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Aero Digest
    -57A 3vPA AeDig March 53

Aeph 2/3 80
    RB-57F PDA ca 4v indiv hists Aeph 2/3 80

Air Classics
    RB-57F 3vCPA AC 9/10 Oct 73
    B-57A 3v AC Oct 73
    w Arkansas ANG PA AC Dec 81
    all black PA AC Dec 81

Aircraft Illustrated
    RB-57F w NASA PA AcIl Oct 79
    PDA pirep AcIl July 80

    "Super Canberra" 3v A A 7/5 Sep 77

Air Progress
    CPA AP 26/4 Apr 70
    w NASA P AP 30/5 May 72

Aviation News
    WB-57F CPcov AvN 12/8 8-22 Sep 83

     combat ops CPA FP #70 May 87

IPMS Quarterly
    RB-57F 3v Dil A IPMSQ 8/3 Fal 73
    w NASA IPMSQ 10/3 Spr 75
    w Pakistan AF 2v IPMSQ 10/4 Sum 75
    B-57A w NASA pro A IPMSQ 13/1 77
    EB-57 P IPMSQ 13/1 77
    pros Dil A IPMSQ 15/2 Win 79

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    RB-57A last op A JAS Spr 70

Koku Fan
    CP KF July 72
    B-57E 363 TRW CP KF Oct 72

    interior Dil NEWS Apr 77

Scale Modeler
    -57B Italeri 1/72 CPA SM 21/8 Aug 86

Scale Models
    EB-57E CPA ScMods Sep 77

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