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 Air Classics Quarterly Review
    w Belgian AF PA     ACQR Win 77

Aircraft Illustrated
    PA    AcIl 1/1 March 68
    PA    AcIl 2/1 Jan 69
    w National AAl PA pro AcIl 3/1 Jan 70
    w Braniff Int’l CP AcIl 9/11 Nov 76
    w Ansett Al CP AcIL 9/12 Dec 76 if
    recent orders PA     AcIl Apr 77 if
    w Ethiopian Aw CP     AcIl 13/2 Feb 80

AOPA Pilot
    727 mid-air w Ces update A     AOPA Dec 78 if
    727 mid-air w Cessna analysis il A     AOPA clip if

Air International
    hist CPA 3v ca develpros     AI `4/5 May 78 if
    727s in military service CPA     AI Dec 87 if

    w Air Jamaica CP    AL clip if
    w Trump al CP     Al Fal 89 if
    part FedEx part Eastern CP+     Al clip if

Air Line Pilot
    last 727 rollout P+     AlPi Oct 84 if

    hist CPD 3v     AlQ Win 77 if
    w Braniff CP AlQ Fal 79

Air Progress
     PA ca pro     AP Oct-Nov 63 if

Air Transport World
    Boeing advert     ATW May 64 if
    first operating costs A     ATW Aug 64 if
    first 727 retired from comm service PA    ATW March 91 if

    cockpit duties on 727 flt PDA     Airways Apr 69 if
    flying it for al PA     Airways 3/5 May 69

American Aviation
    status PA     Airways 3 Feb 69 if

Aviation Convention News
    exec jet of Malcolm Forbes CPDA     AvConN 1 Sep 84 if
    exec 727 for trans-USA service il PA     AvCon N 15 Jan 83 if

Aviation Daily
    PSA orders five A-     AD 30 June 64 if
    50th 727 delivered A-     AD 30 June 64 if
    National Al orders 3 more A-   AD 2 July 64 if
    727 performance exceeds commitments A    AD 8 Jul 64 if
    reliability exceptionally good A     AD 16 Jul 64 if
    convertible 727C to be produced A     AD 23 Jul 64 if
    UAL orders 25 more A     AD 20 Aug 64 if
    727-150 stretch considered A     AD 13 Dec 64 if
    EAL to fly cargo 727s A     AD 20 Oct 65 if
    FAA to issue new safety orders for 727 A     AD 17 Jan 66 if
    FAA studies CAA safety recommendations A     AD 21 Jan 66 if
    CAB accident investigation clears 727 A     AD 16 March 66 if

Aviation International N
    Volpar considers 2jet 727 il A    Av Int N 1 March 88 if

Aviation Week Space Technology
    727 rollout plans A     AWST 26 Nov 62 if
    727 rollout PA     AWST 3 Dec 62 if
    727 rollout PA     AWST 10 Dec 62 if
    production begins PA     AWST 4 Nov 63 if
    mobil lounge at Dulles mates with EAL 727 P+     AWST 16 Mar 64 if
    service experience A     AWST 12 Apr 65 if
    Cincinnati American Al crash described A     AWST 21 Mar 66 if
    727-200 being assembled P+     AWST 15 May 67 if
    727-200 first delivery delayed PDA     AWST 11 Sep 67 if
    Piedmont mid-air w Ces 310 A –incomplete-     AWST 12 May 69 if
    plans for 727-300 economies PA     AWST 5 Aug 74 if
    American Al lands w jammed nose lg PA     AWST 3 Nov 75 if  
    NwAl crash near Thiels, NY NTSB report A     AWST12 Jan 76 if
    TWA Flt 514 crash near Dulles Int A     AWST 9 Feb 76 if
    Eastern JFK June 24 75 crash reasons A     AWST 3 May 76 if
    Eastern JFK Jun 24 75 crash report il A     AWST 28 June 76 if
    American Al crash n Virgin Islands report A    AWST 9 May 77 if
    American Al Virgin Is crash report A     AWST 23 May 77 if
    increasing production rate P+      AWST 13 June 77 if
    727 assembly line P+     AWST 23 Oct 78 if
    National Al Flt 193 Pensa crash approach cited A     AWST 20 Nov 78
    CPA advert     AWST 27 Nov 78
    National Al Flt 193 crash at Pensacola, Fl report A     AWST 1 Jan 79 if
     National Al Flt 193 crash Pensacola report A    AWST 8 Jan 79 if
    National Al Flt 193 crash report A    AWST 22 Jan 79 if
    TWA dive incident over Mich pilot describes A     AWST 16 Apr 79 if
    focus narrows re TWA Mich dive A    AWST 16 Apr 79 if
    727 damage slight after TWA dive PA     AWST 23 Apr 79 if
    crash w Ces 150 analysis A     AWST 4 June 79 if
    crash w Ces 150 at San Diego analysis A    AWST 18 June 79 if
    crash w Ces 150 at San Diego flight crew faulted report A     AWST 25 June 79 if
    727 w new Air France livery CPcov     AWST 26 May 80 if
    new Pan Am livery P+     AWST 2 Jun 80 if
    727-200 twin engine reengine propo PA     AWST 15 Jun 81 if
    TWA spiral dive over Mich crew cited A     AWST 15 June 81 if
    American Al considers 2e 727 A     AWST 3 Aug 81 if
    crew cited in Dan Air crash at Tenerife A     AWST 24 Aug 81 if
    Dan Air crash at Tenerife report, cpit transcript A    AWST 14 Sep 81 if
    TWA Flt 841 dive over Mich resport A    AWST 5 Oct 81 if
    TWA Fkt 841 dive pilot cited A    AWST 12 Oct 81 if
    727 crash on Yap Island report A    AWST 5 Apr 82 if
    727 crash on Yap report A     AWST 12 Apr 82 if
    PanAm Flt 759 New Orleans crash cpit tape transcript A    AWST 6 Sep 82 if
    Pan Am Flt 759 New Or crash testimony heard by FAA A     AWST 20 Sep 82 if
    w UPS 727-100QC P+     AWST 22 Nov 82 if
    Braniff 727s in desert storage P+     AWST 24 Jan 83 if
    editorial praise re coming end of 727 production A     AWST 28 Feb 83 if
    727 cargo mod used by Federal Express PA     AWST 16 May 83 if
    to be used by new Air 1 al P+    AWST 28 March 83 if
    New Orl PanAm crash caused by wind shear A    AWST 28 Mar 83 if
    to be used on first class trans-USA service PA    AWST 25 Apr 83
    last passenger 727 delivered P+     AWST 9 May 83 if
    converted cargo ops w Fed Ex PA    AWST 16 May 83 if
    727-200F to Fed Ex P+    AWST 18 July 83 if
    NTSB revises findings re Raleigh, NC crash Nov 12 75 A    AWST 27 Feb 84 if
    w Air Atlanta CP    AWST 12 Nov 84 if
    727 popu w cargo carriers cuts used ac supply A    AWST 24 Jun 85 if
    UAL Flt 663 Denver crash NTSB cites wind shear A    AWST 9 Sep 85 if
    Eastern crash n Andes photos taken for investigation PA    AWST 9 Sep 85 if
    United AL Flt 663 Denver crash wind shear considered A    AWST 7 Oct 85 if
    terrorist role in TWA Athens hole in 727 PDA     AWST 7 Apr 86 if
    GE/NASA UDF engine proto CPcov    AWST 8 Sep 86 if
    GE/NASA UDF engine proto CPA    AWST 15 Sep 86 if
    Valsan reengining 727-200s A    AWST 16 Feb 87 if
    Valsan reengined 727-200 CP+     AWST 23 March 87 if
    Volsan 727-200 engine mods CPA     AWST 8 Aug 88 if
    ops w Trump Shuttle CPA     AWST 12 Jun 89 if
    Delta Flt 1141 cpit discipline examined A     AWST 15 Jan 90 if
    Delta Flt 1141 takeoff procedures examined A    AWST 19 Feb 90 if
    Delta Flt 1141 flap & slat positions examined A     AWST 5 Mar 90 if
    Delta Flt 1141 cockpit discipline a factor A    AWST 2 Apr 90 if
    NTSB cites FAA oversight of Delta pre crash of Flt 1141 A    AWST 9 Apr 90 if
    testbed for Honda jet engine CPA    AWST 1 Jan 96 if
    American Al to upgrade -200s A     AWST 8 Jun 98 if
    USAF C-22 (mil 727) fighter pilot round-ups CPA    AWST 9 Sep 02 if
    727 f f P+     AWST clip if
    all cargo conversion ops by Monarch PDA    AWST clip if

Business Air Today
    |727-100 s/n 20371 exec interior CP il    BAT clip if

Business and Commercial Aviation
    Page exec 727 conv CPA    B&CA Oct 81 if

Captain’s Log
    lg, antenna locations Dil     CL Ju-Au-Se 76

    PA pirep     F 73/6 Dec 63
    727-200 CDil A pirep     F Oct 77 if
    executive conv CPDA     F 108/12 Dec 81   
    PanAm Flt 759 crash at New Orleans analysis A    F Aug 83 if
    PSA776 crash with Cessna analysis    F clip il A if
    Dee Howard exec conv CPDA    F clip if

Flight International
    PA pirep    Flint 18 June 64 if
    Libyan 727 downed over Sinai map A    Flint 1 Mar 73 if
    Libyan Arab Al crash in Sinai map A    Flint 14 Jun 73 if
    Libyan Arab Al crash in Sinai – Israeli position map A    Flint 21 Jun 73 if
    727-300 considered il A    Flint 14 Feb 74 if
    short hist PA 3v     Flint 2 May 74 if
    Western Al CPcov    Flint 5 Sep 74
    w Hapag-Lloyd Al CPcov    Flint 9 Oct 75
    sales status PA ca     Flint 8 Jan 77 if
    w Alitalia CP cov     Flint 8 Jan 77 if
    2jet 727 study A     Flint 25 Apr 81 if
    production rate reduced A     Flint 13 June 81 if
    hist CPA     Flint 25 Aug 84 if
    Boeing business jet mod PDA    Flint 15 Jun 85 if
    Fed Ex flyies 727-200 on trans-Atlantic runs P+    Flint 22 June 85 if
    GE UDF testbed CPA     Flint 6 Sep 86 if
    Delta Al crash at DFW PA     Flint 10 Sep 88
    Delta crash focus on flaps A     Flint 24 Sep 88 if
    Delta crash pilot hesitated A     Flint 12 Nov 88 if

Flying Review International
    4v PA ca xs     FRI 19/2 Sep 64

Flying Times
    pirep PDA     Flying Times win 76 if

Gate 66
    early Eastern Al PA     G66 Aug 77
    early Eastern Al P     G66 #34 if
    w Piedmont Al pros PA     G66 #39 Feb 78
    1/100 Monogram     G66 #44
    w Trans Carribean P    G66 #47
    1/125 Heller A    G66 #52
    1/144 USAirfix A    G66 #53 Jul-Aug 79
    kit surv list & box art    G66 #85
    early Eastern Al P    G66 May 78
    w NEAl P     G66 June 78 if
    Monogram ex Aurora kr A     G66 clip if
    Scale-Master decal sheet pros     G66 clip if
    Airfix -100 conv to -200 w Griffin vform PA    G66 clip
    MicroScale 707 1/144 decals work w 727 il A    G66 ckuo

General Aviation News
    727 converted to home PA    GAN 27 Jan 03 if

IPMS Quarterly
    United 727 schemes pros    IPMSQ 7/4 if

IPMS United Kingdom
    pros Dil PA IPMSUK Feb 70 if
    wing colors Dil    IPMSUK Oct 70 if
    pro   IPMSUK March 71 if

    executive conv PD     JP4 Jan 84 if
    exec conv Cca     JP4 clip if

    users CPsurv    KF Oct 72 if
    demonstrator tours Japan PD    KF clip if

MAC Flyer
    Eastern Al Flight 66 crash at JFK 1983 A     MACF July 83 if

    w Braniff, Calder scheme 3v A    News 4/3 March 76

Pilot News
    727 production to end A-    PN March 83 if

Plastic Aircraft Modelling
    1/144 Airfix PA     PAM #30 July 79

Professional Pilot
    Dee Howard exec conv CPDA     ProPi Feb 82 if
    727 of Vancouver Canucks hockey team CPDA     Pro Pi Mar 85 if
    exec 727 of Malcolm Forbes CPDA inter w Forbes    ProPi Sep 85 if

Scale Aircraft Modeler
    727 colors & finishes CPA Dil     ScAc Mod Sum 77 if
    Scale Master decals for BWIA and Air West CPA   ScAcMod Spr 78 if

Scale Aircraft Modeling
    pros PA    ScAcMdg 2/12 Sep 80

Scale Modeler
    Braniff Int’l -200 Griffin v-form conv CPA    SM Jan 79 if
    Senegal VIP -200 conversion Griffin v-form conv CPA     SM 15/4 Apr 80 if
    1/144 Wein Air Alaska CPA     SM May 81 if`

Scale Models
    Nitto 1/100 kr PA    ScMods Feb 73 if

Time (I think)
    takeoff crash of Delta Flt 1141 CPA    Time  clip if

Caler color scheeme Braniff 4v PA     clip if
Canadian 727 operators pros    clip if
w Polynesian al CP     clip if
727-100 REW exec mod CPD+    clip  if
world’s most popular tri-jet Bo advert clip CPA    clip  if
world’s most profitable airbus Bo advert clip Cil Aj  clip if

kit instructions
Entex 1/100 American Al if
Minicraft-Hasegawa 1/200 Delta if

newspaper clips
wing slat extension may have caused rollover last April PA      npclip 18 Jan 80 if
Iran Air crash A     npclip 23 Jan 80 if
Dan Air 727 crash at Tenerife PA     npclip 27 Apr 80 if
bomb rips UAL 727 at Sacramento, Calif A     npclip 2 Sep 80 if
Delta Al Flt 334 hijacked to Cuba A     npclip 4 Sep 80 if
bomb rips UAL jet A     npc 10 Sep 80 if
gunmen surrender on Continental 727 A     npclip 6Mar 81 if
TWA Flt 841 dives but recovers A     npclip 10 June 81 if
PanAm gear collapse after aborted to n FL P+     npclip 18 Aug 81 if
Libiyan Al hijacked A     npclip 8 Dec 81 if
Moslem hijackers land in Tehran PA     npclip 9 Dec 81 if
Libyan Al hijackers surrender n Beirut A     npclip 10 Dec 81 if
bomb on Nicaragua 72 injures 5 A      npclip 13 Dec 81 if
VASP Al 727 crash n Brazil A     npclip 9 June 82 if
46 killed n Turkish Airlines crash A     npc 7 Jan 83 if
Portland, OR hijacker killed by FBI A      npclip 21 Jan 83 if
Eastern Al Flt 194 belly landing at Miami A     npclip 16 Feb 83 if
NWO 727 clips wing on pole at O’Hare A     npclip 17 July 83 if
7 arrested after jet hijack to Cuba A     npclip 18 July 83 if
727 back in US after hijack to Cuba A     npclip 19 Aug 83 if
hijackers threaten to blow up airplane PA    npclip 29 Aug 83 if
hijackers free hostages & surrender in Iran A     npclip 1 Sep 83 if
al hija > Cuba is 11th since May 1 A    npclip 22 Sep 83 if
Western Al w smoke-filled cpit lands safely     npclip 8 Oct 83 if
727 collides w DC-9 at Madrid apt PA     npclip 7 Dec 83 if
727 collision w DC-9 at Madrid A     npclip 8 Dec 83 if
2nd al hijacked to Cuba A     npclip 29 Mar 84 if
American Al Flt 312 emergency landing at Milwaukee A     npclip 13 June 84 if
hijacked Iran 727 stays on ground PA     npclip 27 June 84 if
last 727 rolls out of Boeing A    npclip 14 Aug 84 if
Iran 727 hijacked, captives freed A      npclip 28 Aug 84 if
Eastern Al crash wreckage sited A     npclip 3 Jan 85 if
rescue crew will try to reach EAl Andes wreck A     npclip 3 Jan 85 if
Red Cross tries to reach Eastern Al crash n Andes A     npclip 4 Jan 85 if
Eastern Al crash in Andes efforts to recover bodies suspended A      npclip 8 Jan 85 if
Iberia Al crash n Spain A     npclip 19 Feb 85 if
Iberia crash PA     npc 21 Feb 85 if
America Al flt lands after engine falls off A     npclip 17 Apr 85 if
Eastern Al abort to crash A     npclip 25 Sep 85 if
Iran behind Kuwait 727 hijack A     npclip 18 Dec 85
UAL 727 nosgear collapse at O’Hare PA     npclip 7 Feb 86 if
fist-size hole found n 727 A     npclip 13 Feb 86 if
Mexicana Al crash n Mexico PA     npclip 1 Apr 86 if
Mexicana crash bodies recovered A     npclip 2 Apr 86 if
bomb explodes on landing TWA at Athens PA     npclip 2 Apr 86 if
TWA bomb explosion landing at Athens PA     npclip 3 Apr 86 if
TWA blast sparks travel warnings PA     npclip 3 Apr 86 if
woman Arab terrorist sought re TWA bomb A     npclip 4 Apr 86 if
woman terrorist denies responsibility for TWA bomb     npclip 5 Apr 86 if
TWA bomb similar to Palestinian terrorst bomb A     npclip 6 Apr 86 if
Mexicana 727 caught fire in flight A     npclip 7 Apr 86 if
Mexicana crash probably caused by bomb A     npclip 10 Apr 86 if
Mexicana crash cause by explosion n wheel well A     npclip 14 Apr 86 if
no one ruled out as TWA bomber A     npclip 14 Apr 86 if
Delta Al landing with partial lg extension n Portland A     npclip 24 Mar 88 if
capture of Columbian 727 hijacker A     npclip 25 May 88 if
Delta 1141 crash probe targets flaps, engine PA     npclip 2 Sep 88 if
Delta Flt 1141 Dallas crash crew reports contradict evidence A 3 Sep 88 if
Delta 1141 copilot has no memory of Dallas crash A     npclip 4 Sep 88 if
Delta crash probers return to WashDC A     npclip 6 Sep 88 if
Delta Dallas Aug 31 to crash not due to engine failure A     np 16 Sep 88 if
USN diver killed by TWA hijackers A     npclip 21 Sep 88 if
Delta Dallas crash pilot testifies at hearing A     npclip 1 Nov 88
Eastern Al emerg landing at Charleston after hole opens in fus PA      npclip 27 Dec 88 if
EAL 727 lost pressure before mishap A     npclip 28 Dec 88 if
EAL grounds 1 of 46 old 727 after finding crack A     npclip 29 Dec 88 if
Cuban surrenders after hijacking 727 PA     npclip 28 May 89 if
Continental Al tail engine disintegrates on to, aborts to A     npclip 14 Aug 89 if
727 crashes in Benin A     npclip 26 Dec 03 if
divers recover bodies after 727 crash off beach in Benin A     npclip 27 Dec 03 if
FAA orders emergency inspections A     npclip if

clips and miscellaneous thin publications
Boeing 727-200 brochure PA il if
Boeing news release S-7632 pre-service tests A if
Boeing news release S-7647 new 727 A if
Boeing news release S-8498 larger 727 announced A if
Boeing news release S-8652 727-200 ideal for high dens A Dec 13 65
727 booklet Boeing il A if
727s to outnumber 707s on prod line A Boeing nr if
-200 comp w 727 Boeing charts if
-200 characteristics Boeing charts if
Flt Testing PA il AmSoc of Mech Eng booklet if
Advanced 727-200 advert clip if
Eastern Al 727-200 fact sheet A if
PSA 727 going down after mid-air w Cessna CP+ clip if
World’s Most Profitable Airbus – Boeing advert clip if
World’s Most Popular Trijet – Boeing advert clip if
727 first flight PA – Boeing magazine clip if
w 40 Sqdn New Zealand AF P+ clip if


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