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Aero Digest
    YB-52 3v PA     AeDig March 53

Aeroplane Monthly
    XB-YB development PA     AeMo 9/6 June 81
    hist CPA     AeMo July 81 if
    hist CPA     AeMo 9/7 July 81

Aerospace Historian
    20th Anniv commem PA     AH Win,Dec 75 if

Air Classics
    CPA     AC 8/11 Sep 72
    mounted on outdoor display     AC 11/5 May 75
    ops n Viet War CPA     AC clip if

Air Combat
    logistics supply desc PA     AComb 6/6 Nov 78
    offensive avionics il     AComb Jan 79 if
    Viet War ops CPA     AComb March 82 if
    52D USAF phaseout PA     AComb March 84
    52D ops w 2nd BS CPA     AComb 8/6 Nov 80 if
    Viet War kills of MiGs PA     AComb 9/5 Sep 81
    Viet War ops CPA     AComb 10/2 March 82

Air Enthusiast
    ops n Giant Voice 1971 CPA     AE Apr 72 if

Aircraft Illustrated
    PA     AcIl 3/12 Dec 70
    CCV test bed CPA     AcIl 6/8 Aug 73
    CPA     AcIl 8/3 Mar 75
    CP     AcIl 8/4 Apr 75
    Strike Com bomb nav comp 77 CP     AcIl July 77
    "City of Fort Worth" CP     AcIl clip if

Aircraft Illustrated Extra
    w NASA P     AcIlX #33

Air & Space Smithsonian
    status, ops CPDA     A&S 3/6 March 89
    breaking up 52s for metal recovery n AZ CPA     A&S Jun-Jul 95 if

Air Force
    B-52G pirep PA     AF Nov 74 if
    crash at Wright Patt AFB PDA     AF Oct 75 if
    B-52 slated for early retirement A     AF Oct 83 if
    tail gun turret CP cov & status CPA     AF Feb 84 if
    new cpit w EVS screens P     AF Oct 74 if
    GPS navigation upgrade PA     AF May 85 if
    modernised CP cov     AF Nov 80 if
    schedule for early retirement A     AF 66/10 Oct 83 if
    sea patrol ops CPDA     AF Oct 87 if
    "Glossy Eagle" cleanup program PA     AF Feb 88 if
    "There I Was" humor il     AF Apr 90 if
    first trans-globe flight with bombing mission PA     AF Oct 94 if
     Barksdale AFB trng ops CPDA     AF Dec 95 if

    hist & status CPDA     A 12/2 March 82

Airpower Journal
    wild weasel missions PA     AJ Spr 89 if

Air Progress
    B-52G PDA     AP Fal 59
    Conroy Colossal Guppy mod propo pro A     AP June 67
    YB-52 PA     AP Sum 61
     NB-52A PA     AP Sum 61
    B-52G w Hound Dog PA     AP Sum 61
    B-52H w Skybolt miss PA     AP Sum 61
    Conroy "Colossal Guppy (8 jet large cargo mod propo) il       AP June 67 if
    GE TF-39 engine test ac P+     AP July 67 if
    4 port engines running landing at Wurtsmith PA     AP July 69 if
    PDA     AP 36.3 March 74
    trng mission PDA     AP March 75 if
    w C-5 engine mounted P     AP Sep 68
    ops n Viet War CPA     AP Dec 68

Air Progress Review
    practice mission desc PA     APR Fal 77 if

Air Trails
    XB-52 P     AT May 52
    XB-52 3v xs     AT July 52

American Aviation
    w J-75 test jets on outer pods P+     AmAv 4 Nov 57 if

Aviation News
    to Imperial War Mus PA     AvN 4-17 Nov 83
    service life stretch to 2000 PA     AvN 5/3 9-22 July 76 if

Aviation Week
    B-52A PA     AW 12 Apr 54

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    52H w Hound Dogs il+     AWST 8 Feb 60 if
    B-52G w Hound Dogs CP     AWST 7 March 60 if
    52G w Hound Dogs view from tanker Pcov     AWST 25 July 60 if
    52G w test turbofans P cov     AWST 1 Aug 60 if
    civil B-52G test crew wears MC-3 pressure suits P+     AWST 19 Sep 60 if
    anti-icing fuel additive approved A     AWST Dec 26 60 if
    Skybolts system compatability testing PA     AWST 30 Jan 61 if
   -52H ff PA     AWST 20 March 61 if
    F-100 downs 52 w Sidewinder accident A     AWST 17 Apr 61 if
    use as 1st stage booster considered il A     AWST 28 Aug 61 if
     w Skybolt test missiles CP     AWST 25 Sep 61 if
    Skybolt launched from PA     AWST 30 Apr 62 if
    lands after most of vert stab torn away n hi turb PDA     AWST 9 March 64 if
    -52 most feared weapon n Viet PA     AWST 1 May 67 if
    P&W JT9D-3 engine test P+     AWST 24 June 68 if
    B-52H SRAM miss test ac P cov     AWST 12 May 69 if
    SRAMs on multiple launchers n b-bay CP     AWST 11 Oct 71 if
    ECM changes after Viet War losses PA     AWST 8 Jan 73 if
    optical viewing system PA     AWST 26 Jan 76 if
    B-52G/H avionics upgrade considered il A     AWST 23 Feb 76 if
    electro optical nav system plans PA DIl     AWST 10 May 76
    ALCMs introduced to B-52 ops PDA     AWST 10 May 76 if
    training ops desc PDA     AWST 10 May 76 if
    lifetime extension effor PA     AWST 10 May 76 if
    bomb/nav changes in B-52 update PDA ca     AWST 14 Aug 78 if
    B-52G missile carrier test begin PA     AWST 14 May 79 if
    B-52G modernization il A     AWST 15 Oct 79 if
    B-52Ds to support NATO A     AWST 15 Oct 79 if
    on platform for nuclear blast test CP cov     AWST 3 March 80 if
    bomber fleet upgrades CPA     AWST 16 June 80 if
    simulator for in flt refuelling PDA      AWST 30 June 80 if
    offensive avionics test A     AWST 1 Sep 80 if
    tail warning radar test PA     AWST 29 Sep 80 if
    P&W JT9D test ac PA     AWST 3 Nov 80 if
    cruise missile carriers modified w NATO mkgs PA     AWST June 1 81 if
    to operate with Harpoon missles A     AWST 16 Aug 82 if
    testing Boeing ALCM CP+    AWST 21 Feb 83 if
    wing break during ground flue xfer P+     AWST 29 Aug 83 if
    Space Shuttle booster parachute test drop B-52 P+     AWST 10 Oct 83 if
    upgrade to carry cruise missiles A     AWST 3 Sep 84 if
    EMP protection test on ground at Kirtland AFB PA     AWST 17 Sep 84 if
    GPS installed on B-52G PDA    AWST  1 Apr 85 if
    n NATO Deep-Strike exercise A      AWST 9 Sep 85 if
    52s w cruise missiles exceeds SALT 2 limits A     AWST 8 Dec 86 if
    52Gs to be mod for conventional bbg PA     AWST 4 July 88 if
    Pegasus space booster tested on B-52 CP+     AWST 18 Sep 89 if
    advanced cruise missile on B-52 wing pylon CPA     AWST 14 May 90 if
    reallocation plans CPA     AWST 3 June 94 if
    -52H refurbished, status CPDA     AWST 11 Dec 95 if
    use forecast A     AWST 8 Jan 96
     -52H new workhorse at Dryden CPA     AWST 20 Aug 01 if
    Skybolt live drop test P     AWST clip if
    to launch first live Skybolts PA    AWST clip if

Canadian Aviation
    practice ops over Canada PA    CanadAv Aug 79

Combat Crew
    importance of crew coordination A     CombCrew May 74 if
    bailing out desc A     CombCrew Sep 74 if
    hist PA     CombCrew Nov 74 if
    copilot duties PA     CombCrew Oct 75 if
    overheated lg takeoff incident A     CombCrew Sep 76 if
    hard to see a B-52 in ltplanes il A     CombCrew Nov 77 if
    97th BW safety record with 52 PA     CombCrew Sep 78 if
    birdstrike PDA     CombCrew Oct 78 if
    "Grampa’s Thoughts on the B-52 il A    CombCrew Nov 78 if
    new bomb/nav system PDA ca     CombCrew Dec 78 if
    egress update PA     CombCrew Jan 79 if
    fire on takeoff A     CombCrew Feb 79 if

The Combat Edge
    flying Iraq War mission CPA    TheCombatEdge clip

    52G w Hound Dogs 3v     Flt 1 Jan 60
    Space Shuttle booster parachute test B-52 P+     Flt 30 July 77 if
    B-52s shadow Kiev A     Flit 13 May 78 if

Flight International
    52s bombing DMZ A     Flint 26 Aug 71 if
    Singer-Link simulator PDA il     Flint 9 Aug 80 if
    Singer-Link weapon system trainer ops PDA     Flint 24 Dec 83 if
    more CSRLs purchased for B-52s PA     Flint 16 Jan 88
    B-52s grounded after accident A     Flint 17 Dec 88 if

Flight Safety
    refuelling incident CPA     FltSaf July 95 if

    low alt trng flt CPDA     F Sep 81 if

Flying Review
    -52H Skybolt test ac CPA     FR XVIII/1 if if

In Flight USA
    B-52 of NASA today PA     InFlightUSA July 95 if

IPMS Quarterly
    3v A     IPMSQ 6/3 if
    Dil PA     IPMS Q clip if

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    on Guam PA     JAS Fal 66

Koku Fan
    CP     KF July 72
    CP surv     KF Apr 75 if
    B-52D departing Kadena AB, Japan CP     KF Feb 76 if
    "City of Fort Worth" and "Spirit of Kittyhawk" noseart CP      KF clip if

Mechanix Illustrated
    practice mission desc CPDA     MechIl Nov 78 if

    status today CPA     Newsweek Feb 18 91 if

National Geographic
    testing YB & wind tunnel models CP     Nat Geo clip if

The Navigator
    new nav/bomb system il A     TNav Win 77 if
    B-52 downing over NViet by "last one out" il A     TNav clip if

Popular Science
    low altitude practice mission desc PA     PopSci July 60 if
    X-15 carrier in for checkup P+     PopSci Apr 62 if

Private Pilot
    night trng mission PDA     PriPi 4/7 Apr 69 if
    flight in one A     PriPi 6/2 Feb 71 if

Scale Aircraft Modeller
    NASA X-15 carrier conv 1/72 Monogram CPDA Dil     ScAcMod Sum 75 if

Scale Aircraft Modelling
    hist CPDA 3v     ScAcMdg 1/11 Aug 79

Scale Modeler
    1/72 Monogram     SM Jan 69
    1/72 Monogram CPA     SM 9/1 Jan 74
    uprated 52G 1/72 Monogram CPA     SM 19/1 Jan 84 if
    1/200 DML kr CPA     SM 23/12 Dec 88

Scale Models
    Tamiya 1/100 B-52D PA     ScMods Aug 74 if
    bomb comp visit to UK CPDA     ScMods May 82 if

Take Off
    ops today CPDA Cca     Take Off #44 if

Top Gun
    crash of B-52 flown by Col. Holland CPA     Top Gun #1 1996 if

    flying test lab CPA     W 10/1 Feb 80
    w NASA CPDA     W 10/1 Feb 80

                  MODEL ARTICLE CLIPS
Monogram 1/72 1968 kit instructions if
Monogram 1/72 1973 kit instructions if
hist by Monogram Models PA if
Monogram 1/72 1968 kit advert clip if
early Revell kit instructions if
1967 Revell kit instructions if
Tamiya 1/100 B-52G kit instructions

Background hist A USAF Offutt if
background his PA Boeing April 80 if
B-52 Launch Aircraft PA NASA/Ames if

4v xs clip if
52G flt crew n MC-3 pressure suits P+ clip if
52F 76473 Skybolt test ac CP clip if
2-man 4 camera pressurized b-bay capsule P+ clip if
4 left engines only landing PA clip if
GE TF-39 engine test ac P clip if

crash at March AFB PA np clip Oct 20 78 if
surveillance missions over Indian O and Arabian Sea A np clip Jan 22 80 if
fatal crash at Mather AFB np clip Dec 17 82 if
explosion on ground at Grand Forks, ND PA Jan 28 83 if
explosion on ground at Grand Forks, ND PA Jan 29 83 if
joint crash recov team finds bones n Viet A np clip Nov 20 85
1963 low alt ejection n Mass Davis Enterprise Jan 24 88 if
SAC chief tries to find niche for 52s np clip March 9 88 if
PA B-52s grounded A np clip Dec 7 88 if
oldest retired to Offutt PA np clip July 89 if
hist PA np clip Dec 2 01 if
B-52s return to Afghanistan War A np clip Dec 2 02 if
upgrades planned Cil PA np clip if


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