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Fahlin SF-1 (2s cab hw ltpln)
PA AAAN SepOct 67
PA JAS Win 66

Falck misc
1948 unfinished racer rest PA SptAv 25/9 Sept 76

Falck Special (midget r)
PA A May 80
3v PA AT Feb 49

Falck Rivets (lw midget r)
PA A 8/10 Sep 80
3v AT Feb 50
3vPA ArmchAv June 73

Falco (lw hb trilg ltpln)
1st kit-blt CPDA SptAv 32/2 Feb 83
N545SF of Aronson CPA SptAv 34/5 March 85

Falcon Special (Goodyear midget r)
1948 PA A 10/3 May 80
III PA A 10/5 Sep 80
3v PA AT June 49
#10 3v AT Feb 50
CP SptFly 8/9 Sep 74

Falconair F-12 (1e 2s sbs hb)
SEE France Jodel D-11

Falconair Teal (hb amphib)
PA AAAN JanFeb 68

Faler Mini-Plane (hb bip)
PA SptAv 21/6 June 72

Famularo (USA?) transport (4e gas-filled transp)
2v Air News June 42

Farrar Tailles (slpln)
3v A BC 7/2 Sum 81

Federal CM-2
P JAS Fal 74

Federal CM-3
P JAS Fal 74

Federal PT-1 (1s 1e bip trnr proto)
3v PA AeDig Mar 38
PA AC 13/4 Apr 77
PDA P&P 6/7 July 70

Fendley PJ-260 Big Daddy (hb bip)
CPA SptAv 18/9 Sep 69

Fernic T-9 (tand-wing mono trans proto 1939)
PA W 8/3 June 78

Feurlilie F.55 (mis)
3v PA AT Feb 50

Fife Pusher (replica Curtiss Pusher hb)
3vPA AP Fal 59

Fike Model B (hw hb)
P SptAv 35/5 May 86

Filk Model E (hw hb)
PA SptAv 20/3 March 71

15 (fifteen) (midget r)
3v PA AT Jan 52

Filper Beta (heli proto)
P bk cov AP Sep 66

Filper Beta 400 (heli)
PA AP Nov 67

Firestone (G&A) GA-45 (heli late 40s)
PA Armch Av Feb 73
PA Aviat March 47
SEE ALSO G&A Firestone 45B

Firestone XO-61
PA ACQR Fal 77

Firestone XR-9 (1e trilg heli)
civ version P Ac & Jets
XR-9 2v PA Skyways Dec 46

First Strike Bobcat (lw ul)
CPcov PDA UlAc 5/7 SepOct 83

Fisher FF-101 (hb)
CPA HbAc 10/2 Feb 83

Fisher FP-202 (ul)
CPD pirep HbAc 11/5 May 84

Fisher FP-303
CPDA SptAv June 84

Fisher Koala (ul)
CPA SptAv 33/2 Feb 84

Fisher Zippy Sport (hb)
CPDA HbAc 10/5 May 83

Fisher XP-75 Eagle
PA AeMo Apr 80
hist PA AC 16/7 July 80
5v a Ap5vAl 2 Apr 74
PA 3/1 Feb 73

Fisk Triplane (1e 1927)
PA AAAN May 62

Flagg F-15 Fflaggship (r)
hist PA AP MayJun 66

Flagg Pretor En Puevo (r)
il A AP Jan 67

Flagor High Tow (1950’s 2s 1e bip glider tug)
P AC 9/6 July 73
PA AP Fal 58

Flagor Scooter (1e 1s hw hb)
PA SptAv 17/1 Jan 68
PA SptAv 17/4 Apr 68
CPA ca SptAv 22/7 July 73

Flagor Tinker Toy (1e bip hb)
PA SptAv 23/6 June 74

Fleetcraft Ac Corp FLeetcraft (bip 1929)
advert AAAN JulyAug 67

Fleetwings misc
hw mono 1931 AAAN JanFeb 68

Fleetwings Model 33 (lw trnr proto)
3vPA AAAN JanFeb 68

Fleetwings 5F SeaBird (shwing amphib)
3vPA AeDig March 38
rest CP AC Sp W 73
PA AAAN NovDec 67
rest PA AP March 68
3vPA Av feb 41
PA NewAt W 78
rest CPDA 3v Vat Dec 76

Fleetwings XBT-12 (stainless steel trnr proto)
advert AeDig June 42
advert AeDig July 42
PA AAAN JanFeb 68
PA AP 53/54
P AT Nov 48
ca Av Feb 41
advert PA F July 42
advert F Aug 42

Fleetwings XBQ-2A (1e prop guided missile trilg 40s)
P Ac&Jets 1 / 2 Dec 46

Fletcher misc
advert AW 17 Aug 53

Fletcher FBT-2 (1e2s lw tadr)
3vPA AeDig March 41

Fletcher FD-25 Defender (ltwt COIN propo 1950s)
P AC 10/9 Sep 74
PA AT March 52
P JAS Fal 77

Fletcher XCQ-1A (1e 2s trilg drone controller)
P Ac & Jets Dec 46

Fletcher BT-22
3v xs AT Apr 52

Fletcher PBT-2
3vPA Av Feb 41

Flight Designs Jetwing (ul)
PA Ul Ac MayJune 82

Flight Dynamics Flexwing (g)
PA F 72.3 March 63

Flight Dynamics Seasprite (sailwing g)
CP AeMo Dec 76
3v PA SptAv 23.4 Apr 74

Flightways Special (r)
1947 PA W 10/1 Feb 80

Fokker - USA-built - Dr.1 repli
PA SptAv 17/6 June 68
CPA pirep SptAv 32/3 March 83

Folkerts misc
"racer" B sport uc flymod plans Air World Sep 47

Folkerts "Mono-Special" (r)
PA AM NovDec 63

Folkerts SK-2 (r)
PA AM NovDec 63

Folkerts SK-3 Special (r)
PA 5v Cpro A 8/3 May 78
PA AM NovDec 63
"Toots" PA 5v xs AM Feb 73

Folkerts SK-4 (r)
A AM NovDec 63

Folkerts "Foo" (r)
PA JAS Win 65

Forbes Simpson Lowlander (hb lw)
CPA AptAv 34.9 Sep 85


Ford-Leigh Safety Wing (1929 safety plane entry)
PA JAS Spr 65

Ford-General Motors ZMC-2
PDA A 4/5 Sep 74
PA PopAv Jan 38

Ford-Stout – SEE Ford

Forsgren LF-1 (1e 1s hb)
CPA SptAv 34/10 Oct 85

Foss Special (midget r 1948)
PA A May 80
3v PA AT Feb 49

Foster Airspeed (1s midw hb)
PDA SptAv 23/4 Apr 74

Fox TP (hb para)
PA PopAv March 36

Foxjet ST/TRI-3 (3jet edec trans)
3v A ill AI 14/3 March 78

Foxjet ST-600
3v A AI July 78
ST-600S mockup 3v PA
mockup CPA Fly June 77

Francis-Angell Special (r)
3v PA AT March 49
1947 PA W 10/1 Feb 80

Franklin glider (pre WW2)
3v il Dil A AP 15/4 AugSep 64
Skytrain test 1934 PA BC June 80
P New AT Win 78

Franklin Sport (1e 2s bip ltpln)
indiv ac data PA AAAN 2Q74
hist PA JAS 21/4 Win 86
Sport A 3v xs ca PA MAN Spr 63
CPDA pirep ca Vat May 77
Frazer-Walker FW-4 Gyrojet (4s 1e autogy propo)
3v PA AP June-July 63

Freedom Master FM-2
CPA SptAv 34/7 July 85

French Quarter Special (#3 Cosmic Wind r)
PA AP Sep 66

Friesley Falcon (2e bip trans)
P AA Sep 61
PA JAS Sum 65

Fry Skylark (STOL)
P JAS 14/2 Sum 69

Frye F-1 Safari (4e hw trans proj to be blt by Grumman)
PA AP 57/58

Frykland Aero Smidgeon (hb amphib)
PA AAAN JanFeb 68

Fuller Hammond (2e lw ltpln)
PA AA Oct 61
PA AAAN MarApr 70

Fulton Airphibian (roadable lightplane hb)
PA AC 11/4 Apr 75
3v xs AT May 52
PA F Apr 47

Funk misc
monoplane w V-8 engine PA Av Jan 39
1942 ac line advert F Jan 42
advert F Sep 45
advert F Apr 47

Funk Model B (2s ltpln hw tadr)
Akron Funk b75L 3v PA AeDig March 41
rest PA AA Nov 59
F2B PA F Apr 47
Akron Funk B 3v PA Av Feb 40
B-75-L advert F Nov 45
F2B PDA pirep F Apr 47
PDA pirep P&P 8/2 Feb 72
PDA PriPi 4/4 June 69
F2B advert Sky 5/6 June 46
rest CPDA SptAv 34/1 Dec 85

Funk 75 (1e 2s hw tadr ltpln)
advert PD Av Feb 40

Funk 85 (1e hw ltpln)
85C 2v PA Sky Dec 46

D.D. Funk F-23 (agri proto)
PA F 74/5 May 64

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