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    1 jet tailed delta-wing

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    experimental Aggressor colors CPA     Aeph 11/4 #4

    A4D early hist  PA     AeAl Sum 72

Air Action
   w Israel AF CP  AirAc #13 clip  if

Air Classics
    CPA pros xs     AC 8/6 Apr 72
    23rd Annv Aggressor USMC TA-4 CPA     AC 13/12 Dec 77 if
    -4M last built CPA hist     AC July 79  if
    civ CP     AC May 81
    civs CPA   AC 17/10 Oct 81  if
    4D-1 lineup P+ AC  Nov 82 if
    lawn guard at Nav Recruit Trng Cent, SanDiego P  AC  Aug 85 if
     -4A civ of Aeronautical Test Vehicles  N444AY CP+  AC Oct 86 if

Air Classics Quarterly Review
    CP     ACQR 2/2 Sum 75
    TA-4F CP     ACQR 2/3 Fal 75 if
    A-4M CP     ACQR 2/3 Fal 75
    A-4E 149656 Aggressor CP     ACQR 4/2 Sum 77 if
    -4E w Ftr Wep Schl CPACQR  Fal 78 if

Air Combat
   CPsurv  AComb May 77  if
   -4K w NewZeaAF CP  AComb jul 78 if
   -4E w VF-171 CP  AComb March 80  if
    all white Blue Angels 2-seater CPA     AComb July 81  if
    at Ftr Wpons Schl, NAS Miramar CP  AComb Sep 81 if
    hist CPA     AComb May 82  if
    bicentennial colors CPA  AComb clip if
   -4C n exp green camouf P  AComb clip if

Aircraft Illustrated
    A-4E CP     Ac Il 4/4 Apr 71
    PA     AcIl 6/10 Oct 73
    A-4N CP     Ac Il 6/11 Nov 73
    early NewZea AF  CP  AcIl Sep 77  if
    -4M last built CP     Ac Il June 79
    Blue Angels CP     Ac Il 12/9 Sep 79
    1/40 Fujimi kr PA     Ac Il 2/12 Dec 69
    -4E Indonesia AF CP     Ac Il Apr 81

Air Enthusiast
    hist 3v PA ca  AE  Dec 71 if Cpros  AE  Feb 72 if
   -4A w folded wings & vstab P+ Ae Jan 73 corr if

Air Extra
    Falklands bbr A     AX Oct 83

    Argentina AF n Falklands pro   Airfix Sep 83  if

Air International
    3v PA pros ca     AI 21/5 Nov 81

Air Pictoral
    YA4D-1 137827  P  APict clip if

    Top Gun school CP     A 12/3 May 82

Air Progress
    1st proto 4v xs     AP 55/56 if
    PA ca     AP Spr 58
    A4D-1 pro     AP Fal 58
    A4D-5 ff  P  AP  Win 61/62  if
    CPA     AP Sep 68
    PA     AP 36/3 March 74
  4D-1 142222 pro  AP clip if

Air Progress Aviation Review
    w Blue Angels pt 1  CPA     AP AvRev 2/2 Sum 78
   w Blue Angels pt 2  PA  AP AvRev clip if

   Cpros  Airev July 69 if

American Aircaft Modeler
   hist 5v xs PA  AmAcMod Sep 71 if

   wet runway factors  A  App Oct 80 if

Aviation Equipment Maintenance
   -4C(?) at D-M boneyard cov CP   AEM JulyAug 83 if

Aviation News
   production continues PA  Avn 12-25 Dec 75 if
   TA-J w VT-22  P  AvN  16 Feb 1 Mar 79 if
   series devel pros 6v xs     AvN 13/17 11/24 Jan 85

Aviation Quarterly
    Blue Angels CPDA     AvQ 6/4 4 Q 80

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    A$D w 3 Bullpup gmis  CP cov    AWST  23 Oct 61
   TA-4f ordinance trng P+  AWST 1 May 67  if
    editorial in praise of A     AWST 9 July 79
     Skyhawk salute corr A  AWST 6 Aug 79 if
    -4 air kill w Zuni rocket  corr A  AWST 1 Oct 79 if
    Fairch-Repub i f refuel system A-4 testing P+  AWST 20 Sep82
    TA-4 ops w VF-43 status  PA  AWST  18 Oct 82  if
   Israel AF anti-ship missile tested on Israel AF A-4  PDA  AWST   20 Dec 82  if
    Malaysian AF A-4 upgrade first flgiht P+  AWST  23 Apr 84   if
   Malaysian A-4 trnr first flight P+  AWST 3 Sep 84
   Blue Angels midair crash after  A  AWST  22 July 85  if
   New Zea avionics upgrades CPDA  AWST  4 Feb 89  if
    Malaysia phaseout A+   AWST  21 Aug 89  if
   Black Knights demo team  CP cov  AWST  12 Feb 90 if
    -4K upgrades CPA  AWST  10 Feb 92 if
     Advanced Training Systems International USA ftr tactics trng n US w A-4s CPA  AWST 4 Aug 03
   salute to Skyhawk editorial A  AWST clip if
    4D-5 full ordinance P+  AWST  clip if

Flight International
    Grumman upgrade P     Flint 5 May 84
     NewZea avionics upgrade by LearSiegler PDA   Flint 7 Nov 87  if
    upgrades & sales CPDA     Flint 10 Dec 88
    RNZAF and Smiths Indust updates CPA ca     Flint 10 Dec 88
    Singapore Ac Ind updates CPA ca CPA ca     Flint 10/Dec 88  if

   TA-4 USN flight training CPA  F  May 86  if

Flying Models
   cata launched g flymod plans  PA  FM  Dec 72

Flying Review
    A4D-1 4v PA ca     FR 11/6 March 56
    A4D-2 4v PA xs ca  CPcov   FRI 17.9 June 62
    3v CPA     FRI 21/7 March 66
   4D-2 PA ca  4v xs  FRI  17/9clip if
     4D-2N P+ FRI clip if

The Hook
   TA-J last ft w VFC-13  PA

Il Notizario
   -4M lg details PDA  IlNot  16/2 85  if

IPMS Hawaii
    w VC-1, Barkers Point hist 3v PDA     IPMS Hi #13
    -4S w Singapore AF 3v pros     IPMSHi 16

IPMS Quarterly
    w USMC at Chu-Lai RVN, Dec 69 pros IPMSQ 5/4  if
    Blue Angel pro     IPMSQ 9/2 Sum 74  if
    PD     IPMSQ W 7 9
    w CAW-5 pros PA     IPMSQ Spr 80
    TA-4J il     IPMSQ 6/3
    w Singapore AF PA PA     IPMSQ 13/2 77
    -4F w VX-5 Pcov IPMS QJ  13/4 1978  if

IPMS Update
    Nav Ftr Weap Schl 3v Dil     IPMSU 14/5
    TA-4J bicentennial colors 2v A     IPMS U 14/6
    noses PA     IPMSU July-Aug 83

    TA-4F w VA-45  2v Dil   IPMS USA  6/3  ifclip
     TA-4J w VX-4 test unit 3v A  IPMS USA 6/4 if

IPMS United Kingdom
    -4J w Israel AF 3v A     IPMSUK Aug 70

IPMS West Pennsylvania
   pros surv  IPMSWPen Aug 70

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    devel CPA     JAS Win 70

   New Zea  CP  JP4 March 85 if

Koku Fan
   -4C w CMA-211 P KF  Oct 66 if
    -4C  tc WL w USMC  CP  KF  June 68  if
    -4C w VA-12 & VA-172  KF  Oct 70 if
    -4E w VA-152  CP  KF Oct 70  if
    -4E w VA-22  CP KF Dec 70 if
    TA-4 CP     KF June 71
    A-4 PD     KF Aug 71
    TA-F  CPcov  KF Aug 71 if
    TA-4 PDA     KF Aug 71
    Israel AF CP     KF March 72
   -4M w VMA-331 P  KF  Apr 72  if
   T-J w VT-23  CP  KF May 72 if
   -4M proto (?) P  KF  July 72  if
       -4M/N 1/50 dwg 5v xs 1/50  KF  Jan 73   if
    -4F w CMA-311 CPD  KF  Aug 73  if
    -4E w VC-5 P  KF  Dec 73 if
    CP     KF Aug 72
    A-4 P     KF June 74
    TA-4 CP     KF June 74
   -4M & TA-J at Wash DC  CP  KF  May 75 if
   -4E  VC-1 CP  KF  May 75 if
    CP     KF Aug 75
    -4F w VA-154  P  KF  Sep 75  if
    CP     KF Dec 75
    2 canopy Singapore AF CPcov  KF Feb 76 if
    TA-J bicent w VF-126  CP  KF  Feb 76 if
    Blue Angel CP     KF Apr 76
    at El Toro NAS     KF Apr 76
    -4E w VMA=211  P  KF  July 76  if
    A-4E USMC CP     KF Aug 76
    TA-4F P     KF Nov 76
    A-4M P     KF Nov 76 if
    USMC at Iwakuni CP     KF Dec 76  if
    -4F target tower  P  KF  Feb 77  if
     w Blue An  P KF  Feb 77 if
    TA-K NZ6253 NewZea P  KF  June 77 if
    -4K & TA-K w NewZea AF  CP+  KF  June 77  if
    USMC -4M w USN Weap eval Facil CP  KF  July 77 if
    superDill     KF Aug 80
    TA-4F/J pros     KF Apr 81
    TA-4J CP     KF May 81
    M w VMA-214  Psurv  KF clip if
    n Argentina AF CP KF clip if
  TA-J USN TP Schl  KF clip if
   -4F w Blue An CP  KF clip if
   -4L w VC-12 &VC-7  CP KF clip if
  -4M w VMA-211 at Iwakuni P  KF clip if
   - 4M w VMA-223 Psurv KF  clip if
    T-J camof w VX-5  CP  KF clip if
    TA-F w H&MS-14  CP KF clip if
     -4C w VC-2 & VC-7 & -4E  KF clip if
    -TA-f w H&MS-12   CP  KF clip if
  -4L w VMA-142 & VC-13 CP  KF clip if
  -4M w VMA-214 CP KF clip if
   -4E w VMA-211 CP  KF clip if
   -4F w VA-212 CP  KF clip if
   -4F w VA-164 CP  KF  clip if
    -4L w VMA-223  KF clip
    TA-F w N&WS-12 Psurv KF clip if

Model Aviation Quarterly
    4v CPA pros      MaQ Special Ed 84

Naval Aviation News
   Hank Caruso caricature tribute il A  NAN  JanFeb 93  if
   T-F w VA-45 insig P Dil +  NAN clip if

Pacific Defence Reporter
   TAs of Australia Nav CPcov  MDR Dec 79 if

PAM News
    pro A     PAM 4/1 Apr-Jun 76
    pros A      PAM 8/1 Apr-May 80
    pros     PAM #13

Popular Science
   2-barrel 20mm cannon pod on A-4 PDA  PSci Aug 58  if

Pri Fly
   1/72 Hasegawa/Minicraft TA-4J/A-4F A  PriFly #31  if

Random Thoughts
    -4F w VMA-214 pro     RT 6/6 Jun 73

Replica in Scale
   pros  R/S vol 3 1-75  if

Scale Aviation Modeler International
   A-4P of Argentina Navy  SAMI  5/10

Scale Modeler
    -4E 1/48 Fujimi CPA     SM 5/12 Dec 70
   -4E 1/72 Fujimi PA  SM  Oct 71 if
    1/72 Airfix CPA     SM 7/4 Apr 72
    1/72 IMC CPA     SM 7/4 Spr 72
    1/32 Hasegawa ca     SM Sep 76  if
TA-4J  1/48 Funimi CPA  SM  Sep 77  if
   A-4E  1/48 Monogram CPA  SM  Jan 78  if
    TA-4J Blue Angel 1/72 Hasegawa CPA     SM May 79  if
    A-4E Blue Angel 1/72 Hasegawa 3v     SM 14/5 May 79
    Singapore AF  1/48 Monogram conv  CPA  AM Sep 80   if
    -4F conv < 1/48 Monogram -4E CPA     SM Jan 81
    1/72 carrier t/o dio Hasegawa CPA     SM Aug 81
    Psurv CPA     SM 18/1 Jan 83
    TA-4J 1/72 Hasegawa CPA     SM 20/1 Jan 85
    -E n movie Top Gun 1/48 Monogram CPA   SM 21/8 Aug 86
    -M last off prod line 1’72 Fujimi 3v CPA     SM 24/1 Jan 89

Scale Models
    1/32 Hasegawa CP pros     ScMods Apr 77 if
     Australia Nav sqdns PA 4v Dil   Feb 84  if
     1/32 Hasegawa PDA Dil   clip   if

Sea Power
   formation bomb release CP cov  SeaPow Nov 79 if

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
    2s Israel AF 3v PA     SAFO Oct 70
    A-4G Australia Navy A 4v pros Dil     SAFO Oct 80

Sport Aviation
    civ  early  cov SptAv May 93   if

Wings of Gold
  of Cdr Holloway lawn guard at US Nav Acad PA  WOG  Spr 99 if

World Airnews
   final delivery PA  World AN  May 79  if

   Doucglas Ac Co  A4D fact sheet A  if
   Douglas Ac Co  A4D background release A  if
   A4D-1 PA  Ac Ident Man Supp Dec 56 if
   A-4C hist PA  NASM pub if
   TA-4J crash at Pensacola A  Orlando Sentinel 14 Feb 86
   -4E w Blue Angels CPA  French mag clip  if
   takeoff from USMC Short Expeditioary Landing Field P+ clip Oct 60 if
   Sungapore Aerospace Super Skyhawk advert CPA  clip if
    A-4N Israel AF colors paint chips   Cclip  2v if
  1/32 Hasegawa Blue Angel kit instructions if
   1/48 Monogram Blue Angels kit instructions if
  1/72 USAirfix kit instructions if
   -4E & TA-J  Psurv clip prob IPMSU  if

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