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Kaiser Aircar
2v PA Sky Dec 46

Kaiser XBTK (late 40s)
PA Av May 47
PA AC 11/6 June 75
3v PA FRI 22/3 Nov 66
P W 10/3 Oct 80

Kalin Piranha (lw hb)
CPA SptAv 25/7 July 76

Kaman misc.
- On hand in the AeroKnow collection are original news releases and published articles about some of unmanned Kaman products, including theKRC-6M Rotachute.them. They are not included here because AeroKnow’s focus is on manned air and space vehicles. If you have questions about the unmanned products, contact AeroKnow.

hist bio PA AT Oct 51
50th anniversary hist PA Rotor Winter 94/95 if
interv w Charles Kaman CPA Rotor & Wing Feb 95 if
Feb 9, 1954 Kaman rotary wing type patent for intermeshing rotors Dil A if
Kaman early hist mag article PA clip undated if
company status Vertiflite SepOct 83 if
KAMAN PERFORMANCE (Kaman newsletter) 25th Annive issue PDA if

Kaman K-1 (2s coax heli)
P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76

Kaman K-16B (tprop STOL mod Grumman Goose
2v PA AP Feb 67

Il A FRI clip if

Kaman K-17 (turbine exit through rotor tips leli proto)
P+ clip if

Kaman K-125
PA Av March 47

Kaman K-190 (intermesh rot opcock heli)
il AP 54/55
status PDA PopSci Jan 49 if
status PDA LIFE magazine March 1949 if

Kaman K-225 (intermesh opcock similar to K-190)
tested by US Coast Guard P+ AC July 82 if

Kaman K-600 (4 vert stab intermesh rotors recip engine)
P+ clip if

Kaman 1125 Huskie III (civ trans heli 2 turbine based on H-43)
PDA Dil AWST 8 Oct 62 if
details PA AWST 22 Oct 62 ifPA F 71/6 Dec 62

Kaman K-Max (1s intermesh rotor heavy lift heli)
heavy lift certification planned by mid-93 CPA
Kaman advert CPA AWST 19 June 95 if
ops n Europe begin CP+ 26 June 95 if
lease considered by USN CPA AWST 6 Nov 95 if
advert CPA AWST 5 Feb 96 if

advert CPA AWST 29 Apr 96 if
K-Max changes CP+ Flint 16/22 Sep 92 if
first delivery planned CPA Flint 9 – 15 Feb 94 if
production status CPA Flint 7 – 13 Sep 94 if
possible deal with Japan Flint 14-20 Sep 94
dominates HAI convention CPA F June 92 if
n many schemes advert CPA Helicopter Mag #2 1995 if
of Helidog CP+ Helicopter World March 95 if
status, hist CPDA Rotor & Wing March 92 if
Textron Lycoming advert Rotor & Wing May 94 if

Advert Rotor & Wing July 95
proto CP Vertiflite MarApr 92 if
advert CP clip if
advert n Japan magazine clip if
advert as Japan above but English AWST 21 Nov 94 if

Kaman K-225 (contra-rotat rots heli rly 50s)
P AC 11/5 May 75
P AC 16/7 July 82
PA AP 54/55
PA AT March 52
P+ F Ict 51 uf
K-225 world firsts Pcorr Rotor & Wing March 91 if

Kaman ROMAR (Rotorcraft for MARs) (manned Mars exploration proj)
il orig nr if

Kaman HH-2
first HH-2D deliv> USN P+ AWST 23 Feb 70 if
HH-2D tests Coanda-effect rotor program PDA Dil AWST 31 March 80 if

Kaman HH-43 (intermesh rot heli)
P ACQR 3/2 Sum 76
CPA AcIl 4/2 Feb 71 if
"Little Pedro" ops PA reprint from Air Force Times 19 Jan 72 if
ops w 3rd Aerosp Resc & Recov Grp PA reprint from Airman Aug 69 if
CP AWST 7 March 60 if
new tail config P+ AWST 12 Sep 60 if
A, specs AWST 5 March 62 if
advert AWST 23 Oct 62
n Iran AF 2vs Dil Dirty Plastic Jan 73 if
ops w Det 2 PA reprint from Flint 22 Aug 68 if
H-43B PA pirep F 69/1 July 61
SEA caouf 3v KF Dec 68 if

Supporting Air Force I PDA reprint from Rotor & Wing JanFeb 71 if
rebuilder for civ ops n Idaho status CPDA Rot&WingInt 15 Jan 89 if
P+ clip if
n SEA camouf CP clip if
-43B basics compared with -43F PA if

Kaman HOK
flies wo pilot P AW 2 Sep 57
HOK CPcov F Apr 53 if
as remote control test P+ Mechanix Illust June 55 if
fire extinguish exercise PA PopSci Feb 57 if
Seo. 1956 National Aircraft Show nr A if
recognit manual P+ June 53 if

Kaman HTK (3-tail intermesh rot heli)
3v PA AeDig March 53
first flight P+ APict Aug 54 if
PA AP 53/54
PA AP 54/55
3v PA WestAv Apr 54
PA AT June 52
P Ac 6/7 July 82
on floats clip copy if

Recognit manual P+ clip June 53 if

Kaman HU2K Seasprite (1e turbine ret lg heli)
SEE ALSO Kaman SH-2 Seasprite
PDA AP Spr 61
w CAW-5 PA pro IPMSQ Spr 80
PA NAN Feb 83

Kaman SH-2 Seasprite
LAMPS propo mod PA AComb 6/1 Jan 78 if
YSH-2E P+ AE March 73 if
SH-2 series hist CPA dev pros 3v AI Apr 73 if
new-build SH-2G for Australia/NewZea PA ANZAvN Nov 2000 if
hist serials units PA AvN 19 Jan – Feb 1 79 if
airborne mine detect capabil off > USN CPDA AWST 9 Jan 85 if
-2G for Australia Navy CPA AWST 27 Jan 97 if
-2G for NewZea status CPA AWSt 24 March 97
-2G for Egypt CPA AWST 13 Oct 97
status CPA Defence Aug 89 if
H-2 3v Dil pros A IPMSQ Sum 73 if
-2F PDA pros IPMSQ 19/3 Sep 84
-2F w HSL-34 & HSL-94 P+ IPMSU SepOct 87 if
-2F 5v xs Dil MJ 1/5 SepOct 77 if
-2G advert Proceedings 92 clip if
-27 orod line reopens PA Rot&WinInt Dec 83
--2F 1/72 Fujimi CPDA 4v SM Apr 81 if
1/72 -2F Airfix CPA SM 20/1 Jan 85
1/72 -2F Airfix PA ScMods Feb 84 if
-2F CP Vertiflite SepOct 83 if
-2F Kaman advert Vertif SepOct 83 if
hist status CPDA Proceedings (?) Fal 94 if
-2F clip P+ if

-2F basic info P clip
-2D 3v short hist clip if

Kaman UH-2
SEE ALSO Kaman SH-2 Seasprite
wings and jet engine mounted P AP Oct Nov 64 if
jet-augmented tests begin P+ AWST 9 Dec 63 if
armed proto PA JAS Sep 75
UH-2 & HH-2C P KF clip if
production revived PA NAN Feb 83 if
P+ clip if

Kaminskas Jungster (hb bip)
CP SptAv 17/10 Oct 68
Jungster 1 CPDA SptAv 34/1 June 84

Mischa Kantar Strat (4e lw ltpln proto)

PA F Sep 49

Kari-Keen misc.
hist PA AA March 59

Kari-Keen Model 60 Coupe (1e hw tadr)
PA AT Rep Fal 77
advert PA rest CP AA Dig 3Q 76

Kari-Keen 90
PA AT Rep Fal 77

Kari-Keen Sioux Coupe
Sioux Coupe P AP Fal 58
rest NC10721 PA Vat 5/11 Nov 77
rest CPDA SptAv Nov 77

Kartveli Uncle Sam hw
PA W 10/3 June 80

Kasperwing – (flying wing ul) see Cascade Kasperwing

Horace Keane Ace (1st US ac marketed in kit form 1e 1s bip hb)
il A AP 56/57

Keeling K-100 (hb bip)
CPDA SptFly 12/2 Apr 78

Kellett K-4 (autogi)
3v JAS 21/4 Win 86

Kellett KD-1 (autogi)
il A War Aces No. 4
PA ACQR Fal 77
PA AA Oct 61

Kellett KH-2
PA Av March 47

Kellett KH-15 Stable Mabel (heli)

Kellett Autogiro
P AC 3/3 Nov 66
PA AC 12/2 Feb 76
advert & PA AAAN MayJune 68

Kellett Army Aerial Jeep (4s encl cabin w fore & aft fans proj)
il A AP Win 60

Kellett YG-1B (1e 2s autogi)
3v PA AeDig Mar 38
PA ACQR Fal 77
PA AP 53/54
PA FR 15/10 July 60
KD-1/YG-1 PA JAS 23/1 Spr 78

Kellett XH-15
PA AW 12 July 54

Kellett KD-1B
mod for convertawing test il A AW 17 Aug 53
ca Av Feb 40

Kellett YO-60 (autogi)
P AcAge Aug 44
PA ACQR Feb 77
PA ArmchAv Dec 72
PA AP 53/54

Kellett XR-1 (1st intermeshing rot heli)
il AP 54/55
used by Helicopter Air Transport PA F Aug 47

Kellett XR-2
PA ACQR Fal 77

Kellett XR-6 (autogi)
PA ACQR Fal 77

Kellett XR-8
CP AT Feb 46

2v PA Sky Dec 46

Kellett XR-10
CP AT Jan 48

Kelly D (hb bip)
3v PA AAAN 2Q 82
CPDA SptAv Dec 82

Ken Rand KR-1 (gyrocopter hb)
ca SptFly 12/5 Oct 78
of Keller CPDA SptAv 25/1 Jan 74
Boggs Super KR01 CPDA AptAv Apr 80
PDA pirep P&P 8/4 Apr 72
CPDA SptAv 29/8 Aug 80
PDA SptAv 22/1 Jan 73
of Hazlett CPDA SptAv 25/7 July 76

Ken Rand KR-2 (hb gyrocopter)
CPDA SptFly 9;6 June 75
CPDA SptFly 12/3 June 78
CPDA ca SptAv 24/3 March 75
ca A PopFLy 28/3 MayJune 84
N4263Q CPDA SptAv 31/8 Aug 82
N514AJ CPDA SptAv 33/9 Sep 84

Charles S. Kerestesi G-1 (1e 1s midw hb)
PA AP Fal 58

Kerestesi MG-1 (pwr slpln hb)
PA Soaring Apr 80

Keystone survey
bomber design survey & service record AeAl Sum 72
bomber design surv PA AP 31/6 Dec 72

Keystone trimotor
"Voice of the Sky" PA JAS Spr 70

Keystone Commuter
PA JAS Spr 63

Keystone K-78 Patrician (3e trans late 20s)
PA JAS Win 70
PA JAS Sum 73
PDA JAS Sum 80

Keystone B-1
PDA Sky 1 Jan 87

Keystone B-4
n China P JAS Spr 78
Y1B-4 nose PD W Aug 80

Keystone B-6
B-6A P JAS Spr 65

Keystone XHB-1 Cyclops
3v A JAS 26/1 Spr 81

Keystone LB-6
nose art P JAS 3/1 JanMarch 58
XLB-6 corr PA JAS 25/3 Fal 80

Keystone LB-7
PA AF July 84

Keystone PK
P JAS Fal 61

PA W 5/3 June 75
PA W 5/5 Oct 75

Kiceniuk (man-powered ac)
PA AP 36/3 March 76

Kimberly Scamp
CPA SptAv 28/5 May 79

Kimberly Sky Rider (ul)
CPA SptAv 28/5 May 79

Kimbrel Banty (ul)
CPA SptAv 34/9 Sep 85

Kimbrel Butterfly (ul)
CPDA SptAv 33/1 Jan 84

Kinner misc.
hist PA AC 12/1 Jan 76
hist PA SptAv 21/1 Jan 72
hist PA SptAv 21/2 Feb 72

Kinner K-1 (2s 1e bip Kinner’s first ac)
PA AC 12/1 Jan 76

Kinner Model P (1e sport mono 1933)
P AC 12/1 Jan 76

Kinner Airster (1e 2s bip 1926)
PA AC 12/1 Jan 76

Kinner Airster monoplane (para 2s 1e 1925)
PA AC 12/1 Jan 76
PA SptAv 21/1 Jan 72

Kinner Canary (2s 1e spt)
PA AC 12/1 Jan 76

Kinner Envoy (lw fixed tadr ltpln)
3v P Air News 15 March 46
PA AA Oct 61

Kinner R-1 Playboy (1e cabin mono 1935)

PA AC 12/1 Jan 76
PA AA Oct 61

Kinner Sportster misc
3v PA APM Bull 3 & 4 Q 79

Kinner B-1 Sportster
PA AP JuneJuly 63

Kinner Model K Sportster (1s 1e opcock mono 1933)
P AC 12/1 Jan 76
PA AA Oct 61

Kinner B-2 Sportwing (1e 2s sport late 20s)

PA AA Oct 61
rest CPA 3vDil AAAN 4Q 75
CP SptAv 31/11 Nov 82

Kinner XRK-1 Envoy (1e cncl cab trans lw tadr)
PA AC 12/1 Jan 76

Kirkham (racer 1e 1s bip)
3v A xs AP Spr 61

Kistler LaJolita Special (Goodyear r)
PA A 8/10 Sep 80

Knight Twister (1e 1s hb bip spt)
SEE ALSO Payen Knight Twister
1st nears completion PA PopAv Dec 34
Imperial mod PDA PriPi 6/6 Jun 71
of Uebel PDA priep SptAv 20/9 Sep 71
Imperial mod PDA SptAv 20/6 June 71
of Kilby PA AP Spr 60
"Little Jinny" of Baber PA AP Spr 61
N13N of Limbach PA AP Spr 61
N2747A Sabler Special PA AP AprMay 63
n USA surv A JAS 1/1 Spr 56
N5DF 3v PA AM Spr 74
uc scale flymod plan .29 power AT Nov 44
PA pros AT Apr 45

Knoll KN-1 (6s 1e cab bip)
il AP 55/56

Koch Mark 4 (4s canard hb propo)
3v il PA SptAv 24/5 March 775

Kolb Firestar (ul)
CPA SptAv 34/7 July 85

Kolb Flyer (u/l)
PA UlAc Jan Feb 82
of Slattery CPDA SptAv 34/4 Apr 85

Kolb Twin Star (hb)
CPDA SptAv 35/10 Oct 86

Kolb Ultrastar (hb)
CPA pirep HbAc 10/9 Aug 83

Konishock Rotor Sport (hb heli)
PA PriPi 14/4 Apr 79

Kouns-Craft (hb helium tanked 1s 1d ltpln proto 1939)
PA Air News Jan 42
PA AP 53/54

Al Krapish Special (1930 hb)
PA JAS Win 70

Kreider-Reisner KR-19
rest PA AE Eleven

Kreider-Reisner KR-21

PA AOPA March 77
-21A CP rest AC Special Win 73
rest PA AE Eleven
rest 3v PA AAAN 2 Q 74
3v PA AAAN 1 Q 74
3v il A APM Bul 1/Q 75
4v xs AM Oct 67

Kreider-Reisner KR-31
P AA Sep 58
Nat Air Tour press plane P AT New Win 76
advert PA AADig 4 Q 78

Kreider-Reisner KR-34
-34C n Canada Forest Service PA AvN 14/9 20 Sep-3 Oct 85

Kreider-Reisner Challenger (1e sport bip)

SEE ALSO Fairchild KR-1
P AP Fal 60
PA JAS Spr 62

Kreuzer WB-1 Whistle Bait (1e 1s bip hb)
N9430H PA AP AprMay 64

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