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Aeroplane Monthly
    of RAF corr PA     AeMo Feb 83

Air Classics
    hist CPD 4v xs     AC Nov 74 if
    RB-45C P+     AC June 82 if

Air & Space
    photographing for Allison mem PA     A&S Dec94/Jan95 if

    hist PA ca     A Sep 73 if
    hist CPA 3v ca   A Sep 74 if

Air Trails
    7012 on final P     AT Nov 48 if
    test bed P     AT May 52
    solid model plans il A     AT Ann 52

Air Progress
    hist CPDA     AP Av Rev clip if

Air World
    solid model plans il A     Air World Nov 47

Armchair Aviator
    hist PA     ArmchAv 2.3 Mar-Apr 73 if

    XB-45 PA     Aviation May 47

    XB-45 559480 in flight CP     Flt clip if

IPMS Quarterly
    interior, cpit details Dil A pros     IPMS Q 11/4 Sum 76 if

Model Airplane News
    Nye dwgs 2v xs Dil     MAN Apr 64 if
    Nye dwgs front v ca Dil     MAN Jun 64 if

Popular Mechanics
    XB-45 low level speed run retouched pic P+     PMech July 48 if

Popular Science
    tank car fuels B-45 48-002 P+     PSci  Nov 49 if
    B-45C P+     PSci Dec 50 if
    GE engine test ac P+ PSci  Apr 52 if
    w canopy umbrella for AZ target tow P+     PSci   March 60 if

Scale Aircraft Modeler
    Aeroform vform kr CPDA ca 5v xs pros     ScAcMod Sum 77 if

    48-021 w 91st Strat Recc. Wing P     clip if
    XB-45 mis-identified as XB-46 P     clip circa 46 if
    XB-45 solid model plans il A     clip if

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