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An "if" at the end of a reference line indicates material in files and not in the intact magazines.

 Air Classics
    Dash 80 CPDA AC 9/8 Aug 73 if
    Dash 80 at D-M AFB P AC Nov 76 if

Aircraft Illustrated
    Air Force One PA      AcIl 3/7 July 70
    w Trans Mediterranean Aw CP     AcIl 5/7 July 72
    707-320 w Iran AF air refuel mod P+      AcIl Dec 76 if
    Psurv      AcIl 12/8 Aug 79

Air International
    ops w Iran AF CPA     AI Dec 76 if

Airline Executive
    Super Q mod could bring back 707s     AlEx Feb 87 if

Air Pictoral
    w Air Rhodesia P     Air Pict June 73

Airp & Space
    Dash 80 hist CPA     A & S 2/1     Apr May 87

Air Progress
    proto 4v xs     AP 56/57
    production proto PA     AP Spr 58
    PDA     AP Apr-May 64

Airline Quarterly
    -720 of Ecuatoriana CP     AlQ Fal 79
    -720 w Aerocondor CP     AlQ Fal 79

Air Progress
    707 proto rollout P     AP clip if

Air Trails
    proto 4v xs A     AT Dec 54

Air Trails The World’s Great Aircraft
    hist PA     ATtWGA Sum 71 if

Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men
    pirep PA     ATHFYoung Men Oct 56

Air Travel Official Airline Guide
    Bo advert     ATravOfAlGui Nov 66 if
    Bo advert     ATravOfAlGui clip if

    flying for als PA     Airways 4/4 Apr 70

American Aviation
    early TWA mkgs il +     AmAv 27 Feb 56
    status, mockup interior PDA     AmAv 4 Jun 56 if
    Bo advert     AmAv 4 Nov 57 if
    Boeing ad     AmAv 21 Ap 58 if
    Western Al ad     AmAv May 64 if
    707-320C status PA     AmAv Aug 64 if
    advert     AmAv clip if

    707-320C w CFM-56 engines tests stalled     Av Apr 80 if

Aviation Convention News
    VIP 707s 720s too noisy A     AvConN 1 Nov 80 if

Aviation Daily
    Bo sees market for 100 Freighters by 68     AvDa 25June 64 if

Aviation Heritage
    Dash 80 hist Cil A     AvHer Nov 90 if

Aviation News
    Osyrv     AvN 8-21 Dec 1.15 uf
    w Sabena P     AvN 2-15 Mar 1/21 ifPA AvN 22Jun-5Jul 2/3 if

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    proto PA    AW 17 May 54
    production status PDA     AW Jan 20 58 if
    720 proto rollout P+     AW 16 Nov 89 if
    720 starts flight test P+     AWST Jan 4 60 uf
    Pan Am ops with PA      AW March 7 60 if
    w American Al cov P     AWST July 18 60 if 
    Western Al flies 707s advert     AWST July 18 60 if
    American Al ops at Idlewild PA     AWST Aug 29 60 frag if
    720 with turbofans of Western AL P+     AW Apr 10 61 if
    w American Al CPcov     AWST 1 May 61 if
    707-320B for John Kennedy A     AWST 4 Dec 61 if
    w American Al CP cov     AWST May 1 61 if
    727 wing geom & nacelle tested on 707 proto Pcov     AWST June 5 61 if
    Continental deplane procedure at Denver PA     AWST Aug 2 61 frag if
    first 707-320B turbofan rollout P+     AWST Feb 5 62 if
    proto still being used as testbed PA     AWST May 28 62 if
    hijacked TWA to Damascus PA     AWST 8 Sep 69 if
    NTSB urges 707 lav mod A      AWST Sep 10 73 if
    707 tail used for AWACs antenna tests P+      AWST July 29 74 if
    KAL crash n Iran causes A     AWST Sep 27 76 if
    Varig 707 crash at Orly A     AWST 12 Apr 76 if
    KAL force down n Sov Un PA     AWST May 1 78 if
    business interiors in 707-320B CP+     AWST Apr 16 79 if
    crash n Zambia May 14 77 investigation report A     AWST Sep 10 79 if
    crash n Zambia May 14 77 report A     AWST Sep 17 79 if
    crash in Zambia causes cited A     AWST Sep 24 79 if
    w CFM56 turbofans P+     AWST 10 Dec 79 if
    of El Al equipped with guided missile sensors PDA     AWST May 26 80 if
    Pan Am marketing as refuel ac A     AWST July 20 81 if
    707s to be converted to tankers PA     AWST Dec 13 82 if
    w CFM56 single engine mtd on wing SP+     AWST March 7 83 if
    703-320 conv to air refueling tanker P+     AWST March 28 83 if
    CF-18s refuelled from Canada Forces CC-137 tanker P+     AWST July 4 83 if
    w Tracor/Shannon hush kit P+     AWST Oct 29 84 if
    720 crash dem completes tests before crash PA     AWST Nov 5 84
    720 crash demo described A     AWST Dec 10 84 if
    720 crash dummy reactions PDA     AWST 1 Apr 85 if
    w Tracor/Shannon quiet nacelles CPcov P+     AWST May 27 85 if
    CFM56 testbed P+     AWST Sep 1 86 if
    Italy issues RFP for 707 tankers A-     AWST Dec 1 86 if
    probably actual 707 proto (not Dash 80)CP     AWST Dec 18 90 if
    720 testbed for TPF351-20 turboprop eng CP+     AWST July 30 90 if
    fuselage pod refueling considered CPA     AWST Nov 6 95 if
    effort to re-start 707 prod line stopped CPA     AWST Sep 9 91 if
    recent crashes n Zimbabwe & Ivory Coast CPA     AWST 6 Mar 00 if
    P&W 7Q7 mod tests CPA     AWST20 Aug 01 if
    720 controlled crash dummies filmed P+     AWST clip if
    727 wing geom & nacelle tested on 707 proto P+     AWST clip if
    w CFM56 engines CP     AWST clip if
    air refuel drogues tested CP+     AWST clip if
    Air France ac for sale advert CPA     AWST clip if
    of Donaldson (Brit charter) P+     AWST clip if
    707 tanker transport mod C+     AWST clip if

Business & Commercial Aviation
    720 for sale used advert     B&CAv clip if
    720B bus mod advert CPDA     B&CAv Oct 79

Communter Air Intl
    with Garrett TPF351-20 engines ff CPA     ComAInt Sep 90 if

Flight International
    Boeing plans new airliner il A     Flt 7 Aug 53 if
    ca      Flt 1 Nov 57 if
    707-820 planned Dil 3v A     Flint  3 Jun 65 if
    w British Caledonian CP cov     Flint 3 Aug 72 if
    720 AST Test mod for sub hunting ca 3v PDA     Flint 18 Jan 73 if
l    anding the 707 pi opinion A     Flint 7 Mar 74 if
    707-336C short hist 3vA il     Flint 31 Jan 74 if
    Varig 707 crash due to toilet fire A     Flint 17 Apr 76 if
    safety test crash planned PA     Flint 12 May 84
    IAI tanker mod PA     Flint 3 Oct 87 if
    -720 V2500 test bed CPDA     Flint 18 Jun 88 if
    707-320 mod for air refueling n Israel AF CPDA     Flint 22 Jul 89 if
    707 surveillance mods status CPDA     Flint 2 Nov 94 if
    ca     Flint clip

Flightline Times
    PanAm retires last 707 PA     FltlnT 22 Apr 61 if

    -720 proto PDA F 67/5 Nov 60
    w FAA P    F 69/1 July 61
    707-323C cargo ac w American Al P     F Jan 64
    American Al advert      F Jan 64 if
    707-320C American Al Freighter P+     F Feb 64 if
    American Al advert     F Feb 65 if

Flying Review International
    720 3v CPA     FRI 21.8 Apr 66

Gate 66
    720 conv < Revell 707 PA     G66 #48 if
    1/144 Airfix     Gate 66 Apr 77
    air freightere P     Gate 66 June 77

IPMS Quarterly
    Air Force One 2v Dil A     IPMS Q 2/5

IPMS United Kingdom
    series development pros PA     IPMSUK Jan 68 if

Koku Fan
    w Luftwaffe P KF Nov 72 ifw China Al P     KF June 74
    w Air France P     KF Oct 75 if

    707-320C 4v xs     L&K 16/84

Model Airplane News
    solid model plan     MAN May 56

National Geographic
    Bo advert      Nat Geo Nov 64 if
    PanAm ad     Nat Geo Sep 68 if

Pilot News
    last TWA 707 to boneyard PA     PiNews Dec 83 if
    last TWA 707 to boneyard PA     PiNews Aug 84 if

Popular Science
    spare jet rides in pd P+     PS Nov 59 if

Professional Pilot
   of Wistair Int’l business layout CPDA     ProPi Sep 79 if
    last prod 707 delivery flt P+     ProPi Apr 82 if
    Nautilus 707s & Arthur Jones CPA     ProPi Nov 84 if

    707s into Australia AF service w 33 Sqdn PA      RAAFN July 83 if

Scale Aircraft Modeling
    707 & 720 pros     ScAcMdg Feb 81

Scale Modeler
    American Al freighter Revell 1/144 CPA     SM July 77 if

Scale Models
    kit surv CPDA 3v     ScMods 15/174 Apr 74

Small Air Force Clearinghouse
    w Australia AF pros     SAFO 6/3 Apr 82

    Global Int flt of Somoza to Amsterdam PA     Time 23 July 79 if
    last US scheduled flt PA     Time 14 Nov 83

Dash 80 Bo booklet if
Boeing jet fleet assures operational economies Bo booklet if

misc clips
w Iraq Al CP     clip  if
w Tempair Intl Al Ltd advert    clip  if
Dash 80 ops today PA Bo mag     clip if
w Lufthansa CP     clip if
American Al advert     clip Oct 62 if
engine silencers on 707 P    clip  if
720 w UAL P     clip  if
720B Bo 3v stats     clip if
720 Bo 3v stats    clip  if
hist CPA Cpro 3v     clip if
cargo carrier of RACE N345FA ops CPA     clip Jan 88 if
707-328 cargo Air France advert     clip if
w Tampa Columbia CP     World Airline Fleets if
UAL 720 P+ UAL      clip if

model kit & decal instructions
Minicraft 1/144 707-351 Northwest     clip  if
solid model plan     clip if

newspaper clips
Taiwan landing crash at Manila PA     npclip Feb 28 80 if
controller commended for averting Aerolineas Artentinas accident A      npclip Feb 28 81 if
Pakistanis hijack jet to Afthanistan A     npclip March 3 81 if
jet hijackers kill Pakistani diplomat A     npclip March 7 81 if
snags hinder release of hijack captives     npclip March 13 81 if
Pakistanis meet hijack demands A     npclip March 14 81 if
hijackers surrender to Syrians A     npclip March 15 81 if
720 crash planned for safety test A     npclip Jan 24 82 if
last sched 707 flt n US A     npclip Oct 30 83 if
world cruise n 707 planned A     np clip 22 Jan 84
drugged Nigerian diplomats discovered on BCal 707 PA     npclip July 6 84 if
Shiite hijacker surrenders n Beirut A     npclip July 22 84 if
Somali Airlines hijack A     npclip Nov 25 84 if
Somali Airlines hijack ends PA      npclip Nov 27 84 if
720 crash to test anti-flame fuel additive A     npclip Nov 30 84 if
720 crash results uncertain PA     npclip Dec 2 84 if
Middle East Airlines hijack A     np clip Feb 24 85 if
US charter crash n Azores map A     npclip Feb 9 89 if
US charter crash n Azores flt recorder found PA      npclip Feb 10 89 if
US charter crash n Azores flt recorder found A     npclip Feb 11 89 if
US charter crash n Azores A     npclip Feb 18 89 if
Brazil crash n jungle A-     npclip Sep 5 89 if
TransBrazil cargo crash n Brazil PA     npclip March 22 89 if
TransBrazil crash n Braz PA     npclip March 22 90 if
Avianca flt 052 crash PA     npclip Jan 28 90 if
Avianca flt crash A     npclip Jan 29 90 if

CC-137_Canadian-flown 707 with and without air refuelling capability
CP clip if
refuells 2 Canada F-18s P+     AWST 4 July 83 if


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