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NAC Dream (hw hb)
CPA SptAv 32/9 Sep 83

Nagel transport (3e lw propo)
il A PopAv Dec 30

Nagler Heligiro (autogi)
PA ACQR Fal 77

Nagler Heliglider

Nagler Single Blade Helicopter
PA AM Jan 57

Nagler NH-120

Nagler NH-160

Nagler-Rolz 54

Nall Pinna (delta hb)

3vPDA SptAv 25/4 Apr 74

NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) misc.
projected Ttail SST CPcov A AWST 17 Sep 73
SS research ac propo 2vA AWST 17 Sep 73

NASA AD-1 (oblique wing research) – SEE Ames AD-1

NASA Aerospace Plane
Cil A ca A&S 1/3 AugSep 86
status CPA A&S 2/6 FebMar 88
Cil A Flint 10 Oct 87
status CPA A&S 2/6 FebMarch 88

NASA HL/ML-10 (lifting body)
PA AP Apr 67
HL-10 rollout PA AP Feb 69

National Ac Corp (3s mono)
A AAAN MarApr 69

National Airways System "Air King"
P PopAv May 28

National Sport Plane Genie (2s aerobat mono)
PDA pirep P&P 4/8 Aug 68
3v PA AP Aug 68

Naugle N-1 Mercury

3v PA Av Feb 41

Naval Aircraft Factory misc.
rest CPA AeMo Oct 75
hist PA F Jan 42

Naval Aircraft Factory F-5-L
PA JAS Fal 61

Naval Aircraft Factory N3N "Yellow Peril"
hist PA AAAN 1 Q 76
P AC 7/1 Oct 70
CPDA 3v AC 8/5 March 72
rest at Naval Academy CPA AC 19/6 June 83
on floats CP AP 1/6 Oct 42
agri mod AAAN Sep 61
rest CPA AAAN 1 Q 76
to be rest n Canada PA AvN 16-29 Nov 84
rest CPDA AvQ 6/3 3Q80
agri PA JAS Spr 61
agri modes PA JAS Spr 68
PA JAS Win 68
PA 4v xs Dil ca JAS Fal 62
P JAS Spr 72
rest CPA SptAv 29/4 Apr 80
agri ac surv P SptFly 7/3 June 73

Naval Aircraft Factory XN5N
P AC 11/6 June 75

Naval Aircraft Factory PN-
-7, -9, -12 P JAS Fal 61
-11 & -12 PA W 5/5 Oct 75

Naval Aircraft Factory XP4N-
PA W 5/5 Oct 75
Naval Aircraft Factory SBN (midw mono)
PA W 5/6 Dec 75

Naval Aircraft Factory TDN
(remote controlled pilotless bomb delivery vehichl 2e hw trilg)
PA AC 13/3 March 77

Navion Ac Corp Navion (4s lw ltpln)
model H for 1967 PDA pirep P&P 4/1 Jan 68
model H PDA PriPi 1/6 July 66
PDA pirep PriPi 3/11 Aug 68

Navion Rangemaster (2e 4s lw trilg ltpln)
CPDA pirep F 68/3 May 61
PA pirep F 71/4 Oct 62
PA P&P 11/3 March 75
PA pirep PriPi 8/2 Feb 73

Neibauer Lancer 200 (lw hb)
3v CPDA SptAv 34/4 Apr 85

Neibauer Lancair (hb)

improvements CPA P&P 24/7 July 88
Lancair 235 CPDA P&P 23/2 Feb 87

Nelsch Auto-plane
PA A Sep 78

Nelson N04 (1e 1s midw sport hb from Piper Cub parts)
PA AP Spr 60

Nelson Dragonfily
3v PA Av March 47

Nelson Hummingbird (powered slpln)
PA AT Sep 49
PA WestAv Ap 54

Nemuth circular wing (2s para tadr)
P AcAge Aug 44

Nesmith Cougar (hw hb)
PA AP Fal 58
3v xs ca A AP Fal 60
of White N61N PA AP Spr 62
of Benckendorff N6078V PA AP Spr 62
of Eaves N6484D PA AP Spr 62
"Cougar Comet" of Bostic N5165V PA AP Spr 62
of Cronce N1112V PA AP AprMay 63
of Huff N9111R PA AP AprMay 63
of Yane N6510D PA AP AprMay 63
of Yarger N6348T PA AP AprMay 63
N1016Z PA AP AprMay 64
N6800D PA AP AprMay 64
N6800D CPA SptFly 4/1 Nan 76
of Hunter PA SptAv 20/8 Aug 71

Neubert Nostalgia (2s bip hb)
CPDA SptAv 24/1 Jan 75

Neunteufel Minicopter (1e heli hb)
PA AP FebMar 64

Newhouse NS-1 (3s 1e para 1938)
PA AADig 1&2Q 79

New Standard misc
on civil register 1945 A JAS 3/1 JanMar 58

New Standard D-25
D-25a advert AAAN JanFeb 69
agri mod P AAAN Sep 61
agri PA JAS 3/1 JanMar 58

New Standard D-27
agri mod PA JAS #2 AprJune 56

New Standard D-31
Barnard-built PDA SptAv Aug 71

New Standard NT-
-2 P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
-1 rest CP AC 19/2 Feb 83

New Vector 600 (ul)
CPDA pirep PriPi 17/2 Feb 82

Nicholas Beazley misc.
hist PA JAS Spr 82
hist PA JAS Sum 82
hist PA JAS Fal 82
hist PA JAS Win 82
early N-B hist in Missouri PA SptAv Sep 93 if

Nicholas Beazley rebuilt Standard bip
2v JAS 27/4 Win 82

Nicholas-Beazley NB (2s 1e para ltpln, may be NB-8)
advert AeDig Apr 32
rest PA AAAN 7/7 March 64
hist AP Dec 66

Nicholas-BeazleyNB-1 (2s bip)
5v PA xs JAS 27/1 Spr 82

Nicholas-Beazley NB-2 (2s bip)
5v Dil xs PA JAS 27/1 Spr 82

Nicholas-Beazley NB-3 (1e lw mono ltpln)
P+ Air Line Pi June 82 if
"Barling" NB-3 il A AAAN 7/12 Aug 64
crash n Iowa pA APMBul 1&2 Q 82
5v PDA JAS 27/2 sum 82
PA JAS 27/3 Fal 82

Nicholas-Beazley NB-4
6v PA JAS 27/3 Fal 82

Nicholas-Beazley NB-8 (1e para ltpln 30s)
P APict clip if
PA AAAN MarApr 68
6v PA JAS 27/3 Fal 82

Nicholas-Beazley Plymocoupe (Plymouth car engine powered Monocoupe)
SEE ALSO Swanson-Fahlin Plymocoupe
PA AA Oct 61
PDA JAS Fal 66
PA SptFly Feb 75

Nicholas-Beazley XNBL-1 "Barling Bomber" (trip bbr proto)
P AeAl Fal 71
PDA AH 26/2 Sum 79
P+ AF Feb 98 if
hist PA AC 2/5
3v PA AP Oct 42
3v PA AP FebMar 63
PA AP 35/3 sep 74
3v PDA APAvRev 19/7 July 83
cock P JAS Fal 61
PD Vat Feb 79
PA W 5/4 Aug 75

Nicholson Model KN-2 Junior (13 2s sbs tadr ltpln 1931)
PA AAAN NovDec 70

Nimbus II (slpln)
PA pirep Soa 41/5 May 77
PA Soa 42/3 March 78

Nino Bandido (lw hb) by Brueggeman
PDA SptAv 20/6 June 71

Nixon Special (1e 1s hb bip 1924)
PDA JAS 26/1 Spr 81

Noel Wee Mite (hb)
PA AeMo 6/7 July 78

Noram Ac Co Bat (1e 1 or 2s para)
advert AAAN SepOct 69

North American – SEE SEPARATE FILE


Northwest Ranger (hw 1e lt trans) SEE Lockheed 60

Northestern XPG-1 (powered 2e Waco CG-4)
PA AP 55/56

Nostalgair Pup
CPA pirep P&P 25/2 Feb 89

Nu-Day monoplane (1e 1s swing tadr spt)
PA PopAv Dec 30

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