Grumman A-6 Intruder--  ADI References on Hand
2jet 2/4 seat hw

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 Aeronews Photo
   experi camouf P ANP 1/3

Aeroplane Monthly
   surv CPA 3v pro ca AeMo Nov 76

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   CP ACQR 2/2 Sum 75
   CP ACQR 2/3 Fal 75

Air Combat
   CPA surv AComb 5/5 Sep 77  if
   CPA AComb 11/4 July 83
   ops w VAQ- 209 "Star Warriors"  CPA  AComb SepOct 97 if

Air & Space
   KA air refuelling Cil A A&S JuneJuly 88

Aircraft Illustrated
   EA-6B CPA AcIl 13/4 Apr 80

Air Force
  EA-Bs crewed by USN & USAF as EF-111 phases out status CPDA AF Aug 98

Air Internatinal
   hist status CPDA develpros 3v ca  AI  Jan 76

Air Progress
   PDA 3v AP Spr 61
   PDA AP May 68
   EA-6B PDA AP Sep 68

Aviation News
   6v xs pros  AvN 1 - 14 Nov 86

Aviation Week & Space Technology
   fatigue grounds 187 A-6Es & KA-6Ds A  AWST 7 Jan 85 if
  last A-6 squad launched from Carrier CPA   AWST 6 Jan 97  if
   EA-B upgrades status  CPA  AWST  31 May 99  if
  advanced EA-B status CPA  AWST 26 May 2003  if
  jammer EA-B approved CPDA  AWST  7 July 03 if
   EA-B structural problems status CPA   AWST 13 Oct 03  if
   advanced EA-B nears fleet ihntro CPA  AWST  18 Oct 2004  if

Flight International
   6E ops PA Flint 15 May 75
   improvements il A Flint 16 Aug 84
   modernization 3v CPA ca Flint 25 May 85
   updates CPA Flint 9 May 87

   A2F proto PA F 67/1 July 60

Flying Review International
   CPA FR 17/7 Apr 62
   3v ca CPA FRI 23/7 July 68

The Hook
   making movie "Flight of the Intruder" CPA  THook Sum 90   if

IPMS Memphis
  EA-A  1/48 Revell PA IPMSMem Mar 90 if

IPMS Quarterly
  6A pros IPMSQ 10/4 Sum 75
   PDA IPMSQ 13/4 if
   variants ca cockpit Dil PA  clip if
     -6A w VA-42 2v IPMSclip if
   E-6B pros Dil IPMSclip if

IPMS Update
   -6B unit mkgs PA IPMSU 14/6

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
   PA JAS 14/2 Sum 69
   PA JAS 14/4 Win 69
   mkgs PA pros JAS Sum 71 if

Koku Fan
   P KF Apr 69
   CP KF June 71
   CP KF Sep 71
   CP KF Oct 72
   EA-6A CP KF March 72
   on Nimitz CP KF Dec 75
   at Iwakuni NAS CP KF Apr 76
   CPD KF June 74
   EA-6 CP KF Nov 76
   EA-6 CP KF Dec 76
   Bicent mkgs CP KF Aug 77

Lectivi & Kosunautika
   hist PA dev pros -6E 3v xs  L&K 68  if

Model Airplane News
   AMT 1/72 kit advert  MAN sep 68  if

Plastic Aircraft Modeling News
   A-6 PA PAM 29 June 79
   EA-6 3v CPA PAM 29 June 79
   EA-6B CPDA PAM 7/10 Feb 80

Scale Aircraft Modelling
   CPA Cpros 2v ScAcMdg Aug 80

Scale Modeler
   EA-6B 1/72 Hasegawa CPDA SM 13/1 Jan 80
   EA-6B 1/48 Airfix CPA SM Dec 83

USAF Yearbook
  EAs to be used by USAF?  CPA  USAF YB 1998  if

   PA W 7/1 feb 77

Wings of Gold
   transPacific deployment flight PA  WoG  Spr 90 if
   A-6 phase out  CPA  WoG  Spr 97  if

   on USS Coral Sea   pro if
   -6A w falcon marking pro +  if
   ac w Medium Attack Wing One  PdA  clip if   

   EA-B Nimitz crash aftermath A  State Journal-Register 17 June 81 if
   drugs not cause of EA-B Nimitz crash PA  SJ-R 19 June 81 if

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