Douglas A-20  /  P-70 / Boston --  ADI References on Hand
             2e 2/3s shwing trilg WW2

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Aeroplane Monthly
    RAF flying mem PA     AeMo Oct 80 if

Aero Album
    ops n N Afri PA     AeroAl W 69

Air Classics
    CPDA Cpro     AC 9;7 July 73  if
    July 4, 1942  raid  PA  AC July 76  if
    w Confed AF P  AC   March 78 if
    n Antelope Valley Air Mus  CP+  AC  Aug 81 if
    A-20 to be used as USAAF nt bbr  PA  AC  March 84
    P-70 role n nt ftr hist PA   AC  Nov 87

Air Classics Quarterly Review
   surplussed n boneyard  Psurv  ACQR  Win 78 if

Aircraft Illustrated
    cockpit PD     Ac Il Sep 79
    rest at Musco Aeroespecial Brazil CP     Ac Il June 80
    Turbinlite Havoc  P  AcIl clip if

Air Enthusiast
   Boston III flying mem  PD ca Cpros  AE Dec 71 if

Air Force
    w caterpillar lg PA     AF Oct 43

Air International
    PA 5v  AI  Jan 74
    DB-7 PA     AI 15/1 July 78
    P-70 3v PA     AI 15/1 July 78

Air Pictoral
   DB-7s w Dutch East Indies AF  A  corr APict Sep 64  if

at war PDA     A 6/4 July 76

Air Progress Aviation Review
    ferry < Nicaragua > US n 1977 PA     AP Av Rev Spr 80

Air Tech
   cpit, lg & systems Dil PA  AirTech  Oct 43  if

Air Trails
    DB-7  3v xs   AT  May 40  if
    Brit nt ftr solid model plan     AT May 42
    CP     AT March 43

American Aircraft Modeler
    hist PA 3v Dil  AmAcMod Nov 70  if

    PA ca    F Apr 44

Flying Review International
    2v CPA     FRI 23/7 July 68
     Soviet A-20 Pcorr FR  March 64 if
     DB-7C cap by Japan Pcorr FR  Apr 66 if

    ops w Turbin lights hist PA     FP 58 May 86

Ghostly Warriors
    downed n Apr 44 wreckovery n New Guinea PA  Ghostly Warriors V1 1989 if

IPMS Quarterly
    "My Joy" pro A     IPMSQ Spr 80

IPMS United Kingdom
  ops n Eng & Australia 3v  Dil if  IPMS UK  March 68 if

Journal American Aviation Historical Society
    production list PA     JAS Spr 60
   DB-7 n French AF hist  PDA pros  JAS  Spr 68  if
    missions desc PA ca     JAS Sum 70
    cap by Japan PA     JAS Win 77
   -20B hist PDA Dil JAS Sum 06 if
   -20B nose details  PA pros JAS Fal 06 if

Koku Fan
    Psurv pros     KF Apr 81
    attacing Clark Field P  KF flip if
    outside USAF Mus  CP Cpros clip if

Model Airplane News
    3v Dil xs     MAN March 60  if
    3v ca Dil     MAN Apr 60  if

Model World
   Havoc I ops 2 23 Sqdn RAF & Airfix 1/72 PA 4v  ModWld March 73   if

Scale Modeler
   Revell 1/72 A-20J conv CPA  SM  Oct 69  if
   Frog 1/72 Cil PA SM  Nov 71  if

Scale Models
   sb 1/32 model PA 6v xs Dil  ScMods Jan 78 if
   hist PDA Dil Cpros  ScMods Feb 78 if

  "Evolution of the Havoc" A-20G ca PA  Sky Aug 44 if

Small Air Forces Clearinghouse
    w Honduran AF pro A     SAFO 6/4 July 82

Sport Aviation
    20J of Howard Hughes P     Spt Av 31/12 Dec 82

    of Soviet AF Cpro     Squad 4/2 Spr 74

   DB-7 & 7B conversions A il  if  TSMA  Apr 72  if

Warbirds International
   civ P _ WBI  Win 87  if
   civ of Confed AF  P+  WBI  MayJune 89 if
   civ P+  WBI MayJune 91  if

    ops w 418 Sqdn PA Cpro     W 2/6 Dec 72  if
    early hist & cap by Japan P     W June 76   if
    tunnel gun PD     W Aug 80

"The CHaracters" 5th AF nose art
ca  probably AF 1944 if
4v Dil xs Historical Aviation Album if
5v of BCF Klein if
"The Green Hornet" pro Dil A  clip if
1943 ops vs Rommel  il A  Phillips 66 ad clip IF
Kit instructions
Airfix Boston III  1/72
Airfix -72 Boston III 1/72
Air Lines A-20 1/72
AMT A-20B/C 1/48
AMT A-20G 1/48
AMT A-20J 1/48
AMT/Frog 1/72 Revell 1/722

WWII ID Model plan A-20A  if

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