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Oakland Super V (2e Bonanza mod)
PA AP Fal 60

Ogden Osprey (3e lt trans hw)
il A AP 55/56
il A ATHFYM Jan 55
PA AAAN SepOct 69

Okay Airplane Co. Okay Airplane (2s 1e sport 1928)
PA AC 9/9 Sep 73
3v PA NatAero AprJune74

Oldfield Baby Great Lakes (hb bip)
pA ca SptAv Nov 69
PA SptAv dec 69

Olson Nite Star (1e 1s hw hb)
CPA SptAv 28/9 Sep 79

OMAC I (1 tprop exec trans canard)
3v il A AI Feb 80
flies PDA AP 44/4 Apr 82
CPDA APAvRev 7/3 Fal 83
CPDA F 110/11 Nov 83
first flight PA PriPi March 82
devel PDA PriPi 7/5 May 82

OMAC Laser 300 (exec tprop canard push)
Cil A Flint 22 Sep 84
changes PA Flint 12 Oct 85
proto status PA Flint 11 Feb 89

Omega – I don’t know what it is. I’ll check the magazine and get back. Remind me.

Omega BS-12D-1 (heli)
PA pirep F 67/2 Aug 61

ONeill Aristocraft II (trilg 6s with parts from Waco Aristocraft)
2v PA SptAv 19/12 Dec 70

O’Neill Magnum (quadri lg hw bush proto)
PDA PriPi 19/8 Aug 84
3v PA SptAv 33/3 March 84

O’Neill Pea Pod (1e 1s prone canard hb)
P+ AP AprMay 73

O’Neill Tractor (hw ltpln)
PA AP Nov 68

Ong M-32 (rs 1e ltpln)
PA Av Feb 40

Orenco Model C (1e 1s bip scout-ftr proto)
P JAS Fal 67

Orenco D (bip)
3v xs ca PA MAN March 63
PA W 5/4 Aug 75

Orenco PW-3 (1e 1s bip ftr proto 1921)
PA AP Fal 62
cockpit P JAS Fal 61

Overland Model L Sport Trainer (1e 2s bip)
advert PA AAAN May/June 67

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