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Aero Album
    early ops PA AeAl Fal 71

Aero News Photo
    last for fir bbr retired CPA ANP 11/1 Win 83

Aeroplane Monthly
    rest Duxford Mus, Eng CP AeMo Dec 76
    17Gs n combat formation CP AeMo June 79
    for fir bbr P AeMo 7/12 Dec 79
    rest n Eng CPA AeMo June 80

Aerospace Historian
    better than B-24? PA AH 26/2 Sum 79

Air Britain Digest
    of TWA PA ABD 38/3 MayJune 86

Air Classics
    flown to Sweden PA AC 4/5 June 68
    n Arizona boneyard CPA AC 6/2 Dec 69
    PA Cil AC 6/6 Aug 70
    17E CPDA AC 8/4 Feb 72
    PDA Cpros AC 8/9 July 72
    17G engine test ac AC 9/5 May 73
    rest PA AC 9/10 Oct 73
    w TWA pw2 AC 10/3 March 74
    recovery n Netherlands PA AC 10/4 Apr 74
    299Z engine test ac CPDA AC 10/4 Apr 74
    early ac PA AC 10/4 Apr 74
    nose art PA AC 11/9 Sep 75
    17F PA ca AC 11/10 Oct 75
    rest by Confed AF PDA AC 12/4 Apr 76
    rest CP AC 13/1 Jan 77
    French civ PA AC 13/4 Apr 77
    former Freedom Fighter’s search for B-17 crew AC 13/12 Dec 77
    forced down, repainted n Swiss mkgs P AC Yrbk 78
    17G "Sentimental Journey" of Confed AF CPA AC Aug 79
    trng n USA AC 16/2 Feb 80
    civs being rest today CPDA AC Oct 80
    50 mission war dia PA AC Dec 80
    50 mission war dia PA AC Jan 81
    "Georgia Rebel" downed n Sweden PDA AC March 81
    230332 "Short Stuff" PA AC Apr 81
    for fir bbr PA AC May 81
    "Shoo Shoo Baby" nose art at Dover AFB, Del CPA AC 17/12 Dec 81
    ops n Europe mem PA AC Apr 83
    war dia PA AC 19/5 May 83
    "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest PA AC June 83
    for fire bbr CP AC 19/6 June 83
    n RAF Mus CPA AC 20/2 Feb 84

Air Combat
    shot up & returned to base Psurv AComb 4/4 1971

Aircraft Illustrated
    PA AcIl 4/3 March 71 
    rest by Confed AF CP AcIll 9/4 March 71
    CPA AcIl Apr 76
    in movies PA AcIl Feb 77
    "Spot Remover" hist PA AcIl Oct 77

Air Enthusiast Quarterly
    n Israel AF Cpro PA AEQ #8

    PA pros Dil Afx 25/7 MarApr 84
    kit & decal survey A Afx Aug 87

Air Force
used for air evacuation PA AF Jan 44
raid on Marienburg, Germ PA AF 65/9 Sep 82
hist CPA AF 68/7 July 85

Air International
Cpros AI 23/1 July 82

    crash landed Psurv A 2/5 Sep 72
    in movies PA A 2/6 Nov 72
    early hist CPDA A 4/5 Sep 74
    rest PA A 4/6 Nov 74
    PD A Jan 76
    w H2S radar PA A Jan 78
    w RR Dart tprops PA A 10/5 Sep 80

Air Power Museum Bulletin
    17G "Five Grand" hist APMBul 1 & 2 Q 84

Air Progress
    il A AP Feb 43
    17H rescue PA AP Sum 61
    QB-17G PA AP Sum 61
    17G cockpit PD AP ApMay 63
    44-83525 indiv hist CPA AP 18/5 May 82

Air Progress Aviation Review
    for fir bbg ops PA APAvRev 2/2 Sum 78

Air Trails
    solid model plan AT 12/4 July 39
    17E solid model plan AT Feb 42
    CP AT Aug 42
    engine change PDA AT Nov 42
    vs. Lancaster PDA AT June 43
    PDA AT Oct 43
    Why the Forts Come Back PA AT Dec 43
    17G PA & solid model plan AT Oct 45

Antique Airplane Association Newsletter
    ops n Brazil PA AAAN MarApr 67

Aviation News
    17G 44-93968 t-Atlant flt to RAF Mus PA AvN 18 Nov – 1 Dec 83

Aviation Week
    exec civ conv P AW 16 Aug 48

    how to bail out il A F 35/2 Aug 44
    Cca PA F 36/1 Jan 45
    17G "Sir Baboon McGoon rest after crash CPA F May 45

Flying Aces
    for England PA FA July 41

Flying Review International
    SAAB mkgs 3v CPA FRI 22/15 Nov 67

    17F 43-3190 indiv hist PA FP 23 June 83
    "Memphis Belle" rest status PA FP July 84
    Aphrodite missions PA FP 39 Oct 84
    17G "Sally B" rest hist PA FP 49 Aug 85
    17G "Mary Alice" of Imp War MUs PDA FP 58 May 86
    "Shoo Shoo Baby" PA FP 66 Jan 87
    17F "Memphis Belle" status CPA FP #75 Oct 87
    17G "Sally B" rest CPDA FP 77 Dec 87

IPMS Quarterly
    E/F/G pros IIPMSQ
    pros IPMSQ 8/2
    17G 398th BG 600 BS 3v A IPMSQ 6/3
    17G 381st BG 534th BS 2v A IPMSQ 6/3
    kit surv A pro Dil IPMSQ 13/4
    17G "Bit o’ Lace" 2v Dil IPMSQ 13/4
    civ pro IPMSQ Sum 76

IPMS Update
    17E of General Montgomery il IPMS U 14/1

IPMS United Kingdom
    Swedish airliner conv il A IPMS UK Oct 68

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    cap by Germ; redes Do 200 A JAS 3/3 JulySep 58
    mounted on gas station roof PA JAS 3/3 JulySep 58
    production list PA JAS Win 59
    Psurv PA JAS Spr 60
    for fir bbr P JAS Fal 64
    n ETO P JAS Sum 66
    n movies PA JAS 14/3 Fal 69
    interned n Switz & Swed A JAS 14/3 Fal 69
    nose art PA JAS Spr 73
    ops n Israel 1948 PA JAS Win 73
    YB-17 PA JAS Win 74
    for fir bbr CPcov JAS Win 77
    civ ops PA JAS Win 77
    civs PA JAS Fal 78
    17F&G ops w 8th AF Aug 42-May 45 DA Dil nicknames insig JAS Fal 79
    8th AF op’l stats A JAS Win 79
    "Boops" P JAS Win 79
    combat flying mem PA JAS 32/1 Spr 87

Koku Fan
    for fir bbr CP KF July 72
    CPA KF June 74
    for fir bbr CP KF May 81

Model Air International
    17G Dominican AF pro MAI 29/9

Model Airplane News
    17G 3v xs PA hist MAN Aug 44

    n 8th AF pros NEWS 3/3 Sep 75

PAM News
    for fir bbrs pro PAM 4/4 JFM 77

Plane & Pilot
    rest P pirep PA P&P 9/8 Aug 73

Popular Aviation
    PA PopAv Dec 37

    17G civ "Super Tiger" PA Prop AprJun 80

Scale Aircraft Modelling
    17G "Chow Hound" flymod PA ScAcMdg July 80
    dilemmas answered PA ScAcMdg 6/10 July 84
    PB-1W conv 1/72 299 Models conv < B-17 PDA pros ScAcMdg Sep 84

Scale Modeler
    1/72 Revell n Germ mkgs CPA Cpros SM Feb 72
    1/48 Monogram cutaway mod CPDA SM May 82
    17G one-wheel landing dio CPA Nov 83
    1/72 Hasegawa crash dio CPD SM 22/1 Jan 87

Scale Models
   1/48 Monogram CPDA ScMods Dec 75
   100 Grp, RAF ops PDil A ScMods 11/127 May 80
   100 Grp, RAF ops PA 2v ScMods 11/128 May 80
    w 100 Grp, RAF hist pros A ScMods 12/143 Aug 81

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
    17G of Israel AF 2v SAFO 9/3 Apr 85
    n Dominica AF pros A SAFO 12/2 #46 Apr 88

    PA 3v Dil pros Sprue #4 76

    early hist CPD pro W 1/1 Aug 71
    early hist PDA Cil W 4/4 Aug 74
    early ist CPDA W 7/1 Feb 77
    exec conv propo ca W 7/1 Feb 77
    17G "X Grand" PDA W 8/3 June 78
    ops n Europe PA W 8/6 Oct 78
    chin turret PD W Aug 80
    n Israel AF CPA CPA W 11/1 Feb 81

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