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D'Apuzzo Model D-201 Sportwing  
(aerobat bip hb)
CPDA   SptAv 31/5 May 82

D’Apuzzo Senior Aero Sport
CPA   AP Dec 68

Dale Air-Dale   (lw hb)
PA   SptAv 11.5 May 82

Dale Weejet   (1jet 2s hb)
PDA   F 68/2 Feb 61

Dallas Model 1
PA   Apr March 79

Danby Twin Navion   (2e Navion mod) – SEE North American Navion

Dansaire Coupe   (3s 1e hw ltpln 1946)
3v PA   AADig 3 Q 77
PA   AP  53/54
PA    Air World Feb 48

Dare Variable Camber Monoplane
PA   JAS Spr 63

Dart GC
3v PA   Av March 47

Dart Dart
advert   Av 37/10 Oct 38
rest CP   SptAv 32/2 Feb 83

Dart Sport Trainer G
3v P   AeDig March 38

Davenport Golden Nugget   (hb bip)
PDA   AP March 68
CPA   SptAv 17/5 May 68

Davis misc
Sportplanes surv 3v PA   ArmchAv July 73

Davis high wing racer
P   JAS Sum 59
mod to mid-wing P   JAS Sum 59

Davis D-1   (1e 2s tand tadr para 30s)
D1-W PA   AA Oct 61
PA advert   AAAN May 66
D-1W rest PDA   The Antiquer Feb 66
il A   AP 55/56
D-1K 5v xs   NewAT Win 76
PA   PriPi 3/7 Apr 68
D-1K 5v CPA xs   ScRcMod 8/5 Oct 82
D-1A rest N13546 P   SptAv May 73
7/10 scale repli CPA   SptAv 33/1 Jan 84
D-1W rest CPDA   SptFLy 9/4 Apr 75
D-1K 5v xs   SptFly 9/4 Apr 75

Davis  V-3   (para 1929)
rest PA   AA May 60
rest CPA advert   AA Sep 60
rest CPDA   ATNew Win 76
P JAS 2/2    Apr-Jun 57

Davis DA-2A   (2s hw trilg hb 70s)
peanut scale r pwr flymod plans   MAN Dec 72
PA   SptAv 18/1 Jan 69
PDA   SptAv 20/9 Sep 71
CP   SptAv 24/7 July 75

Davis DA-5
PA SptAv 23/12 Dec 74
record flt CPA SptAv 25/11 Nov 76

Davis Gemini   (flywing propo)
A   P&P 23/10 Oct 87

Davis Starship Alpha   (1s flywing hb)
PA   P&P 23/10 Oct 87

Dawson Pistol Ball   (midget r)
PA   Apr 10/3 May 80

Dawson Special   (r)
3v PA   AT Feb 49

Day Biplane   (2s)
world flight A   AAAN Apr 62

Day Tractor   (bip)
1910 P   WWIAe #81 Oct 80
1914 P   WWIAe #81 Oct 80

Dayton-Wright "First Shot"
PA   JAS Win 74

Dayton-Wright DH-4   (US-built DeHavilland DH-4)
P   C&C 16/2 Sum 75
P    JAS 2/3 July Sep 57

Dayton-Wright Messenger
PA   AC 15/5 May 79

Dayton-Wright PS-1
3v PA   AI 13/1 July 77

Dayton-Wright RB-1
3v PDA   JAS Fal 71

de Bothezat helicopter
PA   AP March 70

De Busschere Skylark II   (gyrocopter hb)
PA AP Oct 70

Decoy   (weapons system)
2v A   ScAcMog March 81

DeGraw Hummingbird   (heli hb)
CPDA   SptAv 34/3 March 85

DeHavilland (produced or used in USA) DH-4   (1e 2s bip bbr)
             SEE ALSO -- Atlantic DH-4, Dayton-Wright DH-4
US Army airmail ops PA   AeMo Aug 80
twin engine mod PA   AeMo Aug 80
cockpit PD   JAS Fal 61
USMC 3v PA xs Dil pros   JAS Win 62
-4B surv PA   JAS Win 62
air mail ops PA   JAS Fal 65
flt > San Antonio to shoot film PA   JAS Fal 65
radiator mods PA   JAS Fal 65
-4B n USN/MC inventory A   JAS Fal 65
-4B P   JAS Fal 72
n US 1921 P   JAS Win 72
nose art P   JAS Win 73
PA   JAS Spr 75
P   JAS Sum 75
ambulance P   JAS Fal 78
1020s ops P   Vat July 76
PDA   WWIAe #90 July 82
PDA ca   WWIAe #114 Apr 87

DeLackner Aerocycle
   (lt heli)
PA   Av March 47
PA    F  Apr 47

Delgado racer
PA   AP Sep 67
P    JAS 31/2 Sum 86

Delgado Flash   (r)
PA   JAS 32/4 Win 87

Del Mar DH-1A Whirleymite   (1e recip 1s heli hb)
N3349G PA   AP Sum 61

Del Mar Trainer   ( 2e tand rotor 3s heli proto)
PA   AP May 68

Delta Sting Ray
CP   SptAv Oct 80

Del Yattow Week Ender   (hb)
3v A   AP Sep 67

Dempsey Beta Lightning   (2e rs twin boom hb)
CPDA   SptAv 19/8 Aug 70

Ralph Denien biplane   (1e 1s tadr hb)
N441Y PA    AP Spr 62

Denight D.D.T   (r)
PA   Apr 8/10 Sep 80
#97 3v   AT Feb 50

Denight Special lw hb)
CPA   SptAv 31/4 Apr 82
PA   SptAv 32/11 Nov 83

Derringer Aircraft Company misc
4s upgrade of 2s design CP   clip if

Design Group D-Gull   (hb)
model PA 3v   SptAv 26/6 June 77

Detroit Aircraft XP-900   (proto Consolidated P-30 1e lw 2s tadr)
PA   W 4/5 Oct 74

Dickey E-Racer   (canard hb)
CPA   SptAv 35/5 May 86

Dickson Primary Glider
PA   SptAv 19.7 July 70

Diehl XTC   (hb)
PA   HbAc 9/9 Sep 82)

Dixon Special   (midget r)
PA   Apr May 80
PA AP Sep 66
3v PA AT Apr 49

Doak Model DRD-1   (lw 1e tadr)
P   AeDig March 41

Doak Model 16 / VZ-4DA   (VTOL research tilt ducted fan 2s propo)
il A   AP Fal 58
PA   AP Fal 59

Bert T. Doi Dirigiplane   (6e 3ta wingd diri)
3v A   Air News Jan 42

Doman YH-31
  (lt cargo heli)
PA   AP 54/55
PA   AT Sep 52
PA   AT Aug 53
ca PA   WestAv Apr 54

Doman LZ-4   (heli)
PA AT June 52

Doman Frazier HC-1
PA   Av March 47

Doman Frazier LZ-1
PA    Av  March 47

Donofris Checkmate   (aerobat bip hb)
CPDA   SptAv 27/6 June 78

Dorand misc
canard tractor mono 3v A   SptAv 17/8 Aug 68

Dorand DH-2011
P   AP Nov 67

Dormoy 1920 bip
PA   AP Feb 68

Dornoy Bathtub   (1e 1s para hb 1924)
PA   AP Fal 59
3v A   AP Spr 60
of Dahler PDA   HbAc 11/10 Oct 84
N8125S   SptAv 34/4 Apr 85

Dormoy Flying Bathtub – probably the same design as Bathtub
PA   AP Feb 68
CPA   SptAv 27/9 Sep 78

Downey "Ole Tiger"
(midget r)
PDA   PriPi Oct 67

Doyle American Moth  
(1e para sport)
hist PDA   SptAv 35/12 Dec 86

Doyle O-2  (2s para sport)
il A    AP 55/56
hist AP Aug-Sep 65 if
PA corr   AAAN !Q 86

Driggers Sunshine Girl  (para hb)
P   SptAv 35/5 May 86
            SEE ALSO Driggs Sunshine Girl III

Driggs Dart Model 2
PA   JAS Win 61
rest PDA   Airways 3/11 Nov 69

Driggs Skylark  (2s 1e spt bip 30s)
P   AC 10/2 Feb 74
P   AP Spr 58

Driggs Sunshine Girl III  (para hb)
PA   SptAv 18/6 June 69

Driggs-Johnson DJJ-1  (para hb 1924)
P   SptAv 25.4 Apr 86

Druine (built n USA) Turbulent (1e 2s lw tadr hb)
N417M PA   AP Feb-Mar 64
PDA   AP Jan 67

Stan Dudeck Dudeck V-1   (1e 1s lw hb)
3v PA   AP Fal 58

Dumod Dumodliner  (trilg conv Beech 18)  --SEE Beech 18

Duncan Aviation Xantus  (tilt-prop ltpln hb)
CP   AWST 16 Aug 99 if

DuPont Aerospace DP-2  (US 2jet bus lw)
proj PA   Commuter Air Feb 82 clip if
status CPA   Pro Pi Feb 84 if
3v   L&K 82/36 if

Durand A-45   (hw hb)
il A   SptAv 27/11 Nov 78

Durand Mk.V   (hb)
PDA il   SptAv 28/5 May 79
construction PDA   SptAv 28/4 Apr 79
CPA 3v Dil   SptAv 27/11 Nov 78
PD il A   SptAv 28/1 Jan 79
CPA  SptAv 33/8 Aug 84

Durand XD-85  (1e lw trilg push ltln proto)
PA   SptAv 16.10 Oct 67
il A   SptAv 27/11 Nov 78

Durand Omaha Aero Club Glider   (1934)
il A   SptAv 27/11 Nov 78

Durand University of Omaha Project C-4  
(1e shwing 1942)
il A   SptAv 27/11 Nov 78

________________ Duster (slpln)
3v PDA   SptAv 24/1 Jan 75

Dyke Delta  (1e 2s trilg delta hb)
N555A PA   AP Feb-Mar 64
CPDA   SptAv 28/6 June 79
PDA pirep   SptAv Feb 69
JD-2 3v PA  SptAv 17;5 May 68

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