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Ultraflight Lazair (2e ul)
CPpirep AP Nov 81
CPpirep F 110/2 Feb 83
CPDA SptAv 28/4 Apr 74
PA UlAc JanFeb 82

Ultralight F.M. Aeroplane (ul)
PDA UlAc MayJun 82

Umbaugh 18 (1e push cabin trilg autogi ltpln)
PA ACQR Fal 77
PA AP Fal 60
PDpirep F 70/1 Jan 62

United Consultants Twin Bee (2e conv Republic Sea Bee 5s amphib)
PA AP Spr 61

United Helicopters Commuter
PA Av March 47

Universal Automotive Works misc.
monoplane 1921 PA AAAN MarApr 68

University of Miami Flying Umbrella
il A JAS OctDec 58

University of Miami Vacuplane
il A JAS OctDec 58

Unruh Pretty Prairie Special (1e 1s bip hb)
of Unruh N1473V PA AP Spr 62
N1473V PA AP AprMay 63
retirement flt PA SptAv March 69

Unstable Mable (hb g) – SEE Cusick Unstable Mable

Uppercu Burnelli misc.
advert AeDig Feb 33

Uppercu Burnelli UB-20 (2e lifting fuse trans 1936)
il A AP 56/57
car carrier P JAS Spr 79

U.S.A. XB-1
PA pro JAS Fal 60

U.S.A. XB-2
PA pro JAS Fal 60

PA A 5/4 July 75

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