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J-3 Kitten (hb)
CPDA pirep HbAc 11/10 Oct 84
PA HbAc 11/6 June 84

Jackson J-10 (lw tadr hb)
CPA SptAv 33/3 March 84

Jacobs 104 (trans heli proto)
PA AW 15 Mar 54

Jacuzzi Brothers monoplanes
PA JAS Sum 68

Jamieson Gypsy Hawk (lw)
PDA Ap 31/6 Dec 72

Jamieson Jupiter (lw 1e ltpln)
w wings folded P F sep 49
PA AT Oct 50

Jamieson Speedwing hw hb 1936
advert AAAN MarApr 67

Jardin (heli)
3v PA PriPi July 66

Javelin Wichawk (hb bip)
CPDA AP 30/3 March 72

Jayhawk misc

folding wing plane 1930 A AAAN MarApr 69

Jayhawk Jayhawk (1e 3s spt bip 30s)
PA SptFly 4.4 Apr 70

Jenco Model 2 (1e hw hb)
PA AP 57/58

Jeanie’s Teenie (1s lw trilb hb)
PA SptAv 19/7 July 70

Jenista D-8 Grasshopper (hb g)
CP SptAv 7/4 Apr 68

Jensen misc
1929 bip trnr P SptAv Aug 70

Jensen Biplane (1e 2s bip 1925 hb)
il A AP AprMay 63

Jensen Sport (1e lw 2s ltpln 1942)
PA AP 53/54

Volmer Jensen Sportsman (1e shwing amphib hb)
at Oshkosh PDA SptAv 26/6 June 77
trip in PA PriPi 2/1 Oct 66
of EUkowite PA SptAv 20/2 Feb 71

Volmer Jensen VJ-21
PA AT Oct 47
PA ArmchAv March 73
3v PA Av March 47
PA Av Sep 45
PDA pirep PriPi 1/1 OctNov 65
n Hawaii CPA SptAv 21/6 June 72

Jensen Soaring Wing (hg)
3v PA ScMods June 73

Volmer Jensen VJ-23 Swingwing
3vPA APM Bul 3/Q 77
PA SptAv 22/4

Volmer Jensen VJ-24W Sun Fun (pwd hg hb)
PDA HbAc 9/7 July 82
w power PA SptAv 25/8 Aug 76
PA SptAv 23/11 Nov 74
PA SptAv 28/8 Aug 78
PDA HbAc 9/7 July 82
PDA UlAc 2/2 Apr 82

Jensen Trainer (hb bip 20s)
PA SptAv 16/6 June 67

Jervis Baby J (hb)
PA AM Jan 57

Jet Craft Ltd. misc.
2-jet exec propo il A P&P 4/10 Oct 68

Jodel D-9 – built in USA - (1e 1s tadr hb)
CP SptAv 17/10 Oct 68
SEE ALSO France Jodel

Jodel D-11 – built in USA - (1e 2s sbs ow tadr hb)
(Falconair F-12) PA SptAv 17/4 Apr 68
PA SptAv 17/4 Apr 68
SEE ALSO France Jodel

Jodel F-11- built in USA - (lw hb tadr)
N1408 CPA SptAv 34/4 Apr 85

Johnson JA-3
3v PA Av Feb 41

Johns Multiplane (5-wing proto)
PA A 7/3 May 77
P JAS Feb 66

Johnson Bullet 125 (4s lw trilg ltpln late 40s)
PA AeDig March 47
il A AADig 3 Q 77
Bullet 185 PA F Apr 48

Johnson Light Twin (2e 2s tand opcock ltpln hb)
il A AP 56/57

Johnson Rocket
rest PA Vat Nov 76
solid model plans Air World Nov 76
rest PA pirep AP Aug 709
rest CPA pirep P&P 22/12 Dec 86

Johnson Special (Goodyear r)
#51 3v AT Feb 50
PA A 8/10 Sep 80

Johnson Trojan (hb)
CPA SptAv 33/7 July 84

Johnson Twin 60 (lw trilg coupled engines)
PA JAS Sum 61
PDA JAS Spr 70

Johnson Uniplane (all wing)
hist il SptAv 31/7 July 82
hist il SptAv 31/8 Aug 82

Johnston Dust Devil (hb slpln)
3v PA Soaring Jan 80

Johnny Reb (midget r)
P AP Spr 60

Jones D-25 Standard
3v P AeroDigest March 38

Jones S-125
3v PA AeDig Mar 38

Ben Jones Ac Co Ben Jones (1s 1e tand mono trnr proto)
PA AP 53/54

Ben Jones Sport mono
PA JAS 14/2 Sum 69

Jones White Lightning (hb mono)
CPDA SptAv 35/6 June 86

Jimmy Jones monoplane (1906)
PA AC 10/2 Feb 74

Jenair 4 Sedan (relicensed McCullough tand rot heli)
PA AC 9/4 Apr 73

Ervin & Lyle Joy Flying Flapjack (1s 2e blended wing mono, never flew)
PA Air News Jan 42

Richard Judy Special (aerobat mono hb)
PA SptAv 22/12 Dec 73

Jupiter M-1 (1e 1s lw encl cock tadr hb)
N2981C of Champion PA AP Spr 61
PA SptAv 17/11 Nov 68

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