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Ibbs Special (Goodyear r)
3v PA AT May 50

Icarus (hang glider)
PA SptAv 21/8 Aug 72
Icarus II w engine PA SptAv 25/2 Feb 76
3v PA ScMods June 73
Icarus V CPA SptAv 25/1 Jan 74

Ilse R.S. 1 (hb)
PA SptAv 21/9 Sep 72

Ingram Foster misc
push bip designs PA WWIAe 116 Sep 87

Inland R-400
P JAS 2/2 AprJune 57

Inland Neptune (amphib)
PA AAAN JanFeb 68

Inland Sport (1e 1s para)
3v PA APMBul 2 Q 77
il AP 55/56

Interceptor 400 (1tpro 4s lw trilg ltpln)
CPDA AP 26/6 June 70
PDA pirep F Sep 73
PA F 86/2 Aug 70
3v PA FRI 25/7 Nov 69
PDA P&P 9/5 May 73

International F17 (blt for 1927 Dole Race)
P AC 10/9 Sep 74

International Miss Hollydale (1e bip flt for 1927 Dole Race)
PA AC 10/9 Sep 74
PA JAS Fal 75

International Aeromarine Seafire (amphib)
CPDA PriPi 18/3 March 83

International Aviation Duckling
3v APA Av March 47
2v PA Sky Dec 46

Interstate misc
advert reprint SPtFly 9/4 Apr 75
to become Tern Ac Corp A AAAN JulyAug 72
advert F March 42
hist PA AAAN SepOct 72

Interstate Cadet (1e hw ltpln)
3v PA AeDig June 42
3v PA AeDig July 42
rest CP Ac Special Win 73
advert F&PopAv 29/2 Aug 41
S-1A PDA pirep P&P 6.9 Sep 70
S1B2 (metalized) PDA pirep P&P Sep 72
rest PA pirep SptAv Sep 72

Interstate L-6
rest 3v PA AAAN MayJune 67
STOL mod P PriPi 6/9 Sep 71

Interstate TDR (2e prop shwing trilg drone, gmis)
PA APMBul 3 Q 76
A APMBul 2/Q 78
rest PA JAS Win 77
il A JAS 27/1 Spr 82

Ireland N-2-B
PA JAS Win 61

Ireland Amphibian
PA JAS Win 61

Ireland Privateer
3v PA AAAN NovDec 70

Irwin Meteorplane
SEE Meteorplane

Island Spectra (amphib)
3vPA AP 26/4 Apr 70

Ison Minimax (ul)
CPA SptAv 34/11 Nov 85

Ison PDQ (hb 1e push)
CPA SptAv 24/1 Jan 75
PDQ-2 PA SptAv 25/1 Jan 76

Gordon Israel Redhead (r)
PA W 4/5 Oct 74 

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