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 Aero Album
    Why build the 747?    AeAl Win 69 if

Aeroplane Monthly
    w Lufthansa CP      AeMo Apr 76

Air & Space Smithsonian
    American Al early launch of 747 service CPA     A&S Apr-May 90 if
    development hist PDA il     A&S Dec 92-Jan 93 if
    Glenn Stewart & November Oscar incident CPA      A&S Feb-Mar 94 if

Air Classics Quarterly Review
    w Air India CP & Psurv     ACQR Spr 76 if

Aircraft Illustrated
    PA AcIl 2/7 May 69
    PA AcIl 3/5 May 70
    w TWA CP AcIl 3/10 Oct 70
    w Lufthansa CP      AcIl 4/1 Jan 71
    3v CPA     AcIl 5/2 Feb 72
    CPA AcIl 6/4 Apr 73
    w Seaboard world Al CPA     AcIl 9/5 May 76
    w Syrianair Al CP     AcIl 9/9 Sep 76
    w Air France Cargo CP      AcIl 10/5 May 77
    w R-R engines PA     AcIl June 77
    n new Flying Tiger livery P     AcIl 10/9 Sep 77 if
    air tanker w Iran AF P     AcIl Sep 78
    747SP w China Al CP     AcIl 13/8 Aug 80
    747-300 CPA     AcIl 16/1 Jan 83

Air Force
    proposed a-to-a refueller/transport Boeing advert    AF Sep 77 if
    Korea Al Russia shootdown CPA     AF Dec 83 if
    747-400 4v A     AF 69/4 Apr 86
    VC-25A ff CP+     AF Apr 90 if
    VC-25A 1st of 2 delivered CP    AF Oct 90
    KAL Flight 007 shootdown A    AF Nov 91 if

Air International
    CPA 3v ca     AI Oct 76 if
    status today CPDA ca 3v    AI Sep 85 if|
    3v il     AI 30/2 Feb 86
    projected mod to carry 7E7 components Cil+     AI Nov 03 if
    Pan Am advert  AI clip   if

    trans-polar flt PA Airlnrs Sum 88

Airline Executive
    JT9D-7Q performance increase on 747-200     AlEx Dec-Jan 80 if
    Korea Al shootdown industry reaction A    AlEx Nov 83 if
    status 15 years into ops PDA    AlEx Apr 85 if

Air Line Pilot
    SP proto under assembly P+    ALP June 75 if
    747SP proto world marketing tour CPA    ALP March 76 if
    w Flying Tigers CP cov     ALP May 76 if
    Japan Al ac blown backward into ditch in AK P+     ALP March 76 if
    repairing JAL ac blown backward n2 ditch in AK CPA     ALP March 77 if

Airline Quarterly
    Space Shuttle transporter PDA    AlQ Win 77 if

Air Progress
    first flight PA     AP 24/5 May 69
    first flight P+    AP June 69 if

    status (Japanese text) PA    Airev March 75 if

Air Trails World’s Great Aircrart
    PA ca     ATWGAc Sum 71 if
    Great Pumpkin of Braniff CPD & UAL flt desc PA ATWGAc 1972 if

Air Transport World
    747-400 enters service w Northwest Al CPA     ATrans Wld 4-89

Air Travel Official Airline Guide
    what the new 747 will offer A     ATOAlG Dec 66 if

    first 200 days of commercial ops PA     AMM/AA Sep 70 if

Astronautics & Aeronautics
    Certification DOC & Safety PA     Astro&Aero June 69 if
    Can airports cope with it? PA     Astro&Aero June 69 if
    Boeing advert     Astro&Aero June 69 if

Aviation Daily
    Northwest Al considers 747 A     AD 13 Dec 65 if
    develop costs estimates     AD 10 Feb 66 if
    terminal and noise concerns A     AD 15 Apr 66 if
    Bo VP Details 747 Test Program A     AD 6 Mar 67
    frills opposed A     AD 28 Sep 67 if
    Boeing announces 3jet 747 A     AD March 25 68 if
    aboard first t-Atlantic flt A     AD 28 Jan 70 if

Aviation Digest
    to be purchased for US president A     AvDig Aug 86 if

Aviation International News
    USAF selects 747 to be new AF One A     AIN 1 July 86 if

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    747 fuse section mockup P     AWST 2 Jan 67 if
    early design concepts, status il PDA     AWST 20 Nov 67 if
    747 growth keyed to revitalized mkt il A     AWST 12 July 71 if
    747SP plans announced A     AWST 17 Sep 73
    propo to air-launch ICBMs il A     AWST 4 Feb 74 if
    747 air freight potential considered PA     AWST 19 Aug 74 if
    freighter versions n al use CPA     AWST 11 Nov 74 if
    SP shows long haul ability PA     AWST 24 Nov 75 if
    747SP on demo tour PA     AWST 12 Jan 76 if
    w Space Shuttle – wind tunnel model PA     AWST 5 Apr 76 if
    747 proto as air tanker P     AWST 10 May 76 if
    Iraqui Al 747C freighter carries cargo loader PA     AWST 23 Aug 76 if
    747 cargo loader loads 40 foot containers P+     AWST 19 Apr 76
    747 w RR RB.211 engines first flight P+     AWST 13 Sep 76 if
    747SP enhances route restructuring PA     AWST 27 June 77 if
    final as’y PA     AWST 15 July 78 if
    damaged JAL 747 at Anchorage, AK airport to reenter service PA      AWST 27 Sep 76 if
    JAL Anchorage runway accident NTSB report A     AWST 11 Oct 76 if
    first 747-100B sold by Bo A     AWST 12 June 78 if
    747 assembly line P     AWST 19 June 78 if
    Bo studies larger capacity 747Il     AWST  23 Oct 78 if
    Tenerife crash analysis A     AWST 27 Nov 78 if
    life extension plans PA     AWST 9 July 70 if
    Boeing studies larger capacity 747 il A     AWST 23 Oct 78 if
    fan blade separates from JT9 on UAL flt PA    AWST 26 Feb 79 if
    Dutch dispute Spanish Tenerife crash report A     AWST 8 Oct 79 if
    Dutch dispute Spanish Tenerife crash report A     AWST 15 Oct 79 if
    747 flameout launches study A     AWST 5 Nov 79 if
    747 changes jconsidered il A     AWST 12 Nov 79 if
    Qantas Al buys five 747s A     AWST 28 Jan 80 if
    Swissair orders improved 747 il A     AWST 16 June 80 if
    stretched upper deck mockup CP     AWST 3 Nov 80 if
    747 PanAm Heathrow landing accident Dec 27 79 cause report A    AWST 7 Dec 81 if
    747SP w Braniff Int’l al CP cov      AWST 31 Dec 79 if
    747 test bed for RR RB.211 engine (slated for 757) P+    AWST 15 June 81 if
    Air New Zealand 747-200 long hauls start CP+     AWST 22 June 81 if
    extended upper deck mockup P+      AWST 6 July 81 if
    Boeing propo for 747 Cargo Airlift version il A     AWST 5 Oct 81 if
    Pan Am 747 Heathrow Dec 27 79 accident report Dil A     AWST clip if
    stretched upper deck options considered PA     AWST 8 Feb 82 if
    Congress backs 747 over C-5 A     AWST 24 May 82 if
    USAF not to buy 747s A      AWST 21 June 82 if
    747-300 rollout PA     AWST 27 Sep 82 if
    747-300 first flight P+     AWST 11 Oct 82 if
    twin fuselage 747 freighter concept il A     AWST 8 Nov 82 if
    747-300 w Swissair CPcov     AWST 8 Nov 82 if
    747-300 advert CPD A     AWST 28 March 83 if
    FAA delays full autothrottle on Swissair 747-300s PA     AWST 18 Apr 83 if
    747 w Space Shuttle at London stopover P+     AWST 13 June 83 if
    747 w Space Shuttle arrives LeBourget, Fr CPcov     AWST 20 June 83 if
    Bo completing 3d & 4th ext up dk Swissair 747s P+      AWST 1 Aug 83 if
    Bo to retrofit 747 upper decks il     AWST   5 Sep 83 if
    Soviet Su-15 downs KAL 747 map A     AWST 5 Sep 83 if
    editorial KAL007 downing an incredible blunder A     AWST 12 Sep 83 if
    Soviets knew KAL007 was commercial flight il A Su-15 pilot transcript    A+     AWST 12 Sep 83 if
    Soviets will shoot again if ac intrude – re KAL007     AWST 19 Sep 83 if
    search finds debris and additional aftermath A     AWST 19 Sep 83 if
    AWST readers’ KAL007 shootdown reactions corr il A     AWST 3 Oct 83 if
    human failure in KAL007 navigation A     AWST 3 Oct 83 if
    Space Shuttle "Discovery" mated to 747 P+     AWST 14 Nov 83 if
    new logo for Pan Am 747s P+     AWST 21 Jan 85 if
    China Al 747SP lands after 30,500 feet uncontrolled descent P+      AWST 25 Feb 85 if
    747 will have 2crew cockpit, status il A     AWST 6 May 85 if
    Saudi Arabia Al gets extended upper deck 747-300 P+     AWST 19 Aug 85 if
    JAL orders tail section checks after mountain crash PA     AWST 19 Aug 85 if
    w Atlantis Space Shuttle arrival at Kennedy SC P+     AWST 29 Apr 85 if
    JAL crash inquiring considers aft pressure bulkhead il A     AWST 26 Aug 85 if
    Aug 12 85 JAL crash n Janap voice recorder transcript A     AWST 9 Sep 85 if
    Aug 12 85 JAL crash n Japan cause determination studies A      AWST 16 Sep 85 if
    changes to 747-400 project 3v A     AWST 14 Oct 85 if   
    Northwest Al launches 747-400 il A     AWST 28 Oct 85 if
    Brit CAA orders 747 cracks inspections A     AWST 24 Feb 86 if 
    KLM orders six 747-400s il A     AWST 14 Aug 86 if
    British Aw orders 16 747-400s A     AWST 25 Aug 86 if
    Cathay Pacific orders 747-400 w RB.211 engines il A     AWST 9 June 86 if
    PRC to return China AL 747 to Taiwan P+    AWST   26 May 86 if
    747-500 wingspan objections A     AWST 13 Oct 86 if
    1st American Al 747SP CP+     AWST 20 Apr 87
    American Al configures 747SPs for Tokyo market il A     AWST 11 May 87
    747-400 first flight, flt test begins CPA     AWST 16 May 88 if
    747-400 delivery delays CPA     AWST 6 Feb 89 if
    All Nippon buys 20 747-400s CPA     AWST 27 Feb 89 if
    747-400 ops begin with Singapore Al and Northwest Al CPA     AWST 12 June 89 if
    cargo door latch redesign considered A     AWST 28 Aug 89 if
    Air China gets 747-200 Freighter CP+     AWST 12 Nov 90
    100th 747-400 to Canadian Al CP+     AWST 14 Jan 91 if
    El Al airlines crash causes cited il A     AWST 1 Nov 93 if
    747 nose gear collapse at Sydney, Aus CP+     AWST 24 Oct 94 if
    next gen 747 priorities set A     AWST 20 Nob 95 if
    P&W and GE unite to build 747 engines il A     AWST 13 May 96 if
    Cargolux ops w 747-400F CPA     AWST 10 May 99 if
    ac near TWA800 unidentified A     AWST 6 Sep 99 if
    747X Stretch advert     AWST 4 Sep 00 if
    747-400ER rollout CPA     AWST 24. June 02 if
    China Al inflight breakup causes sought Cil CPA     AWST 3 June 02 if
    747-400ER first flight CPA     AWST 5 Aug 02 if
    China Al flight 611 crash into Taiwan Straight il A     AWST 5 Aug 02 if
    outsize cargo fuse mod 747-400 considered Cil A     AWST 27 Oct 93 if
    GE’s 747 engine testbed CPA     AWST 27 Mar 95 if
    USAF certain to buy some mil 747 cargo transports CPA     AWST 7 Aug 95 if
    C-33 (mil cargo 747) buy options considered ca A     AWST 18 Sep 95 if
    editorial for mil cargo 747s A     AWST 2 Oct 95 if
    new 747 vital to boosting sales A     AWST 15 Jan 96 if
    new 747 -500/600 series considered il A     AWST 5 Feb 96 if
    Advanced Airborne Command Post design ca A     AWST clip if

Boeing magazine
    rollout PDA if
    mockup ready PA if
    half year to go with proto construction PA if

    editorial writer comments on KAL 007 loss PA    Editorialist/     NBEA Sep-Oct 83 if

Flight International
    3v ca dil     Flint 12 Dec 68 if
    assembly line, process desc PA Dil     Flint 19 Dec 68 if
    Pan Am prepares for 747 ops PA il     Flint 21 Aug 69 if
    747C convertible passenger/freighter w flip nose P     Flint 17 May 73 if
    Libyans hijack Japan Al 747 PA     Flint 2 Aug 73 if
    747SP proposed il A     Flint 6 Sep 73 if
    747SR Japan orders first short-haul 747s il A     Flint 9 Nov 72 if
    747C w hinged nose of World Aw P     Flint 17 May 73 if
    proto flies w GE CF6-50 engines PA     Flint 19 July 73 if
    GE CF6 powered 747 status PDA Dil engine ca     Flint 9 Aug 73 if
    w Singapore Al CPcov     Flint 21 March 74 if
    tanker mod proto PA     Flint 25 Apr 74 if
    comp w other wide body als PA     Flint 29 Aug 74 if
    Boeing advert     Flint 24 Oct 74 if
    first fatal 747 accident Nov 20 A il     Flint 28 Nov 74 if
    747SP rollout 3v xs PA     Flint 22 May 75 if
    747SP rollout P+     Flint 29 May 75 if
    SP desc PA     Flint 21 Aug 76 if
    Combi plans to build pro A     Flint 4 Dec 76 if
    SP proves worth A     Flint 1 Jan 77 if
    SP service w China Al to start P+     Flint 23 Apr 77 if
    Rolls Royce RB.211-524B powered 747 ca of eng PDA     Flint 7 May 77 if
    w RR RB 211 engines PA ca pirep     Flint 21 May 77 if
    11-abreast 747 considerations A     Flint 28 Jan 78 if
    747-200B w Middle East Al CP     Flint 23 May 78 if
    747 Space Shuttle carrier what’s it like to fly PA     Flint 18 June 83 if
    was KAL007 properly identified A     Flint 17 Sep 83 if
    15 yrs n service hist CPA     Flint 19 Jan 85 if
    Phillipine Al new livery CP+     Flint 22 Nov 86 if
    Air India crash few clues A     Flint 6 July 85 if
    Air India wreck recov P)A     Flint 13 July 85 if
    tailfin detached n Japan Al crash PA il     Flint 24 Aug 85 if
    Japan Al crash il A     Flint 14 Sep 85
    747-400 plans to build Cil 3v A     Flint 23 Nov 85 if
    nose inspections ca A     Flint 15 Feb 86 if
    747SP of Chna Al survives aerobatics in long dive il A     Flint 26 July 86 if
    new Phillipine Al logo CP+     Flint 12 Nov 86 if
    747-400 status     Flint 16 Jan 88 if
    747-400 ff P+     Flint 14 May 88 if
    cockpit CPDA     Flint 21 May 88 if
    747-400 freighter considered PA     Flint 23 July 88 if
    Boeing makes up 747-400 delays A     Flint 6 Oct 88 if
    Air Force One delayed A     Flint 15 Oct 88 if
    747-400 CPDA ca pirep     Flint 12 Nov 88 if
    emergency landing at Gander following bird strike P+    Flint 26 Nov 88 if
    PanAm crash at Lockerbie PA     Flint 7 Jan 89 if
    747-400 handover to Northwest Al P     Flint 11 Feb 89 if
    early development CPA     Flint 24 June 89 if
    -400 proves worth CPA     Flint 30 Sep 89 if

The Flyer
    The Jumbo Jets are Here PA     The Flyer Feb 70 if

    "Big Orange" w Braniff ops PA     F Dec 78 if
    building it at Renton CPDA     F Jun 80 if
    PA pirep     F 108/6 June 81 if
    Korea Al shootdown il A     F Dec 83 if
    pre-delivery evaluation for British Airways CPDA     F Jun 93 if

Flying Review International
    provisional 3v A     FRI 21/11 July 66
    3v A    FRI 22.8 Aug 68
    3v CPA FRI 24.5 Jan 69

    banks own many 747s il     Forbes 15 Aug 70 if

Gate 66

    1/144 Airfix il A Gate 66 #9 
    1/144 Airfix A pros     Gate 66 #10
    747SP il PA     Gate 66 #12

    status numbers 3v     Interav Sep 72 if

    w The Hawaii Express CP     JP4 clip if

Koku Fan
    proto rollout CPcov     KF Dec 68 if
    w Lufthansa CPcov    KF Apr 72 if
    CP     KF Dec 75
    747SP Psurv     KF Feb 76 if
    w NASA CP     KF Nov 76
    w Air Canada CP     KF Apr 72 if
    w Japan Al CP clip     KF if
    w Seaboard World CP       KF if
    "Big Orange" w Braniff CP     KF clip if

National Geographic
    proto rollout CP+     Nat Geo Sep 69 if
    employee band plays w 747 nbg during lunch break CP     Nat Geo clip if

    KAL shootdown Cil     Newsweek Sep 12 83 if
    Pan Am Flight 103 crash CPA     Newsweek Jan 2 89 if
    Pan Am Flight 103 crash status CPA     Newsweek Jan 9 89 if

On Approach
    747 Air Force One desc A    OnApp Spr 88 if

    w Iran AF pro+     PriFly clip if

Scale Aircraft Modeling
    747SP Airtec conv PA     ScAcMdg Jan 84 if

Scale Modeler
    1.100 Entex-Nitto CP  SM 8/9 Sep 73

Scale Models
    1/100 Nitto CPA  ScMods May 73

    hijack of Kuwait Al Flight 422 CPA     Time 25 Apr 88 if
    Pan Am start flts to Taiwan controversy PA    Time 27 Jun 83 if
    KAL shoot down CPA     Time Sep 19 83 if
    KAL downing partial clip CPA     Time 26 Sep 83 if
    search for KAL 007 black box A     Time 3 Oct 83 if

Air India booklet if
Avianca brochure
British Airways booklet seat layout if
Lufthansa booklet seat layout if
Pan Am 6p introduction Cca Dil A ifSouth African Airways 747SP booklet ifTWA 747 TWA early pub if
747 desc AIAA paper No. 66-821 il A if


G E 747 engine advert clip if
747 Freighter advert clip if
747-400 ca Dil Flint foldout 1988 if
Northwest Al to be first to fly 747-400 PA MNFlyer March 89 if
8-page magazine Boeing advert insert if
Super-Freighter ops w Lufthansa PDA Bee-Hive Win 73 if
The Jumbo Jets are Here PA The Flyer Feb70 if
bank holdings in 747s of airlines Forbes 15 Aug 05 if
proto rollout & Cca National Geographic Sep 69 if
Boeing 747 advert National Geographic Sep 71 if
hist status CPA C3v ca The World’s Greatest Ac #21 if
747SP "Friendship One" record t-world flt PA clip if
747-300 advert clip if
747-300 w Swissair CP clip if
747C advert clip if
747X Stretch advert clip if

news releases
American Al introduces "family section" A Aug 11 71 if
Pan Am announces first purchase – PanAm nr Apr 13 66 if
compaired with 707-321 – PanAm nr Apr 13 68 if
Pan Am first with 747 - PanAm nr Apr 13 66 if
background info A – Boeing nr June 1 66 if
site selected for production A – Boeing nr June 17 __ if
announced A - Boeing nr if
747 mfg complex desc A –Boeing nr if
747 To Present Advance in Subsonic Aivation A – Boeing nr Apr 13 66 if
Economic Significance of Pan Am’s 747 Purchase A – Boeing nr Apr 13 66
TWA orders 747s A – Boeing nr if
Major Subcontract Awards in 747 Program A – Boeing nr if
Boeing 747 customer list – Boeing nr Apr 1 71 if
Boeing 747 customer list – Boeing nr July 1 71 if
Bo 747 cust list – Boeing nr June 30 77 if
customer list – Boeing nr June 30 80 if
Bo, Guggenheim Av partners for 6 747ER frtrs BoNR 5 July 05 if

newspaper clips
f f A npclip Feb 10 69 if
truth about 747 A The Clipper Apr 14 69 if
747 ops from Lambert, St. Louis CPA npclip Nov 7 71 if
strong winds tilt landing 747 freighter in flaming conclusion A npclip Dec 28 79 if
KAL 747 bursts into flames after landing n heavy fog A npclip Nov 19 80 if
KAL pilot blamed for flaming landing in fog A npclip Nov 21 80 if
first Red Chinese comm flt to US PA npclip Jan 8 81 if
KAL 007 downed by Sov jet PA npclip Sep 1 83 if
KAL 007 found on Soviet island (bogus story) PA npclip Sep 1 83 if
Sov paranoia reason for KAL 007 downing CP npclip Sep 2 83 if
US demands full explanation for KAL shootdown PA npclip Sep 2 83 if
Soviets say warning shots fired at KAL 007 A npclip Sep 3 83 if
US plane n area of KAL 007 downing A npclip Sep 5 83 if
UN hears tape of Sovt pilot radio xmissions during KAL downing A npclip Sep 6 83 if
tapes show interceptor pilot did not agree with mission A npclip Sep 7 83 if
NATO considers trade embargo against Soviets re KAL loss A npclip Sep 7 83 if
Sov pilot agreed with order to down KAL 007 A npclip Sep 7 83 if
Soviet recover debris from KAL 007 crash A npclip Sep 8 83 if
KAL piece of tail and body recovered PA npclip Sep 9 83 if
KAL 747 may have spiraled down to crash A npclip Sep 13 83 if
Sov pilot says KAL 007 ignored warnings A npclip Sep 11 83 if
another body from KAL crash found in water off Japan PA npclip Sep 14 83 if
KAL 707 pilot recalls 1978 Soviet intercept A npclip Sep 14 83 if
Soviets thought KAL was spying A npclip Sep 14 83 if
Sovs use mini-sub to search for KAL wreck A npclip Sep 15 85 if
UN agency to investigage KAL 007 shootdown A npclip Sep 17 83 if
USN heli crashes during KAL search A npclip Sep 18 83 if
KAL downing shows value of unmanned recon A npclip Sep 18 83 if
Sovs use diving bell searching for KAL 007 wreck A npclip Sep 19 83 if
secret intelligence re KAL 007 crash revealed npclip Sep 20 83 if
Sovs search for KAL 007 wreckage P+ npclip Sep 20 83 if
stormy wather curtails wreckage search A npclip Sep 20 83 if
Kremlin to give Japan items from downed 747 A npclip Sep 21 83 if
Sov advisor says interceptor pilot erred in downing 747 A npclip Sep 22 83 if
KAL flight recorder search continues A npclip Sep 23 83 if
Soviets use mini sub n KAL bottom search A npclip Sep 24 83 if
both sides cut back search for KAL debris A npclip Sep 25 83 if
Sovs to turn over wreckage from KAL 007 today A npclip Sep 26 83 if
Sovs turn over 76 wreckage items from KAL 007 A npclip Sep 26 83 if
US denies finding flight recorder A npclip Sep 27 83 if
winds slow black box search A npclip Sep 28 83 if
hopes of finding black boxes fade A npclip Oct 2 83 if
Sov radar failures tied to KAL 007 downing A npclip Oct 12 83 if
Sov ships hinder search for KAL 007 black box A npclip if Oct 15 83 if
Soviets still search for KAL wreckage A npclip Oct 28 83 if
Avianca 747 crashes at Madrid A npclip Nov 27 83 if
relatives ident Madrid 747 crash victims PA npclip Nov 27 83 if
UN urges Soviets to help with KAL shootdown investigation A np clip Dec 14 83 if
landing JAL 747 hits truck landing at Anchorage A npclip Dec 19 83 if
Sovs hand over KAL 007 debris A npclip Dec 21 83 if
another KAL 007 crash body washes ashore on Japan A npclip 83 if
bomb found on 747 to fly Isabel Peron npclip June 9 84 if
US denies KAL 007 was on a spy mission A npclip June 18 84 if
Brit 747 held n Nigeria after failed kidnap PA npclip July 7 84 if
mystery still over KAL 007 loss PA npclip Aug 26 84 if
relatives of KAL 007 dead hold memorial service A npclip Sep 1 84
Korean tribute to KAL 007 dead A npclip Sep 2 84 if
debris falls from 747 after Seattle takeoff A npclip Sep 30 84 if
families of Japanese KAL victimes to file suit n US A npclip Jan 9 85 if
China Al 747 dives 32,000 feet after engines fail PA npclip Feb 20 85 if
no safety problems found in 747s A npclip Sep 18 85 if
June 23 85 Air India crash blamed on bomb A npclip Nov 22 85 if
US als ordered to inspect 747 engine cables A npclip Dec 24 85 if
747 lands early over cigar smoker incident A npclip Nov 29 85 if
Aug 12 85 JAL crash into mountain cause identified A npclip Nov 28 85 if
Aug 12 85 JAL crash n2 mountain aftermath A npclipAug 19 85 if
June 23 85 Air India crash blamed on bomb A npclip Jan 21 86 if
747SP likely to beat t-world record A npclip Jan 88 if
747SP breaks t-world record PA npclip Jan 31 88 if
Kuwait 747 hijackers free 32 more pax n Iran A npclip Apr 7 88 if
Palestinian highjackers of Kuwait Aw flight 422 slip away A npclip Apr 21 88 if
editorial Kuwait hijacking a nightmare A npclip Apr 24 88 if
Japanese woman flies as only passnger w BA A npclip Oct 28 88 if
747 hits Scottish town PA npclip Dec 22 88 if
sabotage suspected PA103 crash PA npclip Dec 23 88 if
airlines jittery after PA103 crash A npclip Dec 24 88 if
PanAm flt 103 black box tape gives clues to crash A npclip Dec 24 88 if
84 more bodies found n crash area A npclip Dec 25 88 if
sadness at PA103 crash search A npclip Dec 26 88 if
Beruit CIA chief not aboard PA103 A npclip Dec 26 88 if
bomb probe focuses on suitcase n Lockerbie crash PA npclip Dec 27 88 if
editorial should threat to PA103 have been publicized? A npclip Dec 28 88 if
damage to cargo bay suggests bomb A npclip Dec 28 88 if
bomb downed PA103 A npclip Dec 29 88 if
Bush vows to punish PA103 bombers A npclip Dec 30 88 if
brother of PA103 victim seeks church bible A npclip Dec 30 88 if
editorial about PA103 bombing A npclip Dec 30 88 if
bomb put aboard PanAm 103 n Germany PA npclip Dec 31 88 if
Lockerbie bomb smuggled aboard at Frankfurt A npclip Jan 1 89 if
PanAm crash not affecting bookings A npclip Jan 1 89 if
FBI welcomes help from Arafat n Pan Am 103 bombing A npclip Jan 2 89 if
searchers find 747 tail at Lockerbie PA npclip Jan 3 89 if
PA103 memorial service held A npclip Jan 5 89 if
suggestion PA103 bomb was attached to outside of plane A npclip Jan 7 89 if
suggestion IRA terrorist aided Palestinian for PA103 crash A npclip Jan 8 89 if
investigators focus on terrorism shift A npclip Jan 8 89 if
suggest Iran behind PA103 bombing A npclip Jan 13 89 if
flight recorder found in SoAfriAw crash A npclip Jan 13 89 if
Nov 28 87 SoAfriAw crash in Indian Ocean black box found A npclip Jan 13 89 if
body mix up aplogy in PanAm 103 crash A npclip Jan 15 89 if
PA103 bombing still unsolved A npclip Feb 3 89 if
747 to be new Air Force One Parade Feb 5 89 if
PA103 bomb planted in cassette recorder A npclip Feb 17 89 if
747 decompression w UAL CPA npclip Feb 25 89 if
747 decompression emergency landing n Hawaii PA npclip Feb 26 89 if
747 UAL decompress came berfore planned safety propo A npclip 26 Feb 89 if
failure of cargo door lock suspected in 747 decompres A npclip Feb 27 89 if
no plans to change cargo door locks A npclip Feb 28 89 if
UAL decompress flight crew actions descr PA npclip March 4 89 if
warnings issued before PA103 bombing A npclip March 17 89 if
Senator Skinner to probe av security after PA103 crash npclip March 18 89 if
FAA bomb warnings ineffective A npclip March 20 89 if
PA103 was planned by Gadhafi, Palestinians A npclip Apr 16 89 if
xpert prober called off PA103 investigagion A npclip Apr 21 89 if
UAL decompression accident cargo door uot inspected after repair A Apr 27 89 if
Brit MP tells PA103 families not to be mad at Brits A npclip March 18 89 if
UAL flt wing panel rips off and ac lands Phillipines A npclip March 26 89 if
suggestion Palestinian faction did PA103 bombing A npclip A March 26 89 if
Brit 747 flew 2 wks w explosive aboard n test A npclip March 31 89 if
"Ed’s Party at Lockerbie" A npclip June 4 89 if
PA103 terrorists identified A npclip July 9 89 if
new evidence n Pan Am Lockerbie bombing A npclip July 28 90 if
Lockerbie inquiry concluded A npclip March 23 91 if
several TWA800 crash theories, debris recovered npclip July 19 96 if
Taylorville, IL man linked to TWA800 crash CPA npclip July 19 96 if
747 collides w Il-76 n India CPA npclip Nov 13 96 if
FBI suggests mechanical failure n TWA800 crash A npclip May 5 97
TWA Flight 800 a mystery a year after PA npclip July 6 97 if
TWA800 crash animation suggests how ac broke up CPA npclip Nov 30 97 if
Northwest Al gives university a 747 PA Flyer Feb 18 2000 if
Boeing considers 747X to compete w Airbus A npclip Feb 14 01 if
families mark 5th anniv of TWA Flight 800 crash A npclip July 16 01 if
Air Force One desc Cil npclip May 12 03 if
Kalitta Air cargo jet loses engine A npclip Oct 22 04 if


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