Boeing B-29 Superfortress - ADIF References on Hand
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   The following references are available in copy form from AeroKnow.
"if" indicates a reference that is in the clippings file. Other references are in intact magazines.

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Aero Album
"Hap’s Characters" ops n SoPac PA AeAl Spr 70
"Hap’s Characters: ops n SoPac PA AeAl Fal 70 if
"Lucky Irish" ac n SoPac PA AeAl 4/3 Fal 71 if
497th BG nose art P surv AeAl 4/3 if

"Gen. H.H. Arnold Special" P+ AeDig 1 Sep 44 if
Boeing advert AeDig 15 Oct 44
3v PA AeDig March 53

air coupling tests w F-84 PDA Aeph 2/4

Aeroplane Monthly
"Fertile Mertyle" PA AeMo July 73
RAF ops CPA AeMo May 74 if
boneyard in Mojave Desert PA AeMo Feb 75
civ rest CPA AeMo 6/11 Nov 78
-29A n Imperial War Mus CPA AeMo May 80
461395 P AeMo Oct 80 if
G-BDHDK n Eng rest CP AeMo July 82

Aerospace Historian
    "Lucky Lady" record flight   PDA   AH   Win 69  if
    hist PA   AH  Spr  70 , maybe 80  if

Air Classics
    Confederat AF PDA AC 11/7 July 75 if
    aftermath of Confed AF atom bomb commem at a s, PA corr if
    making "Last Flight of Noah’s Ark" movie CPA AC Apr 80
    n Impreial War Mus 44-16748ferry flt to Eng CPDA AC 16/7 July 80 if
    P surv AC Sep 80 if
    "Missin Inn" at March AFB CPA AC Jan 82 if
    P2B-1S mother plane for Douglas Skyrocket P+ AC May 82 if
    44-70064 just delivered to Castle AFB for rest P+ AC clip if

Aircraft Illustrated
    n RAF P AcIl 3/9 Sep 70
    rest n Eng CP AcIl 13/5 May 80
    "Hawg Wild" rest n Eng CPDA AcIl June 80

Air Enthusiast
    how B-29 led to Tu-4, Tu-85 PA 3v AE Sep 71 if

Air Enthusiast Quarterly
    armament PDA AEQ No. 3

Air Force
    how 29 was copied by Soviet Union PA if
    role w A-bomb n Japan surrender PA AF Feb 75 if
    "Eddie Allen" last mission n W2 Cil A AF Aug 80 if
    l r flt Sept 45 by 3 B-29s of 20th AF mem A- AF Sep 83 if
    "Enola Gay" NASM exhibit plans A AF Apr 94 if
    "K-37" heroic mission over Japan A AF Oct 94 if
    "Enola Gay" display controversy PA AF March 95 if
    "Enola Gay" display opens CPA AF Aug 95 if
    AFA protests against "Enola Gay" way of display A AF Sep 95 if
    "Enola Gay" display controversy chronology PA AF Feb 96 if

Air Force Association
    grass roots input re "Enola Gay" display CP+

Airline Pilot
    hist PA AlinePi Jan 97 if

Air News
    PA AirNews Aug 44

Air Pictoral
    "Enola Gay" abandoned at Andrews AFB P+ corr APict clip if

    Wichita production problems PDA A July 81

Air Progress Aviation Revew
    longest tac bbg mission of WW2 to Sumatra PDA APAvRev 4/4 Oct 80 if

Air Progress Pilot Reports
    W2 hist PA AP Pireps 78 if

Air & Space Smithsonian
    "Enola Gay" in rest at NASM CPA A&S 1/6 Dec 86/Jan 87
    50th first flight anniv crews reunion/ CAF "Fifi" CPA A&S Dec92/Jan93 – if
    restoring "Enola Gay" CP A&S Dec 93 Jan 95 if
    ops against Japan PA Cil A&S AugSep 95 if
    "Kee Bird" of Greenamayer fire & loss n snowy tundra CP+ A&S
    Stratovision TV ops hist PA A&S Aug 07 if

Air Tech
    revealed for first time PA Air Tech Aug 44 if

Air Trails
    S model plans CPA AT Dec 44
    KB-29 PA AT June 50

Air Trails Pictoral
    status PA ATP Sep 44 if

Air World
    hist status PA AWorld clip if

American Legion magazine
    "EG" display "cncelled" A AmLeg clip if
    "EG" display fallout continues A AmLeg clip if
    "Enola Gay" Legion participation n display plans PA AmLeg Nov 94 if
    How The Legion Held Sway on Enola Gay PDA AmLeg May 96 if

Antique Airplane Association News
    w Confed AF PA AAAN NovDec 71
    "Fertile Myrtle" rest PA AAAN JulyAug 72

Armed Forces Journal
    Guy Lombardo hosts B-29 "Spirit of Freeport" crew in NYC in 1950 ArmForJ Jan 78 if

    power turret P PDA Aviation Sep 45

Aviation Week
    4,600 mile mission exercise PA AW 12 Apr 48 if
    KB=29 P AW 5 July 48
    B-29 "Stratovision" TV tests PA AW 5 July 48

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    Greenland wreckovery effort by Greenamayer CP+ AWST 29 Aug 94 if
    entire "EG" displayed CP+ AWST Aug 25 03 if

Combat Crew
    CAF "Fifi" 44-62070 rest status A CombCrew Oct 73 if 
    KB refuels B-50 P CombCrew clip if

    first description A Contact Dec 43 if

Current Aviation
    VLRs Open Second Front of PHillipine Air War PA CurAv 1 – 5 Jan 45 if

    "AH Soooo" nose art P Echelon JulyAug 79 if

Fine Scale Modeler
    modeling "Eddie Allen" 1/72 Airfix CPD FSM 1/3 Sep 83

    KB boom refuels a B P+ Flint 9 Dec 74 if
    "Fifi" CP Flt clip if

    crash on mission to Yawata, Japan PA F March 45
    making B-29 crews PA May 45
    raid on Formosa PDA F May 45
    "Fifi" of Confed AF P+ F Feb 76 if
    "Fertile Myrtle" rest flt pirep P+ F Mar 80 if

Flying Age
    hist, early design ideas PA Flying Age Oct 45 if

    42-65281 rest at Travis AFB P+ FP #56 if
    Washington (RAF) flying mem PA FP Oct 93 if
    Washington (RAF) flying mem PA FP Dec 92 if

Flying Review
    I Was Forced Down in Russia mem PA FR clip jif

In Flight
    "Fertile Myrtle" to Weeks Mus PA InFlt June 89 if

In Flight USA
    CAF "Fifi" PA InFltUS July 95 if
    CAF "Fifi" PA InFltUS Jan 96 if
    44-69972 "Doc" of Mazzolini PA  InFltUS  Sep 98 if
    CAF "Fifi" grounded for summer PA InFltUS June 99 if

IPMS Quarterly
    PA pros   IPMSQ   13.1   77

IPMS Update
    Monogram 1/48 correcting il A IPMSU 14/3 if

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    SoPac markings Dil PA JAS 3/1 JanMarch 58
    20th AF markings PA il JAS Fal 62 if
    20th AF markings PA JAS Win 62
    nose art PA JAS Sum 63
    nose art P JAS Sum 73
    nose art P JAS Win 73
    nose art PA JAS Sum 75
    longest mission n W2 PA JAS Spr 80
     F-13 PDA JAS Sum 81
   nose art CPA JAS 27/3 Fal 82

    P KF Apr 69 if
    Psurv KF May 69 if
    training mockup for Japanese pilots P KF Aug 72
    at outside Korea mus CP clip if

Nattional Geographic
    weather recon PW2 takes off P NatGeog clip if
    484043 GE jet engine in bomb bay test ac P NatGeog clip if
    "Great Artiste" CP NatGeog clip if
    "Dave’s Dream" Bikini A-bomb tests CP NatGeog clip if
    dropping cluster incendiaries over Japan P NatGeog clip if
    Boeing advert "’Ground Flight’ of a …" NatGeog clip if
    Boeing advert "Only the beginning" NatGeog clip if
    Boeing advert "Double trouble – for Japs" NatGeog Feb 45 if
    Boeing advert "Skyscraper" NatGeog March 45 if
    RATO test at Eglin P NatGeog Feb 46 if
    RB-29 hurricane hunter P NatGeog clip if
    "observatory" ac – 461981 - CP NatGeog March 49 if
     waiting to be melted down CP NatGeog Sep 53 if
    Okinawans cut grass beside B-29 P NatGeog Feb 65 if
    "Time is Overtaken …" P+ NatGeog Feb 46 if

IPMS West Michigan News
    EB-29 (for XF-85 test) 2v Dil A News 3/10 Oct 75
    pro News 5/11 Nov 77

Pacific Flyer
    "Fertile Myrtle" to Weeks Mus PA PacFly June 89 if
    "Kee Bird" Greenamayer rest n Greenland hist, status PDA PacFly Oct 94 if

Pilot News
    Combat Air Mus to rest B-29? PA PiNews Jan 94 if

Popular Mechanics
    inside details PD ca A PopMech March 45 if
    Stratovision TV ops PA PopMech Aug 48 if
    Arctic weather ops Cil FC PopMech Nov 48 if

Popular Science
    details P+ PopSci Oct 44 if
    "Pacusan Dreamboat" record flt, crew interv PA PopSci Dec 46 if
    21-ton bomb tested in B-29 P+ PopSci June 48
    KB- flying boom PD+ PopSci June 50 if
     "Enola Gay" shameful treatment after war, status CPDA PopSci Aug 95 if
    introduction, status PopSci clip if

Replica Wrap-Up
     upgrading 1/72 Airfix kit il A RW Feb 78 if

Scale Aircraft Modeler
    Airfix 1/72 CPA 3v ScAcMod Sum 78

Scale Modeler
Airfix 1/72 modeling "atomic bombers" CPDA SM March 76 if
Monogram 1/48 "Enola Gay" CPA SM Feb 78
Airfix 1/72 CPDA SM Feb 92 if

Scale Models
    Monogram 1/48 superdet CPDA Cpros ScMods June 78 if

Sport Aviation
    CAF "Fifi" P SptAv Dec 79 – if

True War Killer Planes of WWII
    wartime ops PA TWKPoWWII March 77 if

Warbairds International
    44-69729 slated for rest at Lowry AFB PA WBI Win 86 if
    "Fertile Myrtle" to Weeks Mus dismantle at Oakland, CA PA WBI NovDec 89 if
    44-61671 removal < closed Pease AFB PDA WBI JanFeb 92 if
    rest at Ellsworth AFB, SD PDA WBI clip if

    hist, provis 3-v CPDA W 3/5 Oct 73 if

Wings & Wheels
    Korean War tail gunner mem, nose art surv PA W&W 7/2 if

    visits Chicago airport on war bond tour P+ Chicago Sunday Times 17 Dec 44 ifr
    slated for Armed Forces Day flyover Springfield, IL P+ State Journal 13 May 53 if
    "Fifi" visits Springfield, Illinois PDA SJR 28 May 80 if
    "Fifi" unexpectedly returns to Springfield PA SJR June 14 83 if
    "Enola Gay" being rest PA SJR 17 Nov 85 if
     "Enola Gay" exhib to show only fuselage A SJR 31 Jan 95 if
    Charles Sweeney interview CPA Parade magazine of SJR July 30 95 if
    Smithsonian official resigns n wake of "Enola Gay" controversy A if

     "Bock’s Car" & "Command Decision" at USAF Mus CPD (Italian av mag) if
     Confed AF "Fifi" self-guided tour handout A if
     Wylam 4v xs clip if
     flap actuator motor Dil clip if
     fuel tank liner Dil clip if
      fusel nat insig placement variations il clip if
     42-6236 OD/gray P clip itr
     "el Pajaro Dela Guerra" il clip if
      "Pacusan" P clip if
     "Pacusan Dreamboat" crew P clip if
     "Shady Lady II" P clip if
    "Earthquake McGoon" il clip if
     front cockpit panels Dil clip if
     Pacific ops his PA clip if Washington (RAF B-29) WF497, 15 Sqdn P clip if
     noseart Psurv clip if
     alignment diagram Dil clip if
     dimensions diagram 3v clip if
     cutaway clip if
     tail mkgs clip if

    R/C model that drops X-1 CPA clip if
    Airfix 1/72 kit instructions if
    Entex kit instruction if
    Monogram Kit 5700 instructions if
    Monogram Kit 5706 instructions if
    Monogram "Enola Gay" diorama instructions 1977 if
    MPC No. 2500-250 ig
    MPC kit instructions
    MPC No. 20-0551 kit box end if
     MPC Profile kit instructions if
     Revell 1954 kit instructions if
    Revell "Dauntless Dottie" box top art if
    Revell H-239 1965 kit instructions if
    Strombecker B-29 hist from solid kit if
    Whitman solid kit templates 1944 if

Pictures taken of the Commemorative Air Force B-29 "Fifi" during a 2003 visit to Springfield, Illinois. here

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