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Boeing B-47 Stratofortress -- ADI References on Hand

This page was most recently updated Monday, October 22, 2007

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An "if" at the end of a reference line indicates material in files (for faster retrieval)..

    WB-47 PA pros ca     Aeph

Aerospace Historian
    PDA     AH 26/3 Fall/Sep 79

Air Classics
    deliv to PNAHF PA     AC 7/1 Oct 70
    B-47E "Spirit" flt to Castle AFB mus PA     AC Jan 87 if
    B-47E "Pride of the Adirondacks" lawn guard n Penn. PA      AC Nov 83 if

Air Combat
    last in USAF PA     AComb Nov 76 if
    hist PA     AComb 9/5 Sep 81
    hist & users PA     AComb pullout if

   hist CPA     Apr  Jan 74 if
    anti metal fatigue fix PDA     Apr 9/1 Jan 79
    XB-47D PA     Apr June 82

Air International
    EB-47E w US Navy P     AI July 76 if

American Airman
    Boeing advert     American Airman 7 May 56 if

Air Progressr
     XB-47D P AP 55/56 if
    B-47A PA AP Sum 61
    B-47B engine test for B-52 PA     AP Sum 61
    RB-47E PA   AP Sum 61
    RB-47H PA  AP Sum 61
    RB-47K PA     AP Sum 61
    B-47EII PA     AP Sum 61

Air Progress Aviation Review
    ferry to CO mus PA     APAvRev 5/1 Spr 80 if

Air Trails
    XB-47 rollout status CPA     AT  March 48 if
    provis wind tunnel designs PA     AT Feb 51 if
    S model plans PA     AT Dec 51
    CP cover     AT Feb 52 if

Aviation News
    last flying n USAF RB-47H 0-34296 PA     AvN 28 Dec – 8 Jan 76 if
    ops w SAC hist PA     AvN 31 Dec 82 – 3 Jan 83

Aviation Week/Aviation Week Space Technology
    RB-47 shoot down over Berents Sea aftermath A     AW 18 July 60
    contrail elimination test PA     AW 19 Sep 60 if

Combat Crew
    split flap landing incident il A     Combat Crew June 74 if
    crash investigation PA     Combat Crew Sep 75 if

Fine Scale Modeler
    47A conv from 47E 1/72 Hasegawa CPDA     FSM 5/3 June 87

    Lockheed starts production of 47 A     Flt Oct 51 if

    PDA    F June 48

    TF-34 test ac PA     Interavia 4/71 if

IPMS Quarterly
    mem "Pride of the Adirondacks" pros A     IPMSQ Sum 73 if
    "Pride of the Adirondacks" Dil A     IPMSQ 8/3 Fal 73 if
    n USN PDA     IPMSQ 13/3

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    ERB-47H P     JAS Fal 68
    hist PA    JAS Fal 68
    n USN P     JAS Spr 71

Newsletter American Aviation Historical Society
    n USN to retire soon PA     NAAHS #44 if

    serial 0-20166 PA     JP4 clip if

Koku Fan
    EB-47 on final approach CP     KF Feb 68 is
    serials A     KF Aug 73 if
    w US Navy CP     KF July 75 if
    PD     KF clip if

Lectivi & Kosmunautica
    devel pros PA     L+K 83/232
    3v xs PA     L+K 83/274 if

Model Airplane News
    5v xs MAN June 56 if

National Geographic
    XB-47 top view P     NatGeog Feb 48 if
    n Morocco P     NatGeog Feb 55 if
    servicing tail CP     NatGeog Sep 55 if

Popular Science
    flying it PDA     PopSci Nov 49 if
    onboard computer beats Dutch roll PDA il     PopSci Jan 50 if
    static wing stress testing PA     PopSci Apr 51 if
    refuelling from KC-97A P     PopSci Aug 51 if

Scale Aircraft Modeler
    based at Edwards AFB 1/72 Hasegawa CPA     ScAcMod Fall 73
    1/72 Hasegawa PA    ScAcMod Jan 79 if

Scale Modeler
    1/72 Hasegawa PA     SM May 69 if
    1/72 Hasegawa CPA 4v     SM 20/11 Nov 85

Scale Models
    Canadair CL-52 conv 1/72 Hasegawa/Frog PDA     ScMods Feb 72 if

Warbirds International
    last flight of a B-47 PA     WbInt Wint 86 PA

    Iroquois jet test bed for Avro PA     W 9/1 Feb 79
    hist CPDA CPA     W 11/4 Aug 81
    XB-47D 3v PA W 11/4 Aug 81

Wings West
crash wreckovery from Yellowstone Park PA     Wings West Jan-Feb 94 if

AMT/Hasegawa 1/72    kit plans if
Revell 1/113.6 scale    kit plans if
Revell 1/113.6 early kit     plans if

XB-47 ready for testing     newspaper clip Sep 13 47 if
lawn guard @ Dyess AFB PA     newspaper clip Apr 27 81 if
EB-47 CP     clip if
downward nose ejection seat test P     clip if
Silver King & Tell Two radars ill     clip if
just landed w drag chute out P     clip, probably AC May 81 if
Boeing advert     clip if
"City of Merced" Sperry advert     clip March 56 if
n US Navy P     clip if
4v devel pros A     clip if
assembly line P     clip if
flt < Hawaii to Pacific Northwest Hist Found PA     clip if
Rascal a2g gmiss test P     clip if
6196 n desert display P     if
B-47A USAF specs 3v A     if
RB-47B USAF specs ca 3v il A     clip if
TB-47B USAF specs il ca A     clip if
Model 450-166-38 USAF specs 3v A     clip A if
B-47C USAF specs 3v ca A il     clip A if
RB-47C USAF specs 3v A il A     clip A if
XB-47D USAF specs 3v ca     clip A if
B-47E USAF specs il ca    clip if
B-47E IV USAF specs 3v A    clip if


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