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           2e 2/3s shwing trilg WW2, Korea, Vietnam

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Air Classics
    PDA AC 3/5 May 67 if
    at Mojave races CP AC 15/10 Oct 79
    civ rest CP AC 155/12 Dec 79
    EB-26C ventral radome PD AC 16/4 Apr 80
    w Calif ANG PA AC Dec 81 if
    N401Y at Oakland CP AC Jan 82 if
    JD-1 based on East Coast P+ AC Apr 82 if
    P surv AC 18/12 Dec 82 if
    USN transport w clear nose P+ AC March 83 if
    civ ferry from Honduras CPA AC Aug 83 if
    civ rest -26C "Whistler’s Mother" CPA AC May 84 if
    civ "Whistler’s Mother" CP AC Sep 85 if
    civ rest as French ac CP AC Dec 95 if
    N9417 of Cornell Aero Labs CP+ AC clip if

Air Classics Quarterly Review
     n Korea CPA ACQR 4/1 Spr 77 if
    w Virginia ANG CP ACQR Fal 77
    -26C 44-34207A n 1956 P+ ACQR Spr 80 if

Air Combat
    -26C w RAF P+ AComb clip if
    On Mark -26K status CPA ACinb sum 74 if

Aircraft Illustrated
    On Mark Marksman CP Ac Il 11/11 Nov 78

Air Enthusiast Quarterly
    CPDA Cpros C2v pirep AEQ 7
    Korea War night ops PA AEQ 8
    105mm Howitzer cannon install il A corr AEQ 9
    Korea War night ops w IF homing device CP cor AEQ 12

    WWII ops modeling Airfix 1/72 pro Dil Europe fu codes list Airfix clip IF

Air Force
    humor il AF Dec 80
    hist PA AF July 81 if
    infrared seeking n Korean War CP+ AF Dec 96 if

Air International
    XA-26A PA AI Sep 81

Air Pictoral
    RB-26C 44-35762 1st n UK P+ APict if

Air Progress
    Vortex Ring drag chute test on wingless 0-434137 P+ if
    Smith "Tempo II" civ mod P+ AP Win 60 if
    On Mark Counter Invader PDA AP clip if

Air Progress Aviation Review

    -26C civ of Bullock & Henley CPDA APAvRev clip if

Air Trails
    3v AT Feb 45

Air Trails Classic Flying Models
    solid model plan ATCFM Fal 78 or 79 if

Air World
    A-26F P Air World Nov 46

American Aviation
    On Mark mod civ int PD+ AmAv 7 May 52

L.B. Smith Tempo II F 67/1 July 60 if
    Pressurized Marksman PD+ F July 60 if
    L.B. Smith Tempo II advert F Oct 60 if
    civ exec mod by Lockheed PA F May 61
    On Mark Marksman PA F March 61 if
    Marksman C P+ F Aug 62 if
    On Mark mod CPA F 100/4 Apr 77 if
    Pressurized Marksman CP F clip if

Aviation Week & Space Technology
    civ -26B s/n 28033 for sale advert AW 7 July 47 if
    YB-26K delivered to USAF A AWST 4 Mar 63 if
    YB-26K status PA AWST 18 March 63 if
    USAF considers reactivating B-26s A AWST 23 Apr 64 iff
    McD-D 3-e Garrett TPE-331-14 tprop test ac N256H P+ AWST 27 Sep 82 if

Flying Models
    solid model plan FM Jan 48

    rest n Hawaii PDA FP 71 June 87

In Flight USA
    -26B civ "Vegas Vixen" 439120 N9682C to fly air shows PA if
    -26C civ "Kankakee Queen" & hist PA IFUSA Feb 96 if

IPMS Quarterly
    n Latin America pros IPMSQ 6/3
    pros IPMSQ 8/2
    w 34th BS, K-9 Korean War pros IPMSQ Sum 73 if
    TB-26 Hawaii ANG P IPMSQ Fal 80
    On Mark conversions PDA pros IPMSQ Sum 81
    hist pros A IPMSQ 19/1 Fal 83

IPMS A-26 SIG newsletter
    kit surv On Mark mods pros Vo1 1 #1 if
    decal surv Frog box scale, conv to B-26K Dil A kr #3
    conversions kit reviews pros Dil Vol 1 #4 if

IPMS United Kingdom
    A-26/TB-26B 3v IPMSUK Oct 71 if
    3v pro PA IPMSUK Dec 71 if
    civ D-BACA mod 4v DIl IPMSUK Apr 73 if

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    ANG B-26B P JAS 3 July-Sep 56
    w Cornell Aero Lab PA JAS Spr 66
    nose art P JAS Sum 73
    nose art PA JAS Fal 73
    Korean War nose art PA JAS Win 74
    JD-1 P JAS Win 79

Koku Fan
    n Korea War CP KF March 70 if
    n Korea P KF Jun 71
    N8026E fbbr KF Feb 72 if
    civ fbbr CP KF July 72
    PD KF June 74

ejection seat testing PA L 14 Dec 46 if

Model Airplane News
    status, solid model plans 3v xs MAN Feb 45 if
    B-26D 3v xs A MAN Dec 53 if

Pacific Flyer
    -26B civ "Vegas Vixen" nears ff PA PacFlyr Jan 1996 if

Plastic Aircraft Modeling News
    civ pros PAM 5/2 July-Sep 76 or 77 if

Popular Science
    status PDA PSci Dec 44 if
   landing gear test w no outer wings P+ PSci Dec 50 if

    TB-26B, C pros A Pylon 1 / 2 if

Scale Modeler
    1/72 Airfix CPDA SM 8.9 Sep 73 if
    Korean War colors SM 23/5 May 88

Scale Models
    Cpros ScMods 12/141 June 81
    1/72 Airfix PDA ScMods 2/12 Dec 71 if

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
    n Honduran AF pro A SAFO 6/4 July 82
    n Doninican AF pro A SAFO 46 Apr 88

Sport Aviation
    -26C donated to EAA PA SptAv Jan 83 if
    -26C new civ of EAA CPA Spt Av Dec 93 if

    covering model with foil PA Squad 12’2 Win 72 if

Warbirds International
    -26B Indonesia AF P+ WI JanFeb 92 if
    civ rest "Hard to Get" N7705C CPDA WI Nov 98 if
    Smith Tempo mod N4204A P+ WI JanFeb 89 if
    civ rest CP WI JulyAug 90 if
    civ surv P+ WI SepOct 90 if
    civ N2852G 44-35493 if Wi NovDec 90 if
    -26B n Cuba museum P WI Mar Apr 91
    of Scandanavian Historic Flight P WI NovDec 91 if

    hist CPA W 4/3 June 74

#22 civ CF-BMS of Conair CP clip if
civ clip 1948 if
JD-1 pulsejet engine extended < bomb bay test P if
75mm equipped ac PD+ clip Jan 47 if
XA-26F P clip Oct 46 if
w JB-3 rocket anti-Buzz Bomb weapon under wing clip Dec 46 if
civ "The Hustler" N99426 ex 595924 CP clip if
civ test Beech air refuel system N7953C P clip
civ rest On Mark mod N401Y CP clip if
on Okinawa 1945 pro clip if
Air Age solid plans if
-26B Cuba AF Cpro if
inflight collision at Montana State Fairgrounds PA clip if
model in wind tunnel P clip if
DB-26C Firebee carrier P+ clip if
USN DB- Firebee carrier CP+ clip if
USAF DB- Firebee carrier CP clip if

40th ann BoB crash kills 7 in London SJ-R 22 Sep 80 if

Model Kit Instructions
Airfix 1/72 if
Monogram PA 6 if
Monogram A-26C 1/48 H5508 if
MPC 1/72 (Airfix) if

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