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CAC CAC-100 (4e tprop trans proto)
3vA AF June 82

Cadillac Aircraft Corp. Voyageur Macair Duoplane (4s mono flybt)
A AAAN Mar-Apr 69

Cadillac Ac Corp 2e hw amphib

Cairns Model A (lw 1e 2s 2tail 1935)
PA AP 53/54

Cal Aero XLC-1 jet ltpln proto
PA F Jan 49

Calder Wren
CPA HbAc 11.8 Aug 84

California Aero Corp. Lark 95 (1e lw fixed trilg ltpln 2s sbs)
PDA JAS 25/4 W 80

California Aircraft Corp 2s 1e hw cab
PA F Apr 42

California Aircraft Corp. Cub (2s para)
PA AAAN Jan-Feb 68

Henry Laurens Call Mayfly (1908 Kansas proto, did NOT fly)
PA ACQR 3/2 Sum 76

Call Ag Commander
PDA pirep AP Mar 68

Call Air Model A lw tadr mono
A 2 PA WestAv Apr 54
P AeDig March 41
"Callair" PA pirep Sky 5/6 June 46
A-9 PA pirep F 74/5 May 64
A-3 PA F May 49

Call Air S1B-1 (1e lw agri)
PA WestAv Apr 54
B01 n NewZea P JNZ 17/1 Feb 54

Camair Twin Navion
PA AW 12 July 54

Camco V-Liner (flying billboard advertising)
il A AcIl 1/5 Nov 68

Campbell misc
All Metal pusher PA PopAv March 36

Canton & Mechlin (pre WI bip)
PA WWIAe 103 Feb 85

PA il Soa 44/12 Feb 80

Cape (bip trnr)
P AeDig March 41

Capelis XC-12 (2e trans proto)
PA FRI 22/8 Apr 67
PA PopAv May 33
PA W 8/4 Aug 78

Capital Aircraft Corp Air Trainer (para)
PA AAAN July-Aug 72

Capitol Hoppicopter (1s ramjet leli)
PA AP 54/55
3vPA AP July 54

Carma VT-1 Weejet (trnr proto)
3v PA FR 12/3 Nov 56

Carothers CAM Special (1s mono aerobat hb)
CPA pirep SptAv 33.7 July 84

Cascade Kasper Wing (hb ulit)
PDA SptAv 25/1 Jan 76
CP SptAv 29.10 Oct 80
PA pirep HbAc Dec 83
PA PriPi 17/2 Feb 82
aerodynamics explained PA dil SptAv Juy 73

Cassutt "Slapshot"
CPcov SptAv 22.2 Feb 73

Cassutt Special (midw r)
CP SptAv 17/10 Oct 68
PA AP 31/2 Aug 72
N7XX of Sizener PA SptAv 24.4 Apr 75
CPDA pirep AP 25/6 Dec 69
PA MAN May 74
N429 PA SptAv 16/10 Oct 67

Tom Cassutt Model 2 (midw r)
PDA AP Spr 60
3v A SptAv 11/5 May 62

Cassutt III (r)
IIIM CPDA SptAv 29/5 May 80

Tom Cassutt "Jersey Skeeter" (midget r)
P AP Spr 60

Catholic University CVB-SSSB (SST bizjet propo)
3v A AP June 67

Catto CA-15
PDA UlAc Jan-Feb 82

Catto Goldwing (hb ulit)
CPA SptAv Oct 80
2v A SptAv 28/7 July 79
Europe mod CPA AeMo 11/1 Jan 83
SEE ALSO Goldwing Goldwing

Catron-Fisk CF-10 (2e trip blt for 1927 Dole Race)
PA AC 10/9 Sep 74
PA JAS Sum 61

Cavalier (2s lw tadr hb)
CPDA SptAv 25/1- Oct 76
N31430 of Melby CPDA SptAv 33/1 Jan 84

Cavalier Turbo Mustang III (P-51D w tprop)
CPDA AP 24/5 May 69
3v xs RW Dec 77

Century Aircraft Corp. Centurion (3s mono 1929)
A AAAN Mar-Apr 69

Central Aircraft Corp Burnelli CBY
PA West Av Apr 54
SEE ALSO Burnelli CBY-3

Cemtral States Monocoupe


Central-Lawson XL-101 (agri)
PA JAS Sum 75


C.G.S. Hawk (encl cpit ulit)
CPDA HbAc 9/10 Oct 82
PDA UlAc 2/3 May-June 82
CPDA SptAv 31/6 June 82
USAF Acad student soloes PA UlAc June 84
CPA pirep HbAc 10/10 Oct 83

H.R. Davis Challis B (1e 1s midw)
PA AP Fal 58

Davis Challis Special (1e 1s lw encl cpit)
of Harold Davis N3158C PA Ap Sp 61

Chamberlin Crescent (4s 1e cab hw)
il AP 55/56

Chamberlin Pursuit Trainer
il A AAAN 2 Q 76

Chambers Special (r)
"Chamber Maid" PA JAS Win 65

Chambers R-1 (r)
PA JAS Fal 78

Champion Citabria (1e 2s hw ltpln)
PDA pirep F 76/2 Feb 65
PDA pirep P&P June 64
PDA pirep P&P June 66
PDA pirep PriPi 5/10 Nov 70
CPA pirep PriPi 19/10 Oct 84
Citabria Pro (para aerobat mod) CPDA AP Nov 68
SEE ALSO Bellanca Citabria

Champion Decathalon
CPA pirep PriPi 19/10 Oct 84
PA pirep SptFly 6/5 Oct 72
SEE ALSO Bellanca Decathalon

Champion Model 402 Lancer
PA AP 15/6 June 64
PA pirep F 74/1 Jan 64
PDA pirep P&P 8/2 Feb 72
pirep PriPi 12/4 Apr 77’

Champion Olympia (swept vert stab Citabria proto)
advert il A F 67/4 Oct 60

Champion Traveler (2s hw ltpln)
compared with Luscombe 8E and Piper Super Cut PA pirep P&P Aug 67

Champion Tri-Champ
PDA pirep P&P 3/11 Nov 67
w skis P P&P 5/1 July 69
PDA pirep P&P 10/6 July 74

Champion Tri-Traveler
advert PA F 67/4 Oct 60
PDA pirep P&P 5/2 Feb 69

Octave Chanute 1896 glider
il AP 55/56
static model plans AT Jan 54

Marquardt Charger (1e 2s tand hb bip)
CPA Spt Av 29.9 Sep 80

"Charlie’s helium tanked airplane" 1e trilg T-tail circa 1939
PA Air News Jan 42

Chase YC-122 (2e hw trans)
PA AeMo 10/7 July 82
PA AC Dec 77
civ PA AC March 79
civ PA JAS Fal 60
civ P JAS Sum 74
PA JAS 3/3 July-Sep 58

Chase XC-123A (4jet transp similar to Fairchild C-123)
3v PA xs AP 52/53

Chase C-123B (2e hw trans) SEE Fairchild C-123

Chase XCG-14
14, 14A PA AeMo 10/7 July 82

Chase XCG-20
PA AeMo 10;7 July 82

Chester Goon (r)
PA JAS Fal 73
"Chambermaid" PA JAS Fal 78

Chester Jeep (r)
scale u/c flymod plans FM Apr 48
PA JAS Win 65
3v xs A MAN Feb 47
n 1947 PA W 10/1 Feb 80

Chester Sky Baby (V-tail r late 40s)
P AC 10/5 May 74
PA Apr May 80
PA AP Sep 66

Chester Special (midget r 1948)
PA Apr May 80

Chester Swee Pea
1947 PA W Feb 80
1948 PA Apr May 80

Chotia Weedhopper (hw ulit)
CPA pirep PriPi 16/2 Feb 81
PDA Spt Av 27/7 July 78

Chotia Weedhopper Gypsy (ulit)
CP SptAv Oct 80

Chrislea Ace (1e hb)
3vPA Aviation March 47
P Air World May 47

Christavia Mk.1 (1e hw tadr hb)
CPA SptAv 33/5 May 84

Chris-Teena Mini Coupe (lw hb)
PA SptAv 26/8 Aug 77

Christen misc.
merges with Pitts CPA F 110/7 July 83

Christen Eagle (1s hb bop aerobat)
N483K of Kaubar CPA SptAv 30/9 Sep 82
CPA pirep HbAc 10/10 Oct 83
N960RF CPA SptAv 34/1 Jan 87

Christen Eagle II (hb bip)
N11LD CPDA SptAv 33/10 Oct 84

Christen Husky (modernized Piper Super Cub 1e hw ltpln)
3v CPDA SptAv 35/8 Aug 86
new production certified PA Flint 29 Jan 88

Christensen Zipper (midget r)
#59 3v AT Feb 50
PA Apr 8/10 Sep 80
of 1948 PA Apr 10.3 May 80

Christmas Bullet (1e 1s bip ftr proto WW1)
PA JAS Win 77

Christofferson Tractor Biplane
PA JAS Spr 64

Church Midwing
rest CPDA SptFly 6/6 Dec 72
rest CPDA AAAN July-Aug 71

Cieslak Little Pal
(para hb)
PA SptAv 21/4 Apr 72

Cinquita Hawker II (1e 1s twin boom)
PA SptAv Jan 75

Cirigliano SC-1
rest PA Vat Jan 75

Cirrus VK-30 (1e push hb proto)
PA P&P 24.9 Sep 88

Clancy Skybaby (para hb)
repli PDA HbAc 11/1 Jan 84
PA SptAv 31.11 Nov 82

Clark monoplane
PA JAS Sum 74

Clark GA-43
3v xs PopAv Apr 34

Classic Aircraft Waco F-5 (newbuild repli 1e 3s spt bip)
CPDA pirep P&P 24.12 Dec 88
PA Pri Pi 21.4 May 86

Clem Gold Bug
PDA AA Nov 59

Cloud Dancer Jenny (ulit bip)
CPDA HbAc 11/2 Feb 84

Christmas Bullet (1e 1s ftr proto 1918)
PA APAvRev 1 / 2 Win 77

Robert W. Clouser CG-1 Gnat (1s pulse jet heli)
PA AP Fal 58

Coastal Airways Inc.
(4s amphib)
A AAAN Mar-Apr 69

Coffman Jr. (shwing)
PA SptAv 19.7 July 70

Coffman OX-5 Monoplane (hw)
3v PA SptAv 19/7 July 70

Colden M W P (1e 1s push twin boom hb)
N12C PA AP Feb-Mar 64

Cole Aircraft Corp. Sport (3s bip 1928)

PA AAAN May-June 70

Colgate-Larsen CL-15 (1e push amphib 1940)
PA AP 53/54
P AeDig March 41

Continental GR-1 (2s 1e sport bio 1935)
PA AP 53/54

Collier CA-1 Ambassador (2s 1e bip sport aerobatic 1940)
PA AP 53/54
PA Av Feb 40

Collins G-421 (g 1st licensed g n US)
PA JAS Spr 72

Colonial XC-1 (2s amphib proto)
"Clipper" PA F May 49

Colonial Skimmer (amphib 1e push)
3vPA xs MAN Oct 50
HRV-1 hydrofoil test PDA Spt Av Jan 69

Columbus Ac Corp "The Skylark" (2s mono)
A AAAN Mar Apr 69

Columbia Ac Co Brown-Young (sesqui ret lg 4-5s 1937)
PA AP 53/54

Columbia X 307E
PA W 10/3 June 80

Columbia Triad
PA W 10/3 June 80

Columbia XJL
3v PA FR 16/8 May 61
3v PA L&K 13/82

Combs Craft (2s tand 1e lw sport 1939)
PA AP 53/54

Command Aire (1e 3s sport bip)
P AP Fal 60
il A AP Ap-Ma 63

Command-Aire 5-C-3
bip 1929
PA JAS Spr 65
rest CP Aeph

Command Aire Duster Special (
ag bip)
P AAAN 5/1 Sep 61

Commonwealth Skyranger (hw tadr ltpln)
P Flying Age Apr 46
2v PA Skyways Dec 46
rest PA 3v pirep AAAN Mp-Jun 74
see also Rearwin Skyranger

Commonwealth C-17 Trimmer (2e 4s tadr amphib)
PA Spt Av 17/10 Oct 68
2v PA Skyways Dec 46
PA ArmchAv Feb 73
u/c flymod plans Air World May 47

Commuter Ac Corp CAC-100 (4tprop trans)
3v A AI Sep 81

Commuter (helicopter)
PA F June 47

Composite Ac Corp Eagle II (tprop Windecker Eagle 1e lw ltpln)
PA PriPi 17/6 June 82

Condit-Palmfquist Conquist (1e 2s sbs hw ltpln 1934)
P AC Aug 80

Coonley Special (midget r)
AP Apf 8/10 Sep 80
PA AP Sep 66

Connecticut AirCraft Co. DN-1 (USN first diri)
A JAS 3/1 Man-Mar 58

Coonhy Special (midget r)
#35 3v AT Feb 50

Conroy Turbo-Prop DC-3
CPA AC 10/8 Aug 74
PA AP Feb 69

Conroy Colossus large cargo trans propo
3v A AWST 4 Feb 74

Conroy Guppy (large volume cargo trans mod from others)
survey CPA 2v ca AC 10/4 Apr 74
w Aeromaritime CP AcIl 9/2 Jan 76
w Aero Spacelines CP AcIl May 65
PA 3v xs AC 2/6 May 65
PA AlQ Fal 79
w Saturn V sectiion PA AWST 14 Apr 69

Conroy STOLifter (Cessna 337 mod propo)
Ail P&P 5/2 Feb 69
PDA AP 24/2 Feb 69

Conroy Super Guppy (4e tprop large volume trans)
CPA AM Jan-Feb 66
1/72 conv CPA Dil 3v xs FSM 2.5 Jul-Aug 84
see also Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Conroy 3 / TriTurbo 3 3 tprop DC-3
PA ACQR 4/2 Sum 77
CP PAM 32 Sep 79
w Polair PA AlQ 3/3 Fal 79
CP AC 16/3 March 80
3v PA AI 15/5 Nov 78

Conroy Turbo Albatross tprop conv Grumman Albatross
P AeAl Win 71

Conroy Virtus Space Shuttle transport propo
3v il A AWST 4 Feb 74

Convertawings Model 3 (4e trans heli)
PA AW 10 May 54

Convertawings Quadrator (large heli proj)
il A AP 54/55

Cooke, Weldon tractor biplane (1913)
3v PA WWIAe #83 Feb 81

Corben Baby Ace (1s para hb 30s)
w Salmson engine PA AAAN 1 Q 75
w Salmson engine PA AAAN 1 & 2 Q 79
of Hepler PA AP Spr 61
of Carnes PA AP Spr 61
of Powell PA AP Spr 61
of Feary PA AP Spr 61
of Straw PA AP Spr 61
of Yarger PA AP Spr 61
of Chisholm PA AP Spr 61
of Roth PA AP Spr 61
N4909E of Ross AP Spr 61
N7625B of Young AP Spr 61
N85Y of Spiewak PA AP Spr 61
N4184A of Dunn PA AP Spr 61
N7609B of Stephens PA AP Spr 61
N66992 of Portman PA AP Spr 62
N6890D of Passon PA AP Spr 62
N6830D of Halliday PA AP Spr 62
N6893 of Probst PA AP Spr 62
N3856C of Decker PA AP Spr 62
N4954E of Seno PA AP Spr 62
N10542 of Vander Linden PA AP Spr 62
N34279 of Rattsay PA AP Feb-Mar 63
N6381T of Decker PA AP Apr-May 63
N4954E of Seno PA AP Apr-May 63
N111B of Bell PA AP Feb-Mar 64
N9429H PA AP Feb-Mar 64
3v PA MAN Feb 60
PA PopAv Sep 32
w Salmson engine CP SptAv 28/11 Nov 79

Corben Junior Ace (hb para)
how to build PA PopAv Apr 33
how to build PA PopAv Apr 33
CPA SptAv 31/5 May 83

Corben Super Ace (hb para)
ff & uc flymod plan PA il AT Aug 50
R/C flymod PA MAN June 83
1/48 Williams Brothers kr CPA 3gv SM 31/1 Jun 86
CPA SptAv 26/8 Aug 77

Corcoran-Tonkin biplane
(Wankel engine bip)
PA SptAv 23/3 March 74

Cornelius Freewing (ltpln swept forward wing)
PA Apr 10/1 Jan 80
PA AA Oct 61

Cornelius XFG-1 Flying Tank (g swept-forward wing)
PA ACQR 4/1 Spr 77
PA Apr 10/1 Jan 80

Coser-Oonk CO-2 "Our Lady" (1e 1s lw enc cpit tadr)
N1106 PA AP Spr 61

Cosmic Wind (midget r)
1948 PA Apr 10/3 May 80
#3 "French Quarter Special" PA AP Sep 66
#4 3v AT Feb 50
propo conv > tprop engine for US Army obs PA F 77/3 Sep 85
rubber-powered flymod plans il PA MAN Dec 48
hist PA P&P 5/11 Nob 69
1/48 LDM kr CPD ScMods 11/135 Dec 80
to England PA SptAv 11/5 May 62
hist 3v xs PA SptFly 4/4 Apr 70
1947 PA W 10/1 Feb 80

Coughlin-Cassutt racer (midget r)
CP SptAv Oct 80

Counts Questar
(13 1s lw trilg hb)
CPDA SptAv 31/12 Dec 83

Coupe Cabin
(bip 1925)
PA AAAN 4 Q 75

Courier Monplane Co. Courier (hw ltpln)
3vA AAAN Mar-Apr 70

Courier Trainer (1s para)
PA AAAN Jan-Feb 68

Cox-Heinkel CO-2 - SEE Cox-Klemin CO-2

Cox-Klemin A-1
P JAS Fal 78

Cox-Klemin CO-2
PA Apr 9/5 Sep 79
PA W 5/4 Aug 75

Cox-Klemin XS (subj-launched 1e 1s recon fltpln 1923)
XS-1 PA ACQR 1 / 2 Fal 74
XS-2 PA JAS Spr 67

Co-Z Cozy (2s sbs canard tand wing hb)
CPDA HbAc 10/5 May 83

Crane Ornithopter

PA JAS Win 59

Crescent Ac (hw lt trans 1e 5-6s)
PA JAS Sum 66

Crescent Monoplane
(1e hw)
PAj AAAN 2 Q 76

Crosby CR-4 (lw 1e mono r 1930s)
PA JAS Fal 78

Crosley Biplane
PA Vat 4/4 Apr 76

Crosley monoplane (4s 1e hw cabin ltpln)
il A AP 55/56

Crosley Moonbeam (1e 3s para 1929)
PA AAAN Mar-Apr 68
il AP 55/56
CPDA AP 29/1 July 71

Crouch-Bolas Dragonfly (2s 2tail cabin bip ltpln 1932)
PA AP 53/54
il A AP 56/67
PDA Vat 6/7 July 78

Crusader AG-4 (2e 2tail pod & boom trans tadr)
P Ae Age Aug 44

Crusader Sport (1e 1s spt bip)
il A AP Apr-May 63

Cruizar Ac Co misc
hist A AA March 59


Cunningham-Hall misc
hist PA JAS Sum 71

Cunningham-Hall GA-21
GA-21M 3v PA JAS Sum 71

Cunningham-Hall GA-36
racer PA AA May 61
PA JAS Sum 71

Cunningham-Hall PT-6 Doppeldecker (cabin bip)
PA AA May 61
3v PDA JAS Sum 71

Cunningham-Hall model X (1929 safety plane contest entry
PA JAS Spr 65

Cunningham-Hall X-90

PA JAS Sum 71

Cunningham-Hall Freighter (bip trans)
3v PA Av Dec 38

Curtis Wright 21 (NOT Curtiss-Wright) (1e 2 tail hw pus)
PA JAS Fal 62

Curtiss -- SEE separate file

Curtiss-Cox -- SEE Curtiss file

Curtiss-Courtney -- SEE Curtiss file

Curtiss-Hall -- SEE Curtiss file

Curtiss-Reid -- SEE Curtiss file

Curtiss-Wright -- SEE separate file

Cusick Unstable Mable
hb airshow stunt glider
PA AC 10/5
P F May 49

Custer misc.
company hist PA Apr 7/3 May 77|
Channel Wing test bed PA March 52

One-engine Channel Wing (proj 2s 2tail trilg push)
il AP 57/58

Custer CCW-1
3v PA A 7/3 May 77

Custer CCW-2
PA Apr 7/3 May 77

Custer CCW-5 Channel Wing (2e trilg bus trans)
3v PDA Apr 7/3 May 77
PDAS AP Oct-Nov 64
PA AT June 48
3v ca A AT Sep 53
P AW 6 Sep 54
PA F 76/4 Apr 65
PDA PriPi 5/6 July 70
PA WestAv Apr 54

Custer CCW-8
pro A Apr 7/3 May 77

Custer CCW-12 (propo)
il A 7/3 May 77

Cvjetkovic CA-51 (hb)
PA SptAv 17/8 Aug 68

Cvjetkovic CA-61 (1e 1s lw fixd tadr hb)
status PA SptAv 20/1 Jan 71

Cvjetkovic CA-65 (mono hb)
PDA SptAv 27/1 Jan 78

Cycloplane C-1 (1e lw ltpln)
3v PA AAAN July-Aug 67

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