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Zalewski Sport Model 1 (1e 1s bip)
PA AP Spr 61

Zenith Z6B (1e bip lt trans
PA AAAN Oct 61

Zerbe Albatross (3e hw trans)
PA AAAN SepOct 67
il A PriPi 19/12 Dec 84

Zerbe Air Sedan (1e 4 wing 1919)
PA AC 9/11 Nov 73
PA AC 78 Yearbook
PA SptFly 8/2 Feb 74

Zerbe Multoplane
PA JAS Fal 62

Zinno Olymplian (man powered ac proj)
PDA SptAv 24/12 Dec 75
first flight A SptAv 25/6 June 76
PA SptAv 25/7 July 76

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