MAN Oct 66
servies 3v ca xs A     MAN Nov 66
FB-5 PA     Repli 2/4 1979
FB-3 P     SM 7/3 March 72

F2B     (1e 1s bip ftr)
PA     ACQR Fall 74
pro ca AP 56/57
F2B-1 3v PA    AP Fal 61
F2B-1 PA JAS Spr 65
3v xs MAN July 64
5v ca xs Dil A MAN Dec 64

F3B     (1e 1s bip ftr)
PA    ACQR Fal 74
P JAS 2.3 Jul-Sep 57
P JAS 14/3 Fal 69
P JAS Win 71
3v xs ca     MAN Feb 65
5v xs ca   MAN May 65
P SM 7/3 March 72

F4B – see separate list

XF5B-1     (1s para ftr proto)
P ACQR Fal 74
PA AP Win 60
PA AP Fal 61
model conv < Aurora F4B-4 1/48 il A IPMSQ 1/5 if

XF6B-1     (1e bip ftr)
3v PA     AE clip if
PA    AP Win 60
PA   AP Fal 61
P SM 7/3 March 72
3v xs     clip if
P     clip if
PA     clip if

XF7B     (lw ret tadr ftr proto)
PA    ACQR Fal 74
PA    AP Win 60
PA    AP Fal 61
3v PA xs   AM Sep 67
3v PA   NAN Nov 80

XF8B     (Model 400 1e lw long-range ftr)
CPA    AC 11/4 Apr 75
5v A    Ap5vAl Aug 75
5v A   Ap5vAl Apr 76
CPDA Cpro A 5/4 July 75
3v PA ScRcMod Dec 75

F-13 – recon version of B-29 – see B-29 list

FBFB-1     (fighter bomber bip)
3v xs New AT Win 78

GA-X     (2e trip attack proto)
PDA W Oct 71 if
PA W 5/4 Aug 75

GA-1     (3s 2e push trip attack 1921-22)
PA AP Sum 61

GA-2 (1e 3s bip attack 1923)
PA    AP Sum 61
PA     Flying Flops Vol 2 85 if

IM-99 Bomarc     (g to a gmiss)
4vPA AM Aug 58
PA AP Sum 61
becomes operational P    AWST 25 Jan 60
w Canada AF P AWST 12 March 62 if
w Canada AF P    AWST 11 March 63 if

KB_29     (air refuelling mod B-29)
PA ABD 31/2 Mar-Apr 79
                          see also B-29

KB-50       (air refuelling mod B-50)
PA ABD 31/2 Mar-Apr 79
                  see also B-50

KC-97     (air refuelling mod C-97)
KC-97L "Creek Party" display at Rhein Main PDA     ABD Jan-Feb 78
PA    ABD  31/2 Mar-Apr 79
KC-97F 3v PA AeDig March 53
3v PA AC 8/10 Aug 72
early ops PA AC 8/14 Dec 72
"Miss Oklahoma City" PA    AC 9/11 Nov 73
civil CPA    AC 10/1 Jan 74
YC-97H tprop P AC 17/5 May 81
YC-97 indiv ac hist A corr    AC Dec 82
communications mod PDA     AcIl 3/5 May 70
XC-97 PA    AP Fal 61
KC-97L w IL ANG CPDA AcIl Feb 77
KC-97G 3v PA AP Fal 61
YKC-97J PA    AP Fal 61
C-97 solid model plans PA AT Dec 51
C/KC PA    AW 12 Apr 54
KC-97G PA AW 10 May 54
KC-97J tprop eng PA JAS Spr 65
KC-97G PA JAS Spr 65
C-97 civ PA   JAS Sum 70
KC-97G/L 1/72 Rareplanes PA pros     ScAcMdg May 81
1/72 Rareplanes CPDA ScMods Aug 81
KC-97 PDA W 3/6 Dec 73
                                             see also C-97

L-15     (1e 2s hw liais)
PA    AeDig March 47
CPA    ACQR Win 78
PA    AP Fal 61
uc flymod CPA  AT May 48
PDA advert   AW 10 May 48
CP cov F June 48
solid model plans PA FM Jan 48
R or CO2 flymod plans FM Aug 48
PDA    PriPi 2/10 July 67
PDA pirep PriPi 6/9 Sep 71

Boeng LHX     (1s heli propo) -- see Boeing Vertol LHX

MB-3     (1s ftr bip)
3v ca Dil PA MAN Jan 52 if
     see also Thomas Morse MB-3

XP-4     (1e 1s bip ftr)
PA   AI Jan 74
3v     MAN Apr 67 if
A clip if

XP-7     (1e 1s bip ftr)
PA   AI clip if
3v    MAN Apr 67 if
A clip if

XP-8     (1s 1e bip ftr)
PA     AI clip if
4v xs     MAN Nov 67 if
A clip if

XP-9     (hw 1e 1s ftr)
P clip if
A     clip if

XP-15     (1s para ftr)
P     clip if
model conv < 1/48 Aurora F4B il A  if
A clip if

XP-29      (1s YP-29A 2s –Y1P-29) lw ftr
PA 3v (Y1P-29) PA     AEI Mar 74 if
XP-940 PA     AP Sum 61
PA     AP Sum 61
YP-29 PA     AP Fal 62
P clips if
Y1P-29 solid model plans Hawk 1/48     3v xs if
hist A     clip if

XP-32     (upgraded P-29 proj)
A clip if

XP-925     (composit P-12 & XP-15 ftr)
PA AP Sum 61

XP-940 – See P-29

PB-1 BIPLANE     (2 tand e bip flybt 1925)
PA 3v     AC clip if
PB-1, 2 PA     AP Fal 61
PA    W 5/5 Oct 75

PB-1W MONOPLANE     (mod B-17 for maritime patrol)
3v PA AC 2/3 Aug-Sep 65
P AC 9;5 May 73
PB-1W w VW-2 P     AC May 82 clip if
w USCG PA     AC Feb 83
w USCG P     AC clip if
P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
P AComb 6/3 May 78
w USCG PB-1G P     AI Oct 77 clip if
early warning and rescue PA     AP Sum 61
PA    AP 18.5 May 82
P    JAS Fal 61
PA   JAS Sp 64
PB-1W PA     JAS Sum 64
PB-1W model conv < Revell 1/48 B-17F CPA     SM July 83 if
PB-1W pro Sprue 4 1976
w VW-1 1952 P     Wings of Gold Spr 94 clip

P2B     (USN version of B-29)
PA AP Sum 61
         see also B-29

PBB-1 Sea Ranger
    (2e fltpln pbbr)
hist PA     AcIll Aug 69 if
hist PA     AC June 74 if
solid model plans     AT March 43
cover art & 3v     MAN Oct 42 if
hist CPDA ca 3v      W Dec 84 if

PN-9     (flybt)
flt San Fran > Hawaii 1925 PA     AC 2/6 May 65

3v ca xs Dil     MAN May 67

PW-9     (1s bip ftr 20s)
PA3v     AE Dec 72 if
3v PA AP Sum 61
PA 5v JAS Sum 62
PA JAS Win 62
P JAS Win 73
3v xs Dil     MAN Feb 66 if
ca Dil     MAN May66 if
4v Dil     MAN Apr 67 if
3v xs Dil     MAN May 67 if
PDA    W 7/4 Aug 77
hist A     clip if
hist PA     clip if
hist specs PA     clip if

T-43     (military 737)
conv from Aurora 1/72 CPA SM June 74
conv from Aurora 1/72 CPA SM 14/4 Apr 79

T-45     (1jet trnr based on HS Hawk)
advert AWST 19 July 99 if
see also McDonnell Douglas T-45

TB-1     (1e bip float or tadr scount tbbr 1927)
PA AP Fal 61

X-20 Dyna Soar     (rocket boosted space glider)
3v PA Aeph Mar-Apr 77
il A    AP Win 60
il A    AP Sum 61
il A     F 67/3 Sep 60

X-30     (proof of concept demonstrator for NASP)
advert Cil A AF Sep 87 if

X-32     (joint strike fighter entry)
advert AF Oct 98
advert AF June 99 if
model trials status CPA AWST 25 Sep 95 if
refining design CPA     AWST 11 Dec 95 if
unmanned ftr based on X-32 status Cil A     AWST 4 March 96 if
RCS testing CPA     AWST 6 May 96 if
advert    AWST 15 Apr 96 if
status 3v A AWST 3 Aug 98 if
nears completion CPA    AWST 28 June 99 if
status PA il     Wings of Gold Spr 99
advert AWST clip 96 if

Boeing/Aerojet TechSystems second-generation space shuttle
il A     AWST 4 Nov 85
il A     clip if

Boeing-NASA Blended Wing Low-Speed Vehicle
Cil A     AWST 13 Aug 01

Boeing-NASA QSRA – see Boeing QSRA

Boeing-NASA supersonic cruise combat ac
il A AWST 6 July 81 if

Boeing-Sikorsky H-76B Fantail (tailrotor demonstrator for LHX)
status CPDA     AWST 27 Aug 90 if
CPDA     AWST 8 July 91 if

Boeing-Sikorsky LHX propo
il A    AWST 27 Jan 86
advert AWST 24 Feb 86
revised concept il A     Flint 17 Sep 88 if
Cil A Flint 25 Feb 89

Boeing-Sikorsky LH candidate     (2s tand heli, led to S-92)
mockup displayed CP     AWST 16 Apr 90
status Cil A AWST 30 Apr 90 if
3v CPDA Dil AWST 15 Apr 91 if

Boeing Vertol 107    (tandem rotor heli)
PA F Feb 61
Vertol 107 (YHC-1B) PDA AP Spr 61
Vertol 107 pro P IPMSUK May 70
        see also Boeing Vertol CH-46

Boeing Vertol ARTI (proto)
PA    Flint 22-29 Dec 84

Boeing Vertol HLH     (heavy lift heli proj)
PA incomplete clip     AWST 3 July 78 if
revived P     Flint 5 Jan 85 if
            see also Boeing Vertol XCH-62

Boeing Vertol LAMPS heli propo
PDA    AWST 31 May 76
mockup CP advert     clip if

Boeing Vertol 222 (tilt-rotor business ac proj)
il A    AE Feb 73 if
PA il    AWST 1 Jan 73 if

Boeing Vertol 234     (civilian Chinook trans heli)
enters service PA AcIl Oct 81
3v PA AF 62/8 Aug 79
ff PA AWST 1 Sep 80
3v ca A Flint 22 March 80
flt across USA PA Flint 10 March 84

Boeing Vertol 360     (twin rotor trans hi tech demonstrator)
status P il A     Flint 23 July 83 if
prepared for ff P AWST 20 Apr 20CPDA pirep AWST 5 Nov 90 if
CPDA ca 4v Flint 18 Ap4 87

Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight     (twin rotor trans heli)
-46E w carrier Saipan P AComb Sep 80
n Sweden AF CP AcIl Feb 77
USMC land camouuf 4v A FSM 6/3 June 88
w NASA pro A IPMSQ 10/3 Spr 75
HSS-2 P KF Aug 71
Kawasaki KV-107 n Japan P KF Apr 69
Kawasaki KV-107 n JASDF CP   KF Aug 80
Kawasaki KV-107 w JASDF 3vPA  KF Nov 81
Kawasaki KV-107 pros PA ScAcMdg 2/7 Apr 80

Boeing Vertol CH-47 (twin rotor trans heli)
w RAF PA AComb 9/3 May 81
w RAF CPA AComb March 84
w RAF visit to Spain CPA     AComb 14/3 May 86
CH-47D 3v PA AF Aug 82
w Libya AF Cpro AI 13/1 July 77
CPA 3v ca AI 17/1 July 79
Cpros AI 34.3 March 88
enters RAF PA    AvN 2-15 June 81
hist PDA   AvN 7-30 Dec 82
Viet War gunships AvN 15-29 July 83
5v xs AvN 15-29 July 83
ops w RAF PA  AvN 23 Sep – 4 Oct 83
powered loop ladder test PA    AWST 26 Aug 68
icing tests CPDA Flint 28 Apr 84
MH-47 special ops propo    Flint 20 Dec 87
4v PA ca   FRI 9/5 Jan 64
ACH-47A PA    JAS Spr 75
w Furebee drone P    JAS Win 80
CP 3v KF Oct 81
conv < Airfix CH-46 1/72 2v PA ScMods Dec 84

Boeing Vertol XCH-62     (heavy lift heli propo)
status PA AWST 17 Sep 84 if
program revived PA Flint 5 Jan 85

Boeing Vertol CH-113     (Canada AF heli)
w RCAF CPA    AE Oct 81

Boeing Vertol LHX     (1s heli propo)
il A     Flint 30 Nov 85
il A     Rotor & Wing Oct 82 if

Boeing Vertol HSS-2 (2e tand rotor heli) – see Boeing Vertol Chinook

Boeing Vertol YUH-61     (Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System heli)
mockup CP advert     AWST 3 Apr 72
advert AWST 12 Aug 74
rollout   AWST 23 Sep 74 if

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